Projected SEC Results at End of the Year

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Team Name Predicted Finish
Auburn 12-0 (8-4)
Arkansas 9-3 (11-1, 8-4)
LSU 9-3 (12-0, 7-5)
Alabama 7-5
Ole Miss 5-7 (7-5, 3-9)
Miss State 3-9 (5-7, 2-10)

Tennessee 10-2 (12-0, 7-5)
Georgia 10-2 (12-0, 7-5)
Florida 10-2 (12-0, 7-5)
S Carolina 6-6 (7-6, 4-8)
Kentucky 6-6 (7-6, 4-8)
Vanderbilt 3-9 (2-10)

Quick explanation: Teams are listed in the order Phil Steele projects they will finish. The projected record is followed by the best and/or worst case records depending on the outcome of the more competitive games. I list the game by game predictions with wins listed as "W", losses listed as "L", and competitive games with projected outcomes listed in "()". Note that competitive games could go either way, but this is my projection.

S.02 Hawaii W
S.09 Vanderbilt W
S.16 ULM W
S.23 @ Arkansas L
S.30 @ Florida L
O.07 Duke W
O.14 Ole Miss W
O.21 @ Tennessee L
O.28 FIU W
N.04 Miss St W
N.11 @ LSU L
N.18 Auburn L
N.24 Bye Week

S.02 USC L
S.09 Utah State W
S.16 @ Vanderbilt W
S.23 Alabama W
S.30 Bye Week
O.07 @ Auburn (L)
O.14 SE Missouri St W
O.21 Ole Miss W
O.28 ULM W
N.04 @ S Carolina W
N.11 Tennessee (W)
N.18 @ Miss St W
N.24 LSU (L)

S.02 Washington St W
S.09 @ Miss St W
S.16 LSU (W)
S.23 Buffalo W
S.28 @ S Carolina W
O.07 Arkansas (W)
O.14 Florida (W)
O.21 Tulane W
O.28 @ Ole Miss W
N.04 Arkansas St W
N.11 Georgia (W)
N.18 @ Alabama W
N.24 Bye Week

S.02 USM W
S.09 UCF W
S.16 @ Tennessee (L)
S.23 Kentucky W
S.30 Alabama W
O.07 LSU (W)
O.14 @ Auburn (L)
O.21 Bye Week
O.28 Georgia (W)
N.04 @ Vanderbilt W
N.11 S Carolina W
N.18 W Carolina W
N.25 @ Florida St (W)

S.02 W Kentucky W
S.09 @ S Carolina W
S.16 UAB W
S.23 Colorado (W)
S.30 @ Ole Miss W
O.07 Tennessee (W)
O.14 Vanderbilt W
O.21 Miss State W
O.28 Florida (L)
N.04 @ Kentucky W
N.11 @Auburn (L)
N.18 Bye Week
N.25 Georgia Tech (W)

S.02 @ Louisville L
S.09 Texas St W
S.16 Ole Miss (W)
S.23 @ Florida L
S.30 CMU (W)
O.07 S Carolina (L)
O.14 @ LSU L
O.21 Bye Week
O.28 @ Miss State W
N.04 Georgia L
N.11 Vanderbilt W
N.18 ULM W
N.25 @ Tennessee L

S.02 ULL W
S.09 Arizona W
S.16 @ Auburn (L)
S.23 Tulane W
S.30 Miss State W
O.07 @ Florida (L)
O.14 Kentucky W
O.21 Fresno State (W)
O.28 Bye Week
N.04 @ Tennessee (L)
N.11 Alabama W
N.18 Miss State W
N.25 @ Arkansas (W)
Mississippi State

A.31 S Carolina L
S.09 Auburn L
S.16 Tulane (W)
S.23 @ UAB (L)
S.30 @ LSU L
O.07 WVU L
O.14 Jacksonville St W
O.21 @ Georgia L
O.28 Kentucky L
N.04 @ Alabama W
N.11 Bye Week
N.18 Arkansas L
N.25 @ Ole Miss (L)
Ole Miss

S.02 Memphis W
S.09 @ Missouri (L)
S.16 @ Kentucky (L)
S.23 Wake Forest (W)
S.30 Georgia L
O.07 Vanderbilt W
O.14 @ Alabama L
O.21 @ Arkansas L
O.28 Auburn L
N.04 Northwestern St W
N.11 Bye Week
N.18 @ LSU L
N.25 Miss State (W)
South Carolina

A.31 Miss State (W)
S.09 Georgia L
S.16 Wofford W
S.23 FAU W
S.28 Auburn L
O.07 @ Kentucky (W)
O.14 Bye Week
O.21 @ Vanderbilt W
O.28 Tennessee L
N.04 Arkansas L
N.11 @ Florida L
N.18 Midd Tenn W
N.25 @ Clemson (L)

S.02 California (W)
S.09 Air Force W
S.16 Florida (W)
S.23 Marshall W
S.30 @ Memphis W
O.07 @ Georgia (L)
O.14 Bye Week
O.21 Alabama W
O.28 @ S Carolina W
N.04 LSU (W)
N.11 @ Arkansas (L)
N.18 @ Vanderbilt W
N.25 Kentucky W

S.02 @ Michigan L
S.09 @ Alabama L
S.16 Arkansas L
S.23 Tenn St W
S.30 Temple W
O.07 @ Ole Miss L
O.14 @ Georgia L
O.21 S Carolina L
O.28 @ Duke (W)
N.04 Florida L
N.11 @ Kentucky L
N.18 Tennessee L
N.25 Bye Week
I really think Tennessee and Georgia will be lucky to go 10-2.
South Carolina will beat one of those teams on their way to 8-4.
I see this as vanilla predictions. I would be pleased with 9-3 for LSU.
I expect Florida and Auburn to be the two top teams.
I know one thing.......the first game cant get here soon enough!
lol guess we were a little closer than Phil Steele

National Champions were picked 3rd in the SEC East

I did expect more out of Auburn. And to think they cheated us for absolutely nothing. Im betting everything in my name on Auburn ML next time we go back there to play. GUARANTEED WIN unless the original refs are killed on their way to the game.