New Poster II - Nevada

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Thanks for all the insights on this board. Great information.

I love Nevada this week. They opened the season with tough road games at ASU and Fresno, and returned home last week to manhandle CSU. This week they get a bad Northwestern team that is struggling post-Randy Walker. In the last two weeks at home, it has lost to a II-A school and then escaped Eastern Michigan. I don't think NW has near the firepower to match Jeff Rowe and the Nevada offense. On top of that, Nevada gets a BCS team on its home turf about once every 3 years, so look for them to play lights out on a Friday evening in front of a national television audience.
Nevada is really good at home. Good luck!

Welcome aboard, Neveda looks like a great play this week, thanks for you insight.


I don't like Nevada 1H more than the game. I just played the game at -7. Nevada doesn't seem like a team to let up at home...

I like 1H plays more on big road favs laying heavy chalk. Nevada outplayed CU in the 2nd half along with the 1st half.
Agreed...only thing that I can see would make first half play greater than the game play would be if you're worried that Sutton wears down the defense...the OLine isn't huge up front for NW, but it's a decently big group...FSU's back had his way w/ Nevada, esp in second I can see that being a concern...

I still don't think NW can muster up enough through the air to get Nevada away from concentrating on stopping the run...these QB's have struggled making plays down the field...

I agree...I like Rowe a decent amt in this matchup..
wish I could endorse Nevada here this week, but I just can't...see a lower scoring game (maybe low to mid 20's) and it should be close to the number...
I see that everyone is on Nevada, but the line is down to 6' all over the place.