NCAAF Week 5


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Hello everyone, had a friend tell me about this site and it looks like a good place where everyone is more concerned with the $$$ then bashing somebody..

For football I follow a simple plan that I have been tracking for 2 years now. This is year #3. You all might think I'm crazy but it has been very profitable following this way. I go to and then to Fast Facts, click expanded info and use his VI rating for ATS lines and O/U lines. Basically following a power rating system. I play any difference of 10+ points on both ATS and O/U

My starting Bankroll for this year was $20,000(pinnacle). I play to win $100 for each game, their can be alot of games so beware..Usually 20 to 50 each week.. Like I said very simple strategy..

Week 1
ATS 12-9 +255
O/U 11-4 +680

Week 2
ATS 15-9 +490
O/U 9-10 -155

Week 3
ATS 13-6 +640
O/U 12-8 +360

Week 4
ATS 16-4 +1165
O/U 9-4 +460

ATS 56-28 +2550
O/U 41-26 +1345

Yes I know it is not posted anywhere but I will post from here on out and keep a record of posted plays here at CTG.. Haven'y had alosing week yet this year and now that I'm going to post I'll probably get hammered with losses..

Their are 35 plays for week 5..
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Week 5 plays-


S. Carolina +14.5 108/100
N'western +17 109/100
Houston +15.5 105/100
Duke +7 105/100
Purdue +15.5 100/100
Wash St +16.5 105/100
S Jose St +3 108/100
Ball St +7.5 109/100
Tex A&M +1 108/100
Mizzu -14 102/100
Minny +8 100/100
SMU -2.5 109/100
N Mex St +18.5 108100
UNLV +5 107/100
Wash. +3.5 105/100
Fla Int -7 108/100

So Miss/C Fla U/50.5 105/100
BYU/TCU U/46 105/100
S car/Auburn U/38 105/100
Kans/Neb. O/44 105/100
Hou/Mia Fla O/48 105/100
Toldeo/Pitt O/51 105/100
Duke/Virg. U/37 105/100
L Tech/Clem O/53.5 105/100
Purdue/ND O/64 105/100
Idaho/Utah St U/42 105/100
Cal/Org St O/58 105/100
Mia Oh/Cinn U/46 105/100
T Tech/A&M U/60 105/100
Ohio St/Iowa U/44 105/100
AZ/Wash U/43 105/100
Fla Int/Ark St U/45 105/100
Troy/UAB U/40.5 105/100
Fla Atl/UL Mon U/47.5 105/100

35 games in all which is about normal. Bankroll is at $23895.00. Seem to always have around 2 to 4 g in play for college. So a little more than 10% of my roll but it has worked out so far.

Remember don't hate on it just something I been following and for 2 years its made a nice profit for me.

Good Luck:drink:
Troy no problem, last week out of 20 games 16 were favs this weeks has alot of dogs which hasn't happened yet. As long as I make a profit I can't complain.:cheers:
Dude, nothing wrong with that system according to the numbers! Good luck with it and welcome to the board!
Game 1 tonight-

So Miss/Cen Fla U/50.5

The line opened at Pinny and now has moved down to 46 and has been bouncing between 46-47 since last night. As long as S. Miss continues it's solid D play and ball control offense then the under should be safe..

What am I going to do on Wednesday? Love tuesday football..:drinking:
Welcome aboard bro and GL this week. Looks like you're doing well this year, so if it's working done fix it!

Moon their is no way to pull up the results online anywhere.. You can take my word if you like-

04-05 ATS- 136-101-4 +$1295
O/U 95-61-6 (didn't play 1st 3 weeks) +$1350

05-06 ATS- 141-93-9 +$4275
O/U 108-88-14 +$985

that is what I have written down over the last 2 years, first year only bet $50 a game and 2nd $75. So didn't make alot but it hasn't lost me anything yet either so thats why I'm taking baby steps just going up in $25 chunks...

1-0 to start the week with under 50.5;
I'll take your word for it, man. I think I'm gonna give this thing a "tail." I've been looking for something like this for a long time. I'm a mortgage broker and the fall is our busiest time. I flat don't have the time to do the capping it takes to win. Basketball's a different story.

Anyway, I'll tail this thing w/ ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure won me some flow last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No hating.........let's just make some money............

I've got a great line movement system in hoops that kills. I'll give it out when the time comes. It has nothing to do with pub v. sharp........just certain types of movements.
Nice, moon I use a power rating system in college hoops that made me some nice cash last year. I use certain criteria and formulate a line and it has worked. Look forward to seeing your method.:cheers:
1-0 on the week-


AUb/SC U/38
SC +14.5

those are the plays for tonights game..:drinking:
I think you are the only other guy in the world with me on South Carolina...let's go get 'em
Welcome to the site. Interesting system. Lets see how it plays out over a coupel of weeks.

Nice avatar!
welcome AZ.
on a couple overs with you...but GL with the system. helluva large card, but lots of good stuff there.