Ncaa Division 1aa Football


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Does anybody have any thoughts on the football game tonight between Montana/Masschusetts? Any thoughts would be welcome.:smiley_acbe: :smiley_acbe:
I signed off on 1-AA a couple of weeks back because I knew these games would be tough. This spread is right on the tough number(s) Take Montana and give 3 and pay xtra juice. Take BC and 3.5 and pay xtra juice. The regular season games are much much easier to beat than these playoffs. UMass is good. No doubt about it. But Montana is very difficult to beat at home. 30 minutes to kickoff and I still haven't decided- prbabaly not going to pass even tho I should.
I am playing a couple of things on this game tonight. Decided on a tease with Mass +9.5 and under 44.5 for 2 units. Mass ML 1/1.4 and 1 unit on Mass +3.5. My feeling here is that this will be a low scoring close game likely decided by a FG either way. Both teams have excellent defenses but UMass has the better offense imo. I think Coen and Baylark really give them an edge offensively. Montana has stopped the run very well this season but Baylark is probably one of the stronger backs they will have faced. Coen continues to get it done in the passing game for Mass also. I noticed Montana doesn't protect their QB very well and I expect Umass to really get some pressure on him tonight. I'm really hoping for a SU Umass win 20-17.
Good win for Umass here, game shouldn't have been that close as they gave Montana the one TD on a pick and then inexplicably rushed three guys at the end of the half and let Montana drive 90 yards and score. Nice adjustment to go with more of a variety of blitzes in the second half and shut down Montana. Glad to see Umass in the final, clearly the better team in this matchup.
Yes I am planning on it. I want to get a look at App. State in preparation for the final next Friday. One of my best friend's sons plays for UMass and I think I may be making the trek down to Chatanooga for the game and of course I'll have to have some action on it.
I Watched Them Play Coastal Carolina.

I Think App State Will Hold 22,000

They Remind Me Of Marshall A Few Years Ago Before They Moved To D1