Monday Bets w/ small write-ups



Carolina @ Colorado (-124)

In their history as an NHL team the Canes have never beaten Colorado. They are different teams today, but following this trend and the fact that Carolina is finishing up a tough road trip and are playing very far from home, I am definitely going with Colorado. By the numbers I would expect a close game, but factoring in those trends, I see the Avs taking this one.

Penguins (+117) @ Washington, and OVER 6.5

The over seems to be a popular bet tonight, and with good reason. Both teams are relatively healthy, and have been scoring a lot lately. In the last 5 Pitt @ Wash games the total was OVER in all 5. This game has been blown up a lot and will be on national tv, and the players should come out swingin. I take the Penguins because they have looked good in their last two games despite the loss in the first one. Keep in mind I may be partial to the Penguins because they are my team, but I do not see them losing here.

Phoenix @ San Jose -1.5 (+105)

This is a tough game to bet because of the line. I give the sharks about at 90% chance of winning, the only thing I am worried about is them not playing enough offense when they do get a one goal lead. They are great at winning games, but dont worry about winning by a lot. This goes against my bet but at the same time I think Phoenix could easily be held to 0 or 1 goals tonight, which would likely pay out this bet especially considering the following...
Coyotes give up the second most goals/game in the league
Coyotes have the worst PK in the league
Sharks have the best powerplay in the league
Coyotes should be one step behind the Sharks, hopefully will be taking a lot of penalties as they try to keep up... Should be an interesting game...I dont see this one losing.

I dont normally write things up this much, but I had an 8 AM final today and have to kill time until 2:30 so i figured I'd give you my thoughts. Good Luck to all tonight :cheers: Let's win the moneys!
also did a 4-team parlay by the way...

pitt/wash over 6.5
canes/avs over 6
colorado to win
sharks -1.5
finger11 said:
wanted to find someone to tail in the NHL... lets do this!

haha thanks finger :shake: lets win...tonight should be a good night
finger11 said:
wanted to find someone to tail in the NHL... lets do this!

by the way, like i said i dont always do these write ups, so if you like seeing reasoning for the bets you probably wont get that a ton with me....just keep that in mind. there are some good people here, some of which do write ups, keep an eye out for those too
thanks santa, went fine...lets get colorado tonight. ive last 3 or 4 4-team parlays in row, so hopefully i will hit this one tonight
Cass- Nice card bro! I hit the Sharks-1.5+100 early I like that one the best. I will be posting the others soon. Good luck tonight!
ummm this is looking mighty awesome... i put 5 bucks on that parlay to pay a lil over 50, i cant imagine what you might win

san jose up by 4 w/ 11 left..

btw i caught some of that caps/pens game... f'in crazy stuff, i should have went to the game :p
lol thanks guys i guess im back on track after about 4 straight nights of breaking even...4-0 on singles and a perfect 4 team parlay on top woohooo lol
yeah thanks, i really havent been here too long either, i just have a lot of posts because im on here every day, its a great place