Monday Ballin Association


My man, Scottie Scheffler!
Monday Ballin Association - Updating plays all night.

Updated Plays will be posted in this thread. Will be adding plays pretty much all night. Like the card here for not being a ton of games. Will add a big one on Wizards soon... (2-0 YTD when betting more than 5 Units)

Bulls -2.5 1Q 3 Units:wacka wacka:
Bulls -7.5 3 Units:wacka wacka:
Knicks -2 -105 3 Units:wacka wacka:
Wiz +3.5 10 Units:wacka wacka:
Lakers 1Q -2 1 Unit:wacka wacka:


Alright, well yesterday was up then down with Bobcats early but Blazers later... pretty much a wash day.

Tonight I love the Wizards catching 3.5 @ home. Wizards are probably the worst team in the league on the road, and probably around the 6th or 7th best team on their home court. Their overall record provides huge value and Dallas' streak is giving us even more value. The line should be something like +2 Wizards max... I missed on the 4 but will take 3.5 shortly. Note, the line went down with 70% of bets comming in being on Dallas. Very similar to the Bobcats last night. Wizards were embarassed and it will be tough for Dallas to get up for this game after being home for so long.

I also have a lean on the Knicks, they should get it done here. Revenge factor for Memphis... but the Knicks have been playing better than their record indicates and should get this one.

SAC -5.5 to the Magic. Magic's road trip comming to a close soon and SAC is in a must win situation. We saw the effect a guy like Brand had on Howard... hopefully Miller/Artest/Thomas are enough beef inside to keep him away from the paint. I would like to see 5 and you might b.c I have to imagine Magic ML being a square play.

I kind of like the Spurs tonight... without J Rich the Warriors will have trouble pushing the ball in the open court and finishing. Baron/Monte aren't big enough to go over or around Duncan. I hate laying 8 points to anyone. I am not impressed with the Spurs 1Q so far this season. I may play the half line then instead of 4.5. Any thoughts on that one?

Might play my Bulls @ home vs. the Celts 1Q... we've been playing well there but need to look into it more.
Hmm... only thing going against the Wiz here is 2 things... First, Dal has a game vs. NJ tomorrow night. Which game do they focus on to pull out a win? Second, the Wiz have been owned by Dallas historically. Covering spreads like machines against them.

Dallas is 5-2 Away playing 6-2 Wizards @ home. Dallas' wins comming against SAS (solid), Portland, Memphis, Charlotte and Phoenix back when they were a struggling bunch.

This is a great fade play but sometimes that's not enough. However, Wizards at 6-10 need to get a win. Plus, I don't see anyone on the Mavs being able to slow down Arenas. Arenas, comming off a horrible game on Sat. usually ALWAYS follows one of those up with a dominating performance. He also only logged about 21 minutes of action in that one? Odd to say the least but should log 40-45 minutes tonight.
No one on the Wizards logged more than 33 minutes (Jamison). They should be extremely rested and ready to go. Dallas on the other hand has 2 days off, a situation this season where they are 3-0 ATS.
imo warriors-spurs is Go Golden or dont Go At All:

imo sanant Just hasnt shown Any real interest in beating The hell out of people At home.

whatever The case Good luck with Your card Amigo.

Bulls -2.5 1Q 3 Units
Bulls -7.5 3 Units
Knicks -2 -105 3 Units

Waiting on Wizards line, like Nut I want +4. If the line doesn't move up it just shows how strong a play it really is.
NY looks solid. I believe they can actually win this one. Let's cash this ticket.
With Pearce and Sczerbiak a bit banged up, you gotta think that the Bulls can put this one away!
I got sick of watching it and locked in at +4 -104, now it's -108... Maybe I got the best of it!
Not sure yet about Artest/Kings... waiting on that one... right now only have Bulls, Knicks and Wiz going... will add some later games however.