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Hey guys. Just figured I'd post these while they're somewhat fresh. I know Sportsbook sucks, but I'm simply looking for value here. One thing I've learned from the elders around here is to take advantage of the early lines. Well, these games are obviously futures...anybody see a juicy side? Let me know what you guys think. Here are the lines (I bolded the sides that appeal to me):

South Carolina +2.5

Ohio St.
Texas +1

Penn St.
Notre Dame -14

Colorado St. +4

Boston College +2

Auburn -5.5

Tennessee +2

Notre Dame -6.5

USC -13.5

Louisville -1

Florida St. -7

Hawaii -9

Oregon -1

Arkansas -5

Arizona St.
California -10

Notre Dame
Michigan St. +7

Ohio St.
Iowa (PK)


Minnesota +8.5

Texas Tech
Texas A&M -1.5

Utah -4

Florida -7

Texas -1

Michigan St.
Michigan -9.5

Iowa St. (PK)

Auburn -3.5

Penn St. +2

Arizona St.
USC -13.5

Ohio St.
Michigan St. +6

Texas Tech
Colorado (PK)

Nebraska (+6)

Boston College
Florida St. (-12.5)

Notre Dame -22

Michigan -6

Florida -4.5

Texas --> (already made a play for 2 Units)
Texas Tech +3

Georgia Tech +4.5

Penn St.
Purdue -2.5

Utah -8.5

Fresno St.
Boise St. -6.5

West Virginia
Louisville -7

Tennessee -1.5

Texas A&M +3

Virginia Tech
Miami-FL -6.5

California -15.5

Colorado St. -2

Penn St.
Wisconsin -1.5

South Carolina
Florida -15

Notre Dame
Air Force +16.5

Arkansas -2.5

Texas A&M -3

West Virginia
Pittsburgh +3.5

Alabama +5

Ohio St. -7

NC State
North Carolina -3.5

USC -6.5

Washington St. -7

Minnesota +7

Michigan St.
Penn St. -5

Kansas St.
Kansas -2.5

Virginia +9

Boston College
Miami-FL -13

Oregon St. +2.5

Nebraska -7

Arkansas -2

Mississippi St.
Mississippi -7

Georgia Tech
Georgia -7

Utah -5.5

Pittsburgh +6.5

Florida St. -1.5

South Carolina
Clemson -9

Oklahoma St. +13.5

Virginia Tech -14

Notre Dame
USC -2.5

Arizona St.
Arizona (PK)

UCLA +14

California -21

Oregon St.
Hawaii -3

Navy -12.5

Louisville -23

I've made some early plays that were just too tempting, IMO, to pass up.

Texas -3 --> (2 Units)
Texas Tech

Oregon -1 --> (2 Units)

Texas -1 --> (2 Units)

Kansas St.
Kansas -2.5 --> (1 Unit)

I will probably add a few more as the weeks go on... :shake:
tOSU 7-6 on the road their last 13 and they are the favorites vs the defending champs and #2 team in the country in Austin?!

Gimme some of that.

With the OU scandals, giving too much credit to Okie St. OSU is going to be awful again this yr (they won't beat Baylor again for last place). By the time this game is played, OU will have their crap together, be pissed, and crush their in-state rivals in the BedLam game. Easy Money on OU.
Line shifts:

Texas -3 --> Unchanged
Texas Tech

Oregon -1 --> Unchanged

Texas -1 --> -1.5

Kansas St.
Kansas -2.5 --> -3

Nevada +7 --> +6.5
It must have been me (Hilton) and you ( that took care of this nevada line. Early bird gets the free gift. :shake:
As an optimistic LSU fan I realize that beating Auburn at home will be a monumental task. However, if you give me +5.5 points Im on it all day long. This series is traditionally close regardless of expectations or talent levels. With both teams leading the West the past 5-6 years I figure this to be another field goal type win for either team.
Both teams should have rather solid defensive units which I expect to lead to another 14-10, 10-9, 14-13 type game. Throw in the supposed suspensions of two key LBs for Auburn and I give this one a thumbs up.

Our big questions are on the offensive side namely the O-line.
Practice kicked off and word is Miles is fiery and in their face. (Saban-like)
First day of practice he was all over the O-line candidates drilling in such basic but vital issues as leverage etc. On the surface this could mean a plethora of things but the fact is everyone is drumming up this O-line topic and I get the feeling it will be a much scrutinized area of the team.
Last year we had an excellent resume of linemen that until the bowl game rarely played to 3/4 potential. With all the spotlight on the progress of the O-line Im personally predicting a cohesive and productive unit.
Trust me this is not popular opinion. In addition, our very talented under studying starting QB has expressed how much his injury humbled him while watching another QB quide "his" team to a bowl win over Miami.
I expect to see an LSU QB that gets national recognition and slips easily into the Top 10 draft picks following this season. There is no doubt that Russell has the strongest arm in college ball and possibly in football period. At the Manning camp last month throwing to a grid he easily outperformed both Manning brothers and was said to have outthrown them both by nearly 10 yards. This is not a game time situation but easily shows the ability and pro interest are both there. NOW can this O-line give the arm a chance and will the knucklehead coach let the Off Coord. call the damn plays this year. That is a big question that we will wait to get answered.

Defensively we have one of the if not the best secondary in college football. Atheletes galore and a def coord. that now understands what it takes to compete in the SEC. I expect the defense to be key this year in keeping our often flustered pro-caliber QB in a positive state of mind.
If the year were 2007 I would be claiming a legitimate shot at the title but I'm not a Longhorn alum so I will leave the miracle talk for those guys.
Frankly, its Auburns year to win the West and LSU will have to keep it close or pull off the win in that HUGE early season game to have a shot at a truly rewarding season. Once again, +5.5 give it here give it here.

:wacka wacka:
PURPLE & GOLD - Great writeup bro! :cheers:

I'm now extremely knowledgable of the SEC, so I really appreciate the info and insight here. Having said that, I would feel a lot better if the line was at LSU +6 or higher.
I was coming to apologize for overpopulating the thread with LSU BS.
Glad you found some of it informative. We are so early on in practice both sides of the ball will have new emerging starters in the next couple weeks.
I just wanted to attach a link to a practice blog that one of the local talk show hosts is putting up. They get all of 22 minutes to watch practice and then it is closed to the media, public etc.
Here is the link:
Sweet! Thansk for the link PURPLE! :cheers:

No way would I want you to apologize for posting what you did here. That's why we're all here, right? To discuss the games and get as much info and insight as we can. I hope all of us can kill this books this upcoming season!

By the way...I meant to say in my previous response that I am "NOT" very knowledgable on the SEC, so any information you can offer is always welcomed and much appreciated. :shake:
Purple..good stuff bro....Is LSU going to rotate qb's or is Russell the chosen one? please let me know....also do you think they cover the high spread their first game? I would love this team if Miles wasn't the HC.
Since early January many theories, predictions, and fan suggestions have been thrown out there. I would say easily 50% of the fanbase is fed up with Russell. I am not. He was highly touted and has great talent but he is still growing and finally sat out (injury) and watched the backup route da "U" in the bowl game. Miles went on a trip to Iraq to visit the troops and the first question he received was "who is the QB coach". Miles was amazed that our rabid fans care enough to ask in Iraq. He has no clue.
Anyway, the verdict is officially still out but no rotation in my mind unless we are talking the early puss games. Mop up duty only for Flynn and Perilloux unless Russell really looses his cool and plays stupid again this year. Word is that Russell was comfortable, new the job was his and failed to practice, prepare, and study tape and it caught up to him. I have been given the impression that Jemarcus is ready to show what he can do. If you get a chance look at our WRs and tell me that this team is not loaded. If our O-line is fairly decent and Fisher calls the plays we should average 30pts in the SEC (which is a ton).

Whats the # on the U LA LA game? First games are always hard to predict but seriously the score SHOULD be around 45 - 3.
Basically LSU should score 60 and should shut them out.
You have to expect a ULL 2nd H score and decreased intensity in a blowout nature game like this. However, Perilloux or Flynn could come in and reignite the offense for a few series. I would expect a mauling.
I need to find this number soon cause history tells me they cover.
Unless the number is -45 of course.
You too?

Just spent 30 minutes arguing with a coworker about how hard he is on Miles etc. then I bitched for 10 minutes straight about the way he screwed up the end of the 1st H in the Tennessee game.

He stopped me eventually and was like I thought you were trying to convince me to like him. HE IS OUR COACH. I am rooting for him.
Im rooting for him to let our Coordinators coach and stay out of the way.

I will try and get the odd news I pick up on here throughout the year.
Miles has a real tight injury and practice release policy so we stay in the dark at times. :drinking:
great stuff purple...I will never forget that tenny game when he didn't know if he had any timeouts left and looked like a deer caught in headlights....comedy. BAR and I watched that game and were laughing our asses off...of course we had LSU though.:nono:

They have way too much talent..I think it is -39 or 40 for the first game..I will take them first half and game....the back ups are just as good as the Russell and their second team players are still too much for ULL.
4-0-1 on my leans so far this season. I should've pulled the trigger. violin

Almost forgot that I added this a while back (before Arky started steam rolling everybody...LOL)

Added over a month ago

LSU -5.5 [2 Units]

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