How long do I have to bet CFB before I quit making stupid errors?!!


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Well, this game is done 7 minutes in!

While I never take losing well, and this was a smaller wager, I am so pissed at myself for breaking one of my own rules. I must have mentioned in my own thread and 3 other threads that Pat White has never lost against the spread...I even mentioned it at Covers and I hardly post there anymore. So the fucking line moves to 17' and I gladly jump right into the bear trap and get my nuts bitten off. I mean really, I have been doing this way too long to making stupid mistakes like this.

Please note...this is just a vent; I am not ridiculing any other Terp backers...only myself, because I broke one of my own rules which is to basically not go against a serious ATS run by any given team. The line move drew me into this bet, I guess I just need to vent/admit that I have made my first true mistake of the cfb year.

I'll be on Toledo tomorrow for a lot more than this game; if I lose, I won't feel as bad about it, as I do this fricking game.

Thanks for listening.
Van, you couldn't have scripted a worse beginning, all the way down to the fumble the one ref gave to Maryland and then reversed after the dreaded conference.
oh, and on the lateral...clearly the guy that was to take the lateral was expecting a a lateral.
horses said:
Van, you couldn't have scripted a worse beginning, all the way down to the fumble the one ref gave to Maryland and then reversed after the dreaded conference.

Yeah - I didnt want to say it - but that fumble could have made everything different.

an interception just when we were showing life.


Im going to watch survivor.
unbelievable...they recoverer their own fumble in the EZ for 28; the g/f better get here quick. this IS brutal.

congrats to the WVA backers BTW.
I parlayed the over and WVU -17, only half a unit. I call it my "Thursday Night I'm a Complusive Gambler Bet."
A complete debacle, that I never saw coming. I am truly embarassed as a MD fan for that effort in the 1st half. I am literally beside myself with that performance.
Timh said:
You're a genius ABC and a a legend in your own mind.

Maryland is a basketball school.., actually they cant even ball anymore! its classic watching fans in the crowd who traveled to this game actually thinking they had a chance at an upset. :shake:
I just said the same things that I have been saying all week. Not boasting, just relax there buddy. Definately not a frunt runner. I admitted i was wrong when Texas lost to OSU. Im sorry your team is losing.. the game isnt over.., just think Maryland fans have unrealistic goals for their team :shake:
Timh said:
A complete debacle, that I never saw coming. I am truly embarassed as a MD fan for that effort in the 1st half. I am literally beside myself with that performance.

Tim, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: You cannot cap turnovers. If Maryland didn't commit so many turnovers and penalties, that's a different game tonight.

Get the next one, dude!
not sure what u are sayin sooner. I dont think that had anything to do with this game. I mean the total yards are BS considering this game was over at half. In fact Maryland had 40 penalty yards wvu had 95. WVU also fumbled and gave maryland an easy touchdown, which wasnt mentioned. I think the 338 yards rushing decided this one. No way Maryland is 14 to 16 points near WVU in Morgantown tonight or any night IMO.
Look at the play by play tomorrow and you'll understand what I mean. WVU scored on Maryland's turnovers. If Maryland hadn't turn the ball over so many times, or kept WVU's drives alive with dumb fouls that first half, this would have been a much closer game.

Read the play by play tomorrow before responding.
OK, I read this and had to chime in.

WVU is a good team, they cause turnovers against every team they play, not just Maryland. They are at home, at night, the crowd is raucous....they feed off of it. How do you think all the great teams cover spreads, they all get their turnovers too.

Timh, your team will be a great bet catching points, I do see the talent...jump and I talked about this earlier on IM.. I just think they walked in a hostile envoronment and a hungrier team tonight.
they won by 21 and thats what the spread should have been for there to be any value with MD. hell if it were ,md+22 i would be on the terps
Man turnovers are part of a game. I mean when you hit the qb and the ball pops up and you pick it off.. thats caused by a great play by the defense. Give me a break guys! It was clearly obvious last night who the better team was in the first half, turnovers or not.. Marylands D could not get WVU off the field AT ALL.. Fondy thats definately not being arrogant. When a team has 350 yards rushing Im pretty sure thats a lead factor on why they cover a spread. After the game was put away maryland had some nice drives and almost got a backdoor cover.
By the way if you want to talk about capping games? Go back and check how Maryland turns the ball over a ton.. It shouldnt have been a suprise to anyone. Even the fridge said that is the reason they have been 5 -6 the past 2 years.

Yet again people giving WVU zero credit.. now thats classless IMO. Live and learn~
Just went back and checked .. Last year they threw 17 int and the year before 16. Thats over 1 a game which happened last night ( compared to only picking off 15 total in that time span) Thats an 18 turnover interception differential just on interceptions.. And honestly neither pick last night was the qb's fault both were just great plays by the defense.
Anyways the game is in the past Maryland will beat up on Fl International next week and NC state for homecoming then end the year beating wake to mak a bowl game and all will be well in College Park.

Note the fact that the stats for the game are very even for both teams in Total Yardage and Maryland actually was better in time of possession and 3rd down conversions. The telling stat is the 5 turnovers Maryland had versus the 1 WVU had.

Yes, WVU was the better team, but the only reason they covered is because of Maryland's turnovers and penalties that kept a couple of WVU drives alive. Up to this game, Maryland only averaged 1.5 turnovers a game. So, it's not like someone could have looked at this game and said, "Well, WVU should cover the spread because Maryland will likely have 5 TOs."

abcs, I was on WVU before seeing some value in trying to middle. I'm just listing the reasons why WVU was able to cover the spread here. It's important for future capping to be able to assess what happened in these games reasonably and logically.
I agree Sooner but you keep on forgetting WVU fumbled inside the 5 and gave Maryland a free 7 as well. They also had 2 penalties on one drive on 3rd downs that gave Maryland the ball back.
Anyways I dont think Maryland is a good team thats all. As far as time of possession that stat means nothing IMO. Remember when USC blew out Arkansas they scroed 28 points in 2.5 minutes.. What was total yards in the first half? Once they got up by 28 Maryland was able to come back and get some cheap points and yards.
Louisville will kill WVU. Hollenback couldn't throw downfield with any consistency even though his receivers were getting open with ease. That's why he kept throwing the short passes.

I can promise you Louisville will exploit this young, inexperienced WVU secondary.
SoonerBS said:
Louisville will kill WVU. Hollenback couldn't throw downfield with any consistency even though his receivers were getting open with ease. That's why he kept throwing the short passes.

I can promise you Louisville will exploit this young, inexperienced WVU secondary.

They did last year bud dropping 44 points on them. The one thing is WVU scored 46 points.

Playing in UL this year will help. I would prob just take the over if its under 75.
I stopped posting in this thread upon abcs's initial post, which I see has now been deleted. I could have responded two ways: get into a pissing contest with him or just ignore...I decided to ignore at the time.

The sad thing is, he doesn't even realize how arrogant and what a prick he is being. The truest sign of arrogance of all.

abcs...this was a venting thread; just by posting what you did in here was saying 'I told you so'. Is that so fucking difficult for you to understand. Must be nice to have never been on the wrong side of a bet.
Man some people are so sensitive over a loss. I lose bets.. I admittied i was wrong on the texas side last week. Sorry you lost, get it back. Please read the above post and let me know what was arrogant?
abcs...your initial post is what I found arrogant; apparently a moderator did as well...since the post was deleted. Again, this was a VENTING thread...the last thing the thread needed was an 'I told you so' comment.

The rest of your replies in this thread was legit conversation about how good WVA really is; not what this thread was created for, but nothing I mind either. Tomorrow is Saturday...let's just let this pass abcs...cuz I's getting blown out of proportion.
Timh and horses - Tough break last night guys. I'm sure both of you will bounce back this weekend! :shake:
Tim - I hope you don't think that I'm blowing smoke up your ass when I say this, but...I was impressed by the Terps last night. They were getting roughed up by the second quarter, but the team never quit at any point in the game, and the defense played inspired football in the 2nd Half (they held WV to 7 points). Turnovers are a combination of luck and defensive coaching/skill. Terps were definitely on the bad side of luck last night. I think if this game were in MD, it could have gone down to the wire last night.

But your Terps are 2-1...still plenty of ball left in the season. :cheers:
ABC's - If you think you had the right side, like Horses said, there's nothing I can say to you to make you a better handicapper. MARYLAND, despite its turnovers, was the right side catching all those points last night. I usually don't get upset about losing a bet and the fact that I got it all back and a little more at halftime made it easier to digest... but I feel the same way these guys do, don't rub my nose in it ESPECIALLY when I watched the fucking game and I KNOW I had the right side...

That said, good luck this weekend on the bets that I am not on the other side of...
Horses--I lost too. Honestly I don't think it was a bad bet, and still don't despite the loss.

Sportsbetting and your skill as a bettor cannot simply be gauged by wins and losses. Losses where everything goes wrong and there are a disproportionate amount of turnovers are things that cannot be capped--despite what anyone says. That is simply bad luck.

The sad thing is that even with the early blowout, Maryland still had a shot at the backdoor cover in the waning minutes and couldn't score. That's just bad luck since most of us thought Maryland had 2 shots at covering--a close game or a backdoor cover. The first went out the window in the 1Q but the backdoor was still open.

We'll get em back this week.
Aztec - appreciate your comments there. I was very upset about the way MD played in the 1st half because I know they are a better team than that. The mistakes and the bad luck are part of the game however. I was encouraged by their resiliency and really felt like they hung in there well despite the early adversity. In reality the cover/no cover didn't mean that much to me. I was more concerned about how they played overall. Despite the way the game started, I can take some positives out of it overall including the offensive line play, Heyward-Bey making some plays at WR, improved defense in the second half, and the overall attitude of the team not quitting and continuing to play hard. These are all things to build on for the rest of the season.
you know guys, I only lost a little juice last night off of half a point, so I'm not al that unhappy. But we MD backers really did ha a good shot at the cover. ...even after 5 turnovers and giving up a 28pt first quarter. If MD scores on their last drive, then WVU runs out the clock....and we cover.

soooo close. The game wasn't that much of a capping debacle is what I'm saying, and you fellas with maryland should feel good about the 17pt bet. we can't control outcomes - we can only make educated predictions, and Md backers did good last night.

congrats to WVU backers for the win.

GL this weekend fellas.
point being, horses, is that it was not a stupid mistake. at worst, you were simply incorrect.

I been reading you for a while.....'stupid' ain't in there bro. keep working. you'll be fine come end of season.
redbearde, thanks for the good words. It just felt stupid in the 1st quarter, and since I told myself all week I wouldn't bet it, I had to start a thread to vent. It was actually a very thrilling game ATS.