Friday Night CFB Action


Awesomeitus Degenerate
YTD: 17-15-3 +7.23 units

S.FLA +4.5, -105

Smart money and the Fade Play. In addition I think this is a good spot for S.Fla. They get a Rutgers team ranked in the top 25 for the first in forever. Moreover, I'm seeing 87% of the tickets are being written on Rutgers, yet most sharp books are showing the line dropping.

Good Luck!
I sure hope this is smart money to be keeping this line in check with the whole free world on Rutgers. Good luck man, lets get this one:cheers:
I concur; I will have a bit of cash on the Bulls tonite.

Better defense, at home and catching points...always a recipe for winning.

I won't be playing this game tonight, so good luck to you, smh!!
lucky muthafucker, now i gotta eat a 3.5 line after tha sharps pushed it down while i was doin tha 9 to 5. looks like i can still hit it at 4. lets cash this bitch, good luck this weekend
Thanks fellas!

This is shaping up to be the squarest play of the year. Had a friend who bets $25 per game call me up and ask me to $400 for him with my local.....that says it all.

You need to quit your job bro!
haha everything is getting in place. i cant get out yet, but i need to get in tha office or have access to a pc all day long at work.

lets cash this bitch tonight. lets see dogs go 4-0 this week goin into saturday