Fondybadger's - Week 2 - College Football Plays


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Week 1 Recap 37-33-1 +$286
Overall 1st Half Record 9-12 -$802
1H Faves 7-8 -$556
1H Dogs 0-2 -$300
1H OVER 1-2 +$4

1H Under 1-0 +$50

Overall Game Record 28-21-1 +$1088
Faves 11-9-1 +$167
Dogs 8-6 +$322
ML 2-1 +$128
Over 2-2 +$122
under 5-3 +$349

Saturday 24-23-2 +$637
1H Faves 6-6-1 +$417
Dogs 4-4-1 -$90
Faves 13-12 +$292
Under 1-1 +$18

LOSS $75 Wake Forest 1H -10
LOSS $75 Northern Illinois 1H -10 -120
LOSS $200 Michigan State 1H -14
$125 Florida State 1H -17 +110
LOSS $50 Iowa 1H -10
LOSS $100 Tenny 1H -10
PUSH $50 Okie State 1H -7
WIN $100 Florida 1H -13.5 -105
WIN $50 LSU 1H -9.5
WIN $50 Viriginia Tech 1H -6 -110
WIN $650 Louisville 1H -21
$100 Auburn 1H -10 -115
WIN $200 Michigan 1H -14

LOSS $150 Penn State +10 -115
LOSS $125 Idaho +17.5
LOSS $75 Fresno State +3
LOSS $50 Nevada +15
PUSH $75 Washington +17
WIN $100 Ohio State +3
WIN $50 Rice +27
$50 Wyoming +8
WIN $150 Akron +10.5

LOSS $50 Army -7
LOSS $50 Northern Illinois -19
LOSS $50 Wake Forest -19
LOSS $75 Colorado -1
LOSS $75 Purdue -17
LOSS $75 Iowa -16
LOSS $75 Bowling Green -21LOSS $100 Iowa State -14
LOSS $125 Clemson -2
LOSS $125 Indiana -3
LOSS $125 Texas Tech -7
LOSS $150 Tenny -20
WIN $50 Georgia -2.5 -110
WIN $50 BYU -4
$50 MTSU +24 -110
$75 Michigan State -25.5WIN $75 Okie State -12.5
WIN $75 Kansas State -20.5
WIN $100 Houston -14
WIN $100 California -9
WIN $100 Rutgers -12.5
WIN $100 Virginia Tech -11
WIN $150 LSU -16.5
WIN $200 Louisville -40.5
WIN $350 Auburn -20
LOSS $75 Miami (oh)/Purdue under 51
WIN $100 Vandy/Bama under 41 -110

Thursday Night 0-2 -$130
LOSS $100 Oregon State +9
LOSS $20 Oregon State ML +310 (Pinny)

Friday Night 2-0 +$250
WIN $150 Pittsburgh -7 -120
WIN $100 Pitt 1H -4
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Week 2 Leans
Oregon State +9 (under)
Va Tech
duke (over)
auburn (1st half)
miami ohio
Iowa (1st half)
Penn State
Texas (depends on suspensions)
looks like a good card!

what's your opinion on teasing the irish to pk? it's the first start for morelli (soph) as a visitor. weis is really a very good coach (strategy).
also I differ on boston college. I think clemson has a good opportunity to revenge last year's loss even with the lb injury. i think clemson has too much athleticism for the eagles!!
Reminder I'm not on any of those games yet, and I could still end up taking the opposite side. Soon as my fantasy football draft gets done tonight, i'll pound out my plays for tomorrow morning posting.

Why do you like the under in the Oregon St/Boise St game? I'm leaning toward the over myself. I don't think that Boise offense has changed.

dclark said:

Why do you like the under in the Oregon St/Boise St game? I'm leaning toward the over myself. I don't think that Boise offense has changed.


Give it up Fondy! Liking the over as well. Give me some reasoning here bro!!!
Thursday Night
$100 Oregon State +9
$20 Oregon State ML +310 (Pinny)
No Play on total...
Call me crazy, but I think this game is going to be a lower scoring game than normal when Boise State is involved. I'm not a big fan of Jared Zabransky and I think he makes more than enough boneheaded decisions in games, but gets bailed out by all the talented players around him (and inferior opponents). I believe Oregon State will look to establish the run with Bernard and Polk chewing up time on the game clock and making an over/under play very questionable in my mind. Canfield should be able to do just enough to keep OSU in a position to win this game. Johnson and Helmandollar also provide a nice 1-2 punch for Boise, making the importance of Zabransky and going deep of less importances. I also prefer the OSU kicking game with Sterner to BSU and Stinger. I look for this game to come down to a fg type difference.

Predicted Score: 31-27 Oregon State
Mags said:

Gotta plaug Pitt in that card for Friday night bro!
I am planning on it... waiting for the line to drop - BetCris has it at -7.5 now... Hoping it gets to -7.5 for my local so I can buy it down to 7.
Friday Night
$150 Pittsburgh -7 (I'll buy it down)
$100 Pitt 1H (pending on final lines)
I believe that Pitt is a much more dominant team and should win this game by double digits, I'd have this one for a lot more, but this little article below worries me.

Here are some other great articles on the game/Pitt team...

Road woes

Pitt is 0-6 in its past six road games, including 0-5 last season. They will try to put an end to that streak Friday, but Wannstedt doesn't believe those losses had anything to do with being on the road.
"Every game is an individual situation," Wannstedt said.
"More times than not, I've told our team that it doesn't matter whether we play Wednesday or Sunday, home or on the road, it is still going to come down to blocking and tackling. It is real simple.
"We will be focused and ready to play."
$100 Virginia Tech -11 -107
$50 Viriginia Tech 1H -6 -110

$100 Rutgers -12.5 -110 (Line is at -10.5 now)
I'll be fading Illinois all year. Just don't see how they'll compete this season or for that matter any season. It IS Illinois we're talking about. Might add behind the MetroDome, it's the worst place I've ever watched a football game. The fans just aren't passionate enough for a Big 10 school when it comes to football.

$150 Akron +10.5
If how NCST played last weak against a D1AA opponent, I'll take my chances with an Akron team that was really strong.

$200 Michigan 1H -14
Heart and Henne should be able to dominate a Central Michigan team that's pretty weak defensively. I look for a much better outcome from Lloyd Carr's boys.
$50 Wake Forest -19
$75 Wake Forest 1H -10
44-6 WF beat Duke on the road last year... WF returns 19 starters... Good enough for me...

- Missouri/Mississippi I need to think about... Would love Mizzoufan's thoughts on the game. One of you guys give him a call would yah already... RambleOn, whatcha think bro?

$350 Auburn -20
Another easy 3+ TD win for Auburn. Croom is probably wishing he didn't take the job already at Mississippi State.

$75 Miami (oh)/Purdue under 51
$75 Purdue -17
Don't know if Miami knows what offense is.

- Going to wait on Louisville right now... but I WILL NOT take Temple. Probablly make a LARGE LARGE first half play on the Cardinals.

$50 Army -7
Fading Kent State ability to score.

Fondybadger said:
I'd wish you luck, but it doesn't sound like you need any... I want to get Tru's cream, gonna order it online just to test that shit...

not sure that came out right...but i know what youre getting at.
Fondy - I would be wary of taking Ole Miss + anything on our first away game. After watching the first game, and pushing my bet on Memphis's last ditch drive, I realized a couple things:

Our O line sucks: I would say Shaeffer looked calm in the pocket, if he had ever been given a pocket. He really never got any good looks down the field because Memphis was swarming him the entire time. He completed a measly 7 of just 16 attempted passes, for 97 yards. The good thing was, we got to see him scramble, and he's good. Whether the pocket was collapsing or a play being called specifically for him, Shaeffer can run the ball when he needs to. He scored on an 8 yard scramble and never turned the ball over.

We can run the ball: BenJarvus Green-Ellis racked up 127 yards and 2 TD's on the ground against Memphis. With the O line in better shape, he could have gotten even more. However, Missouri's D line is the shining star of their defense. With 5 returning starters, it will be harder for BenJarvus to find that hole.

Key to Winning: I think our key to winning this game is getting Shaeffer some time in the pocket. Missouri's DB's are the weakest link in their D, with 2 semi-inexperienced Cornerbacks making the start. If we can exploit them, we may have a chance to cover this game. However, this early in the season and on our first road game, I don't trust our O line to make that happen.

Bottom line: Stay away from Ole Miss till we have proven we can orchestrate a balanced passing/running offense.
Fondybadger said:
I'd wish you luck, but it doesn't sound like you need any... I want to get Tru's cream, gonna order it online just to test that shit...


HAHA damn that shit had me fuckin rollin. funny thing about it, this isnt tha mod forum an i didnt edit ur post for a change ;)
Fondybadger said:
Friday Night
$150 Pittsburgh -7 (I'll buy it down)
$100 Pitt 1H (pending on final lines)

Never in doubt on the first half :cheers:
Nice double hit with the side and first half bet. Sloppy 4th quarter made it closer than it was...
do you know bunting is 7of 8 as a home dog in chapel hill.
ontime you hate carolina just as much as i do...not touching this game...but i hope carolina gets run into the groudn as they have no run game
your right i do hate them unc peeps, but I took the over as unc will score and they will be playing hard tomm.
$100 Auburn 1H -10 -115
$650 Louisville 1H -21
$200 Louisville -40.5
$75 Kansas -20.5 -110

I'll be up later in the morning with the 3pm games and on... pretty much locked in on all the faves for the 3pm games...
Nice hit on the 1st half Louie! I was with ya but couldn't pull the trigger as hard as you. Good luck on the rest of your picks!