Eating Chalk With Dog For Dessert


Pretty much a regular
0-0 CFB

Sorry guys, no time for write up, busy at work.

Georgia -29 vs WKU (WKU defense is hurting) WINNER

Oregon -6.5 for 1st half WINNER

Florida -12.5 for 1st half LOSER

Penn St. -9.5 for 1st half WINNER

Michigan -6.5 1st quarter WINNER

Nebraska -6.5 1st quarter WINNER

Tenn +2.5 for game. WINNER

Alabama/Hawaii under 51 WINNER

Indiana -7 WINNER

GL to all, lot of games, but i did a lot of looking last night.:drinking:
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Like the half and quarter plays quite a bit other than Ducks.

Have a great day.
Thanks BAR,

Why do you not like Oregon ?

Looking at UK/Louisville tomorrow, i leaning +22.5 in this one, just havent pulled the trigger yet.

Yeah i was leaning towards Tenn, then last night my good buddy DCLARK and i had a few beers and really agreed on this one. He is by no means a Homer , last year we made some serious cash fading his Vols. He really feels Cutcliff is the difference, and also the graduations of the "other" qb will help Ainge out this year.:cheers:

Lets cash this one. Dclark and i will be throwing down some serious beers during this one. BTW i hope UT loses by 2. :smiley_acbe:
2-0 So far money; :wacka wacka:

I thouhgt the ole:moose: was coming in the Georgia game.
on indiana-3 hope theres enough chalk to go around i see a 12 point victory so you will sweat it out harde than me i think hahaha lets get em
Very nice!!