Did anybody see this - Vick at RB??


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A scenario of using Michael Vick at running back and Matt Schaub at quarterback was discussed Wednesday in case injured Falcons tailbacks Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood are not healthy enough to play Saturday night against Dallas.

-- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Thatd be interesting...
I'd love to see that!!!!!!!!
Believe it or not, but I've been on that duo for some time.
They would murder teams!!!!!!!!

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Vick's such a jackass, why would he just dismiss this out of hand if it would or could help the team. Here's the quote, "I'm a quarterback, I don't play running back," Vick said. "I'm going to leave it at that. That's not what I do. I throw the football, not run it."

First off, hello, the majority of the great plays you have are the ones where you do run the football. Two, I don't think anybody is suggesting you line up on fourth and one and hammer it into the line. It would be about getting you in space like Westbrook or Reggie Bush perhaps with the option of still throwing it. Third, having both you and Schaub on the field at the same time creates a nightmare matchup problem for other teams because you have a cannon for an arm and Schaub is no slouch himself. Fourth, nobody is saying it would be every down.

Fifth, and maybe this is all that needs to be said, you're a selfish idiot. It boggles my mind why you would shoot this down. Even if you had no intention of doing it, why admit it. If you let the rumor swirl the Cowboys have to prepare for it--and how the hell do they prepare for it?

This team may be down to like it's sixth string running back and for Ron Mexico it's still all about him, and better still, he's still got the organization enabling him at every turn.

I also like his 'gesture' of dedicating this game to the fans. He promsed to go out and give 100% for the fans this week, ""I'm going to give them 100 percent effort, everything I've got." So, wait, what have you been giving them up until then?

Oh, Ron, you kill me sometimes.
LMAO at ron mexico. The AI of football. This guy beat 2 shitty teams barely.. and now he thinks hes back to bein a great qb. I really hope the falcons miss the playoffs so we can cut this std..
Oh, Mags, you should have told me about the Mouse thing. I could have gotten you tickets when the Raiders were starting Andrew Walter for less than $100 easy.
abcs said:
LMAO at ron mexico. The AI of football. This guy beat 2 shitty teams barely.. and now he thinks hes back to bein a great qb. I really hope the falcons miss the playoffs so we can cut this std..

Thats an insult to AI
This would be the most retarded move EVER and has no chance of happening

If I was Vick I'd refuse...any idiot/coach that thinks he should play RB needs to question their life (yes, commit that)
I heard take a knapp might take the job at stanford.. we might get lucky..
I think the point is, Cap, not that you turn Vick into an RB, that's never going to happen, but without a qualified RB to run the rock this week, you line Vick up in different spots on the field because his talent demands you respect it. He creates matchup problems no matter where you put him.

I mean, I've never seen the guy run a route, but his quickness alone would make me really question whether or not I'd want to put a third corner or something like that on him. And coming out of the back field, matched up on a LB, are you kidding.

Again, like Reggie Bush, even if it's as a decoy for a few plays just something to take the pressure off because without Dunn or Norwood back there, you can just send the house to try to tear Vick's head off.

I don't think anybody's stupid enough to ask the guy to pick up a blitz or anything like that, just make the other team's defense think a bit.
What Joe P said.

To expand on the whole ridiculous controversy as to why it's insulting to Vick to suggest he line-up anywhere but QB ...

You know why Green Bay and Indy never do this when the Packers or Colts are thin at RB? Because it would be ridiculous. Not because Favre's or Manning's back-up can't play QB. But because we can't really envision Favre or Manning lining up behind the QB, shooting the 2-hole, sidestepping a LB, hip-swooshing a safety, and taking it to the house. We can see Vick doing this.

What's so controversial (and offensive to Vick) about discussing ideas that best help the Falcons win this particular game and/or get to the playoffs?