Aztec4Life's Week 6 Leans & Plays


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YTD NCAAF Sides: 32-22-3 [+13.3 Units]

YTD NCAAF M/L Plays: 0-1 [-0.5 Units]

YTD NCAAF Totals: 0-0 [N/A]

YTD NCAAF Overall: +12.8 Units

Well, I was a winner in terms of betting this weekend...but as a fan, I was perhaps the biggest loser imaginable.

Not only did my Aztecs get rolled by the mighty San Jose State Spartans, but my Seahawks were embarrassed on Sunday Night by the Bears. violin

Week 6 Plays

Texas -1 [2 Units] --> I posted this play before the season started (check my GOY Thread from roughly two months ago).

Week 6 Leans

Pittsburgh -6.5

NC State +10.5

Louisville -33

Ball State -5.5

Alabama -29

Fresno State -27

I'll provide some thoughts on these leans later this week. Thanks ahead of time for any feedback and insight. :cheers:
I love Pitt... nice call there... Cuse is overrated right now after barely beating WYO who came across the country to play them in a dome... Iowa had a backup QB and displayed poor effort and Illinois? Well Illinois stinks. I think Pitt wins this one BIG. Could be the best play on the board. Before this season started you'd think this one would have been around -15 to - 21 IMO.
Inspekdah - Thanks for the insight bro! PITT is one of my stronger leans this week. Almost pulled the trigger on them...but Wanny has hosed me a few times too many in the past (makes me a little hesitant, naturally). Having said that...on paper, this should be a 17+ point victory for the Panthers. The difference in talent is very apparent. :shake:

Added plays

Alabama -28 [1 Unit] --> bought a full point

Louisville -33 [1 Unit]
I'm from New York and there is no buzz around the Orange... everyone here knows this team is no good. On the outside one would think this team has now won 2 games in a row and almost beat Iowa. Patterson is limited in what he can do and good defenses will force him into turnovers. I would think all their recent successes have only given us ... 1.) a better line and 2.) made this game more of a focus for Pitt.

Pitt has never been great on the road last year or two which is not a good trend... but I think the experience of this year's squad will lead them to victory.. I watched them vs. Mich St. and that was the same Mich St. team that whipped ND for 3 quarters.. not the Illy Mich St/4th Q N.D.

No way Cuse has the ability to spread the offense like MSU did against Pitt. Everything is short, quick patterns with an inaccurate QB.
Adding plays

Pittsburgh -7 [1 Unit] --> should we be impressed by an OT victory against a 1 win Wyoming? Plus, PITT has had two weeks to prepare for the Orangemen. If Wanny blows this one, I'm sending some hate mail his way.

Rice -2.5 [1 Unit] --> I didn't even think about this game until I read abc's thread. The more I think about it, the more I'm loving the Owls this weekend. They played some inspired football last week, and have had a brutal start to their schedule. If they play anything like they did against Army, the Green Wave will be out of it by halftime.

Still leaning heavily to...

NC State +10.5 --> I cashed in on Amato and the Wolfpack last year when they took down Bowden and the Noles. Amato gameplan's well against his old coach, and I think people will be high on FSU after their easy, blowout win against Rice.

Fresno State -27 --> Who would've thought the Bulldogs would be 1-3 at this point? I can't imagine the can of whoop ass they are about to open on hapless Utah State. It could get VERY ugly, very fast...
I saw he picked it before the season started but thought books open lines weekly, no ?
Thanks abcs. :shake:

Ray...check out this thread -->

My plays are listed there, along with where I found the lines.

Another side I'm looking at in this week's lines...

TCU +1 --> I've been very unimpressed with Utah this season (with the exception of their slaughtering of my Aztecs). I would consider this more of a fade of an overrated team.

Thinking of playing some ML Dogs this week. I see some great value in these lines...

Oregon ML +176
Baylor ML +184
UCF ML +144
The only problem I have with Rice is that they are not a very good football team this year, but last week was the right time to play them. We all know the situation with them dedicating the game to their passed comrade. BUT, sometimes, teams have a letdown game the very next week after something like this. As an example, look at the second weekend Northwestern playeed this season vs. the opening weekend where they had all the dedications to their passed coach.
Sooner - I definitely agree with you...Rice is not a good football team. However, with the exception of their blowout loss to FSU, they've played everyone else tough this season. I just think they're a better team than Tulane at this point. As always...I appreciate the insight. :shake:
Really liking your card bro:shake:

I think abcs is right on with Bama and Rice.. they should both ca$h.

Will look into Fresno... and probably throw at least a halffy that way because it's a later game which I don't have many and need some quality action.


Good thread fellas.

I may get involved on this Pitt bandwagon too. I like it to begin with but you guys make compelling points to play it.

GL aztec
Inspekdah - Thanks man. I really do like Fresno State this week. Regardless of the fact this game is on the road, it should get ugly fast. I'll be surprised if Fresno State isn't up by at least 17 at the end of the 1st Half. GL this week! :shake:

BAR - Thanks buddy. Same to you. :cheers:


Alabama -28 [2 more Units]


TCU ML +130 [0.5 Units]
RickyBoobie said:
I dont remember Rice playing UT closely. Not sure who else theyve played.

The Owls did get waxed by UT and Florida State (did you really expect anything less?).

Here's how they fared against their other 3 opponents this season...

Houston 31
Rice 30

Rice 16

Rice 48
Army 14

So, you could technically claim that Rice sucks because they got blown out by UT and Florida State. But, they nearly beat Houson (who ALMOST beat FSU), and hung tough with UCLA.

Just because they struggled against a dominant team like UT, or a great defense like FSU, does not mean the same will happen against Tulane. :shake:
Week 6 Final Card

Texas -1 [2 Units]

Alabama -28 [3 Units]

Louisville -33 [1 Unit] & Louisville -30 [1 Unit]

Pittsburgh -7 [1 Unit]

Fresno State -27 [1 Unit]

Vanderbilt -1.5 [1 Unit]

Rice -2.5 [1 Unit]

Tulsa -5 [0.5 Units] :D

NC State +10.5 [0.5 Units] :D

TCU ML +130 [0.5 Units] :mad:

GL tonight & tomorrow fellas! :cheers:
Got many of the same plays as you, Lets take it down this weekend, starting with Louisville 2nite..

Big win by NC State last night, kid Brown and Evans both look pretty good. TCU! Ahhhhhhhh I won't be checking out their spreads for a while!

Good luck

Added earlier

North Texas ML +125 [0.5 Units]

Not a stellar morning. But, Texas just sealed the deal and if Bama wins big, I'll be in good shape.
Still pending...

No. Illinois -13.5 [1.5 Units]

Week 6 Sides: 6-5 [-2.5 Units]

Week 6 M/L Plays: 1-2 [-0.3 Units]

YTD NCAAF Sides: 38-27-3 [+10.8 Units]

YTD NCAAF M/L Plays: 1-3 [-0.8 Units]

YTD NCAAF Totals: 0-0 [N/A]

YTD NCAAF Overall: +10.0 Units

Needless to say, I learned some valuable lessons this week. I hope you guys had a profitable Week 6. :cheers: