9/2/06 NCAAF Sides/Totals


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operation stackola went perfect lasnight 2-0 to get back to 50% on tha season. big day today, lets see operation stackola stack that muthafuckin cream today. 1 early play here we go

Vanderbilt/Michigan under 47 -105 4 units
thanks jump, lets see tha day start off wit a winner. good luck on all ur plays today.

updated record

[2006 NCAA Football]
Dog Sides 2-1 +3.60 units
Fav Sides 0-0 +0.00 units
Overall Sides 2-1 +3.60 units
[2006 NCAA Football Fades]
Dog Sides 0-1 -4.40 units
Fav Sides 0-1 -4.40 units
Dog ML 0-0 +0.00 units
Overall Sides 0-2 -8.80 units
Over Totals 0-0 +0.00 units
Under Totals 1-0 +4.00 units
Overall Totals 1-0 +4.00 units
thanks fondy, need some D here for this one to cash. 10-0 michigan in tha 2nd. will be back later wit more plays. list looks huge today, next games im lookin at is 2pm
thanks rexy. good luck on all ur games ur on today, unless ur against any of mine ;)

under cashes in michigan, good start today.


No Illinois +17.5 -105 4 units
Hawaii +15 -105 4 units
Against you on Arkansas and more than likely Ga tech.. just waitin to see how my plays turn out

Nice call on tenn ;)