8/31/06 NCAAF Sides/Totals


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operation stackola finally steps back into handicappin a real football game. nflx been goin right on track. last time we left off, ncaaf college bowls went overall 16-8 +26.40 units. reg season was good also, played small only in key spots, jus basically waitin for tha bowls. regular season is finally here this year, my record will be broke down into 2 sections, my plays, an fades. im gettin ready for a huge year, i might have to add a player prop section to my records, SHSUHorn is tha king of props, no fuckin doubt i will be followin all his props. im not postin units yet, cause these arent locked in, but i will be on these games, along wit a fade or 2 maybe thursday. not much of a writeup type person, u wanna see a detailed indepth type write up go look at bar,shsuhorn,fondy an all tha other great cappers here. good luck to everyone this season, lets see some great numbers from everyone. will add final lines, an units risked tomorrow, all plays will be 4 units, 5% of my starting 80 units for foots this year.

[2006 NCAA Football]
Dog Sides 0-0 +0.00 units
Fav Sides 0-0 +0.00 units
Overall Sides 0-0 +0.00 units
[2006 NCAA Football Fades]

Dog Sides 0-0 +0.00 units
Fav Sides 0-0 +0.00 units
Dog ML 0-0 +0.00 units
Overall Sides 0-0 +0.00 units
Over Totals 0-0 +0.00 units
Under Totals 0-0 +0.00 units
Overall Totals 0-0 +0.00 units

lines from pinnacle 7pm wed


Central Michigan +11 -108
Mississippi St +6.5 +101


Nevada +12.5 -104
Like your style of a few games and toss in some fades for good measure.

GL bro, lets get it started right.
thanks guys, good luck on all ur plays this week.

got a lean to sd state right now as a fade
Good health on these (
), Tru!!
Actually, the only one I differ with you on is the Central Michigan bet.
gl bro, we usually end up on the same sides it seems. who even cares if the CMU bet makes any sense, theres someone out there (players, relatives, mafia) with alot more money that thinks its a freebie.:cheers:

:bow: operation stackola
thanks yanks, sooner, nick

yeah nick we do have alot of tha same plays, we got tha same strategy. tha cmu,miss st, nevada arent fade plays, but i love seein tha public big on all 3 sides. ive been workin hard on some college football since off season hit an im real happy how i figure this year should go. will be times where normal plays are like these, public huge one side, but others where i might be wit tha public.but we got a long season to go, what 14 weeks, so, even if these dont cash there still a whole season to get it back.

good luck everyone
heh no i think i moved it to -110 ;) haha. right after i hit it, fuckin thang moved to -110. lets see a bc 10 point win or less
aight an heres tha final card today

Central Michigan +11 -104 4 units
Mississippi St +7.5 -110 4 units


Kent +15 -110 4 units
San Diego State -2.5 -110 4 units
considering Miss ST and Kent myself. good luck on those. we'll be battling the Chip/BC game!!
thanks tarheel. good health wit bc/cm game, good luck wit all ur other games. i knew i shoulda waited. week 1 hasnt even started yet an im already 2nd guessin when i jump on a line. hit sd st -2.5 wit my local 5 mins ago, now its at pinny -105. woulda saved me 20 cents. oh well lets hope this bitch cashes.