Your Heisman Finalist..



Right now.. I have
(1) Brady Quinn
(2) Troy Smith
(3) Mcfadenn.. has a real chance to move up..
(4) Colt Mccoy
(5) JDB

Yes it pains me to have JDB behind colt.. :spank:
To think Quinn is ahead of T. Smith is absurd. Plus you're forgetting about Mikey Hart.
TWITA said:
To think Quinn is ahead of T. Smith is absurd. Plus you're forgetting about Mikey Hart.

Troy Smith 26 touchdowns 4 interceptions 2100 yards passing
Brady Quinn 29 touchdowns 4 interceptions 2900 yards passing..

It basically comes down to what qb plays better in their big game. But i dont think troy smith is running away with the heisman :shake:
It's not all about stats...Troy Smith has been the better player.

Ray Rice might not be the Heisman, but he has got to be top 5...
Yea i forgot about ray rice, not sure who i would take off that list..
What about the year carson palmer won it over Willis mcgahee, willis was on the better team.. a lot better and had amazing stats. But well see.
Thanks Throwback...

And where does Mikey Hart come into play. At some point are we going to drop the freshman from Texas????????
The freshman from texas is out of the picture. I really like the way mcfadden has played once conference play has started. Mikey Hart can come to new york to twita if that will make you happy ;)
in no particular order

Troy Smith
Brady Quinn
Ray Rice
Colt Brennan
Darren McFadden

I won't shit on your favorite teams, guys, but Colt McCoy, JDB, and Slaton...too many ass losses.

I do think it's a forgone conclusion that if Troy Smith has a great game against UM (no reason to think he won't) he'll be light years ahead of everyone else...and if they then win the NC (no reason to think they wouldn't if they beat UM), then they might as well hand him the trophy then. Conversely, if Mike Hart has a great game, he'll get right up near the top.

Just my opinion.
JDB will absolutely not be getting an invite to this. He's had a decent year in terms of stats, but he has been anything but Heisman material, especially in the big games. Either of the horses at WVU, Ray Rice, Colt Brennan, and Calvin Johnson are a few of the players that would be invited instead of him.
1. Troy Smith-His stats may not be as good but he is involved in many blowouts. Another great game against UM and he may win by biggest margin ever

2 thru 5. No ranking..but Slaton, Hart, Ray Rice and Colt Brennan
1. Troy Smith
2. Ray Rice
3. Brad Quinn
4. Steve Slaton
5. Darren Mcffadden
If Smith Struggles and or OSU loses and quinn looks good against USC and somehow wins the game it will be extremely close in fact Quinn wins it if both teams end the year with 1 loss.