You claim to be a playa but I F'd your wife!!



<-- Mo Clarett

Mo and his new man-->

Anyways I will use this thread only for live betting. I don't think i will bet any more ats plays in the nfl. But I will try my hand with live betting. This will be a slow and long road but even if I end up +3 units to end the year it will still be 3 more than i began with :4_12_13: . So lets let the games begin. (+0.00 Units)
Did he get 3.5 for the 1st time in jail with that couple in the ally and they threw out that new stuff or is he getting the royal ass fucking and going to get chargeed with that shit too.
the all mighty abcs will show me how its done!!! my account is bone dry, so this is just a fun game to watch...enjoy!
Waited a tad too long .. But took
Under 17.5 (-125) Risking 2.5 to win 2
abcs--thelegend said:
Waited a tad too long .. But took
Under 17.5 (-125) Risking 2.5 to win 2

that's one interesting play...woulda loved to see the vig on that one before this one started...
I can make .26 units guaranteed profit if i bet the over now at +138 ;)
Over 17.5 is rising guys.. +145.. Like i said im looking to chip away here If i can make 5 to 10 units during this live betting for the season then i will be happy considering i only need about 40 units to get that tv with the surround sound
I missed it at +210 but thats cool i took it at +166 thinkin that lost catch would be overturned and theyd kick the fg. Hopefully pitt has a long drive and ties it up then i will take the Jags ML for +
The under in this snoozefest -16.5 (-115) Risking 1.5 units
Thats more like it.. although it is gettin cooler outside which does mean :moose: season.


(+1.3 units) Ill take it considering the way things have been going. violin