Y26's Week #2 of CFB


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Already got a couple plays in the books for the coming weekend, and the lines are moving...so thought i'd get them posted now. I still got a ton of work to do though on the card, so more to come for sure.

Ended up going 10-9-1 over the first (long) weekend of CFB, 2.06 units to the good. Not quite the start i was hoping for...but can't complain.

Here's what's already done for Saturday 9/9...

Georgia -3 over South Carolina (-101) for 2 units

Oregon -4 over Fresno St (+100) for 2 units

Rice/UCLA over 55.5 (-105) for 1 unit

Be back to discuss these further soon. But the Rice/UCLA play i just made. The first two were made right when Pinny released the lines...and were posted in some early discussion threads here over the weekend.

Back to work :shake:
thx, fondy

i know whatcha mean...:shake:
hard to balance the site with capping and so forth. lot's of time involved in both...and not enough sleep, that's for sure.
but between us all, at least we seem to be on 24/7...and we're the over-night crew, lol.

look forward to your plays.
couple additions...but still working

Stacks...thx, bro :shake:

Aztec...yeah, so far, those are definitely the two i like the best. Let's cash 'em. :shake:

This is a very interesting card...and in some ways, much more challenging.
Added a couple totals tonight, and a teaser of all things...but the card definitely requires some more work/attention/research.

For Friday 9/8...

Pittsburgh/Cincinnati over 44 (-104) for 1 unit

For Saturday 9/9...

Stanford/San Jose St over 54 (+105) for 1 unit

Fading the Cardinal defense...as well as San Jose's, for that matter. Like i said last week, with the Stanford/Oregon over, i'm jsut a huge fan of Trent Edwards...and i expect him to put up much, much higher numbers...even with the overall lack of talent on Stanford. In any case, neither team has much of a running game...so it'll be the passing that takes over. And neither side has the secondary to do much about it.

Lastly, my S&G teaser of the week...

V Tech (-6)
N Illy (-8)
LSU (-9)
Georgia (+3.5)
TX Tech (-.5)
1/2 unit to win 2

With all these huge spreads...couldn't resist the temptation.

Anyways...back to work on this weekend's card:cheers:
Card looks good, Yanks, you talked me into that Rice/UCLA OVER as well. Good luck!
well then it has no choice but to hit...

SoonerBS said:
Card looks good, Yanks, you talked me into that Rice/UCLA OVER as well. Good luck!

all i want outta Rice is 17-20 pts, and we're sittin' pretty.
OK, not touching the NFL game tonight...

so i had to do something. don't really have a strong feeling either way, so i'm jsut gonna go with the history of this matchup...and a little parlay for fun.

Oregon St +7.5 to Boise/Oregon St over 58
1/2 unit to win 1.3

Nothing serious...but BOL with whatever you're on tongiht.
Rex, you know it bud. Thx, Horn.:shake:

WOW...talk about better to be lucky than good. That fucking Pitt/Cincy over 44 was dead in the 1st Q...then it died again, on that 4th down failed conversion late in the 4th.

If anyone was on the under tonight, sorry about that horrible moose job. But, dayum...they sure gave me an early Christmas gift tonight with the INT for a TD at the very end. Unreal...but ya know i'll take it.
some last minute additions...

to Saturday's card.

Ohio St ML (+118) over Texas for 1 unit

Texas Tech -7.5 over UTEP (+105) for 1 unit

California -8.5 over Minnesota (-110) for 1 unit

Couldn't lay off the big game. Should be a great one...but the deciding factor to me is the inexperienced Longhorn QB, Colt 45. Lotsa pressure for it being only his 2nd game/start...which can easily translate into mistakes that the Buckeyes can capitalize on.

Finally pulled the trigger on Cal. Only problem was that i missed the boat on a favorable line. Rexy and BAR though were the deciding factors for me here. See their threads for more info on this game.

ND/Penn St...gave up, and decided to jsut watch. IMO, line is set pretty damn good...Domers win by 7 or 8 pts.

Lastly, did a little ML parlay to complete the card.

VTech ML
Bama ML
Cal ML
TxTech ML
1/2 unit to win .827

That should about do it. Enjoy the games, everyone. Then on sunday, it's time to begin preparing for a totally fucking awesome card in week #3...but first things first.

i really like the stanford-sjsu over. Edwards/Bradford/Moore should rip up the spartan secondary and and stanford's defense is nothing special at all.
RSMS9999 said:
i really like the stanford-sjsu over. Edwards/Bradford/Moore should rip up the spartan secondary and and stanford's defense is nothing special at all.

gotta love it when it hits the total by halftime...:shake:

Anyways...so far, so good.

5-0 on the finals!!!money;
lost the dumb teaser...parlay though is looking good.

got 3 left to go...
oregon will be a fight...up by 4 in the 2nd Q. texas tech needs to pull away from utep soon, or we may have yet another upset. but my other pac-10 total is in serious danger...too much defense. it'll take a 2nd 1/2, like the stan/sjst 1st 1/2, to salvage this one...sorry, Den.

so sweeping the board doesn't look promising...but at least i'm already guaranteed a winning & profitable day. just how winning & profitable will depend on oregon and tx tech.

btw...congrats to all Notre Dame backers. Can't fucking wait until all these great games next week.
thx, BAR:shake:

kinda ended slower than expected...but i'll definitely take it.
6-2, +6.18 units on the sides/totals. lost the teaser, won the parlay.

CFB YTD: 16-11-1, +8.24 units
CFB Parlays: 1-1, +.327 of a unit
CFB Teasers: 0-1, -.5 of a unit

N Illy killed my teaser...but i'm more surprised they lost SU. Mini-shocker.

Only real bummer of the day though was UCLA. Talk about frustrating. Rice scored all they needed to score for this total to hit. UCLA only punted the ball once...once...yet they only manage 26 pts. Unreal...but that's what lots of turnovers will do, combined w/ settling for four FGs. Having either watched or listened to 90% of this game...still not sure if the credit should go to Rice's defense, or if the Bruins were just too sloppy...cuz Rice could not stop the Bruin running game at all, other than with fumbles recovered, and Olsen still had 2 TDs passing. Just a frustrating game...

Oh well...let Week #3 preparations begin manana...:cheers:

BTW...glad to see the forum kick ass again this week.:shake: