Week Six Plays - Fondystyle (Write-ups for each game)


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2006 NFL Overall 150-127-8 +$3243.70
Preseason 54-36-3 +$1042.10
Week One 17-11 +$688
Week Two 9-15 +$240.50
Week Three 16-16-1 +$364.25
Week Four
22-26-2 +$152.85
Week Five
22-23-2 +$756

1st Quarter 19-18-1 +$221.20
1Q Fave 12-5 +$196.40
1Q Dog 2-2 +$30.10
1Q Over 6-10-1 +$4.70
1Q Under 0-1 -$10

First Half 36-22-3 +$1837.50
Faves 20-9 +$1345
MoLine 0-3 -$257.50
Dogs 12-2-1 +$901
Over 4-6-2 -$81
Under 0-2 -$70

Second Half 8-11 +$217
Fave 5-5 +$424
Dogs 2-3 +$0
MoLi 0-1 -$75
Over 1-1 -$45
Under 0-1 -$87

Full Game 87-76-4 +$968
Faves 41-30-2 +$655
Dogs 24-23-2 +$139
ML 1-2 -$135
Over 6-10 +$75
Unders 15-11 +$234

Props 10-14 -$25.55

Sunday 1:00 PM
$300 Bengals -4.5
$150 Bengals 1H -3
$175 TB/Cincy under 44
When looking at this game you have to start with TB starting rookie QB Bruce Gradkowski. With Cadillac Williams off to a slow start this season, Gradkowski is going to have a lot of weight on his shoulders today. I don't think Gradkowski is prepared to handle what will be expected of him. Tampa Bay's defense isn't what it use to be. Age has caught up to them, and Palmer and the Bengals should be able to put some serious points on the board. Making the playoffs for Cincy might be a stretch with their tough SOS, but expect Marvin Lewis to have his team focused against the 0-4 Bucs as if they were playing a 4-0 team. I expect the final to be something along the lines of 27-10 or so.

$100 Washington -10 (bought 0.5)
$25 Redskins 1Q -3 +105
The 30th ranked Tenny defense will have a tough time keeping Clinton Portis and co. from putting up big yards today. Mark Brunnel should keep putting up big numbers, and Vince Young will continue on his learning curve.

$125 Cowboys 1H -7 -115
$25 Cowboys 1Q -3
I think Houston might be playing with a bit more confidence since they played Indy so tight. With all the hoopla in Dallas, laying a big number is a bit tough. I'll look at a 2nd half play in the game, but I like laying just a TD here in the first half. If the Cowboys are up double digits at the break, I'm going to be looking at putting money on Texas in the second half.
Still working on the card... here's the rest of my thoughts...

$75 Detroit +1 +107
$50 Detroit 1H +0.5
$25 Det/Buf 1Q under 7 +120
I was thinking of making a play on the ML, but you get the point for 3 cents. Crazy that the ML is only +110. Anyways, Detroit doesn't have a whole lot going for them this year except for Kevin Jones. Today is their best chance to get that first win against a Buffalo team that struggles to score points. One would hope that they'll come out and give the home fans something to cheer about. Kind of like the under here as well...

$150 Seattle -3
$100 Seattle 1H -0.5
$75 Seat/Stl 1H OVER 21 -120
My first thoughts were about taking St. Louis in this matchup. After talking to JumpOnBoard and looking at how St. Louis has put together their 4-1 record, I have come to believe as Jump said, "it's through smoke and mirrors." Coming off their bye week Seattle should be better acclimated with their 4 WR sets and Deion Branch should be able to make a difference. I don't get why Pinnacle is giving such a cheap first half line with Seattle. Anyways, I'll bite.

$175 NY Giants +3
$50 NY Giants 1H ML +124
$150 NYG/ATL 1H OVER 21 +109
$25 NY Giants 1Q ML +130
What can you do for me today Mr. Vick? How about an interception, a fumble, and 85 yards passing. Eli Manning passes for 300 yards today as the Giants get back into the playoff and NFC East race.

$300 Philadelphia -3
$100 Philly/NO OVER 46.5 +103
$150 Philly 1H -2.5 +100
$75 Philly/NO 1H OVER 23.5
$25 Philly/NO 1Q OVER 10 +126
New Orleans is a lot like St. Louis, as they've been winning with smoke and mirrors, and should have a worse record, and have played crap teams. I really feel that Philly is a legitimate Super Bowl contender and getting them at -3 I really like. Hate taking all these road faves, but the numbers just seem right. Tailing Jump on the over...

$150 Carolina +3
$50 Carolina ML +155
$50 Carolina 1H ML +126
$25 Carolina 1Q ML +127
Carolina is starting to put things together on offense, and their defense is stepping up a bit. I've been on Baltimore all season it seems but I can't be today. I'm expecting a low scoring game and I'm going to go with the team with the better offense that is catching points. May look at a 2H under as well.

4:00 PM Leans
Miami +2 (medium)
Chargers -9.5 (small)
Pitt -6.5 (small)

Sunday Night Lean
Denver -14 (medium)

Monday Night Lean
Bears -11.5 (big)

I don't really like the card today. You have two options in that case. Lay off or play a ton of stuff. I like the action and am playing even more than I normally do on 1q and half. I plan on making a few second half plays and I'll start a new thread for that.
It seems like I am the only one who likes KC +7........is there something I am missing here? Their Offense has been better, their Defense has been better, their Special Teams has been better, their Record is better, they have the best player on the field, and they are a 7 point dog? Yeah, I get it.....they are at Pittsburgh, and the Steelers are out to prove that they are better than their 1-3 start.......but are they? They lost a lot of playmakers off of that team last year, and they shouldnt have even won the Superbowl last year!!! They had a LOT of breaks go their way along the road to the title, and I just dont see how that can happen 2 years in a row. They have ZERO passing TD's, have been blowing leads like clockwork, and just look completely shaken. They are probably a little better than their record indicates, but they key word there is LITTLE. I dont see them winning this game today by more than a TD, if they win it at all. Good luck to everyone today.

Webb - thanks for the response. You make excellent points. The reasoning behind Pitt for me is I see momentum carrying them to start the game. If KC gets behind, they'll have to take to the air, and I don't think that is something I'd want my money on. Thus, LJ will be taken out of the game in the 2H, except on swing passes and check downs. The play will definately be under a $100 for me as I think it's one of the toughest on the board today.
18-13-3 +$443.75

2-2-2 +$6.75

W $25 Redskins 1Q -3 +105
L $25 Cowboys 1Q -3
L $25 Det/Buf 1Q under 7 +120
P $25 NY Giants 1Q ML +130
P $25 Philly/NO 1Q OVER 10 +126
W $25 Carolina 1Q ML +127

4-6 -$367
W $50 Carolina 1H ML +126
L $150 Philly 1H -2.5 +100
L $75 Philly/NO 1H OVER 23.5
L $50 NY Giants 1H ML +124
L $150 NYG/ATL 1H OVER 21 +109
W $150 Bengals 1H -3
L $125 Cowboys 1H -7 -115
L $100 Seattle 1H -0.5
W $75 Seat/Stl 1H OVER 21 -120
W $50 Detroit 1H +0.5

6-4-1 -$176
W $75 Detroit +1 +107
W $150 Carolina +3
W $50 Carolina ML +155
W $175 NY Giants +3
W $100 Philly/NO OVER 46.5 +103
L $150 Seattle -3
W $175 TB/Cincy under 44
L $100 Washington -10
L $300 Bengals -4.5
L $300 Philadelphia -3

6-1 +$980
W $250 Seattle 2H -3
W $400 Dallas 2H -7
W $100 Nyg/atl Over 19.5
W $350 Philly 2H -3.5
L $200 Wash/Tenny OVER 20.5
W $75 Cincy/TB 2H OVER 18.5
W $25 Bills 2H ML -111


$250 Miami +2
$100 Miami/NYJ under 37.5
$75 Miami 1H ML +115
$75 Miami/NYJ 1H under 17.5
$100 San Diego -10
$150 San Diego 1H -6
$200 Pittsburgh -6 (bought .5)
$75 Pitt/KC OVER 36.5
$25 Pitt/KC 1Q OVER 7 +105
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4:15 PM GAME
$250 Miami +2
$100 Miami/NYJ under 37.5
$75 Miami 1H ML +115
$75 Miami/NYJ 1H under 17.5
With it being what I predict a low scoring game, I think those +2 at the end might actually matter.

$100 San Diego -10
$150 San Diego 1H -6
Would go a bit more, but I don't trust Marty ball

$200 Pittsburgh -6 (bought .5)
$75 Pitt/KC OVER 36.5
$25 Pitt/KC 1Q OVER 7 +105
Yeah......I officially dont know shit about NFL Football......I think I will just stick to College Football from here on out, I have actually had some success there. This has just been an awful year for me so far in the NFL, and I think it is best to throw in the towell at this point and focus on what is actually working......