Week 8 Plays & Analysis


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CFB Record: 18-5

4-1 last week. If anybody has any recommendations on this card, please feel free to speak up. I've already bet any play I post, so I'd rather discuss other games than the ones I'm already down on. But let's keep it movin'.

Oregon St. -2
Played this at Olympic about 30 minutes ago. This is something of a pre-emptive strike, I don't wanna see the line get to -3 or higher. If something about it turns me off after further research, I'll simply buy it back and eat the juice. When you're a small player like me, you can do that, lol. But back to the well with the Beavers this week for me after winning with them last week.

A few factors at work here, all of which add up to great value at -2 IMO. I've always been a sucker for revenge, and this is a serious payback spot as Zona waked into OSU and beat them last year as big dogs. Zona is about to go down hard I think. Their QB situation is an utter mess, as their first 14 stringers are hurt, leaving the honors to ol' Kris Heaver, who BTW has not played in 2 years. Starting QB Tuitama is still in la-la land, and backup QB Austin will be examined this week but it might be bad. Fortunately, Heaver was in a position to just hand the ball off and watch the backs run for 220 yds vs. the horrific Stanford run defense. This will not be the case this week, as Riley made some defensive adjustments 2 weeks ago and the result has been 2 weeks of excellent run defense, and overall defense for that matter. Arizona will have real issues offensively here.

The injury Bernard suffered at the end of the game is a non-issue, he was practicing on Sunday and he's fine. Moore had his best game of the season and silenced the critics at least for a week. They really dominated that Washington game from start to finish, and could have won by 3 or 4 TDs to be honest. They are talking about a late rally for a bowl bid, and this is a must-win. OSU right now has the better offense by a mile, and I could argue they have the stronger defense too. Last 2 weeks they've allowed 72 rushes for 191 yds, about 2.7 YPC. All things considered, the only edge I see for Zona is Stoops over Riley. But I think pts might be hard to come by in this game, and OSU will get more of them than Zona and pull away in the 2H. OSU gets healthier this week as well, with a few guys likely returning from injuries. Zona has yet to have a week off, and I think we see a depleted team looking forward to their bye next week. The hungrier OSU team gets the win.
I love Pitt and ND this week... but for some reason don't seem like your plays. If you can tell me how Rutgers will defend the pass... and then possibly cover that number if they ever fall behind... please let me know.

I'm putting this ORE ST bet in, I wanted to see your opinion on it.
Great season you are having and excellent write up. You are making me take a closer look at this game. I was turned off by this team after Boise State ate them alive, Cal crushed them and their inept offense at Wash St. But after this wkend I have given more respect to Wash St and I am already aware that Cal is just plain nasty right now. I don't like Moore as a QB because he is so damn unpredictable but if Arizona is all banged up, this is their 8th game in a row, they have been far from impressive, and Oregon St needs this game, than it merits a closer look. Good Luck
Inspekdah said:
I love Pitt and ND this week... but for some reason don't seem like your plays. If you can tell me how Rutgers will defend the pass... and then possibly cover that number if they ever fall behind... please let me know.

I'm putting this ORE ST bet in, I wanted to see your opinion on it.

I like Pitt a lot too. Although it pains me to go against my homestate (RU), I have to side with the better QB in this game. Bottom line is that Palko has been great this year and Teel has beeen poor. I can not trust a QB who has not been on point this year. If they fall behind, how will they get back in the game? Last week Wanny showed me a killer instinct, I thought they would lay off the pedal especially with Rutgers on deck but they just kept hammering away. Pitt knows all about Leaonard and Rice and there will be 8 guys around that box at all times. Stephens-hollings (sp?) has been running the ball great as well.
Inspekdah- I tend to agree with Pitt. I expect many a square to be on Rutgers, as the line obviously came out higher than we all anticipated. Rutger should be a public play, and Pitt should cover. Not my cup of tea though to lay those points vs. a confident Rutgers team. Notre Dame I dunno, UCLA has the better defense and UCLA played Oregon pretty respectably. I'm a tough sell on chalks, lol.

everything- Thanks man.
I don't see where UCLA played ORE respectfully. They were down 27-6 at one point I believe? Dominated 1st half.. and ORE let off and the Vegas moose went down (I had it at 9.5)... I just love Weiss comming off a bye week. I expect them to be sharp and really have gotten their shit together. But good to hear your feelings.
With you on the Oregon State play-you gave a much better writeup than I did, but I'm on them for all the same reasons as you are...and a little bit of a pure Arizona fade.
Killa - Great job this year bro!

I like Oregon St. this week. Much improved rush defense should give the Wildcats all kinds of problems (and the running game is really all they have on O with Tuitama up in the air). Jumped on the Beavers early this morning at Oregon St. -2.5. Only thing I am scared of is that nasty rush defense for Zona. But, I still give the edge to OSU on offense, with the defenses pretty much even. I think the situation and injuries favor the Beavers, so I'm with ya.

GL this week! :cheers:
Killa, good luck to you this weekend!
Santa- I appreciate it brotha

2-0 for the day, hope everyone is having a great day!