Week #7 Pigskin


Pretty much a regular
6-2-1 last week. Onto week #7

YTD 30-17-1
Totals 14-11-1
Sides 10-6
Teasers 6-1

Detroit / NY Jets over 41

Both teams give up close to 350 yards or over in total offense a game. Detroit almost 400 a game where they have given up an average of 33 points in 3 games on the road, each one going over. Detroits running game shouldnt be a problem vs teh JEts porous run defense allowing 145 yards a game on the ground which should prevent Kitna from having to go deep down the field which he doesnt have the arm strength for. What it comes down to is both teams are allowing close to 30 a game in all splits and have good but not great offenses that will find holes. Over is 6-0 in Jets games this year, 4-2 for Detroit, 3-0 in their road games.

Kansas City / San Diego under 41

Both teams have defenses who can stop the opponent and are allowing under 300 yards a game, San Diego at an impressive 218 a game. Both allowing under 20 points a game to boot. IMO SD offensive #'s are bloated from racking up the points vs SF, Ten, and Oakland. Playing a defense like Baltimore they managed 13. Now Im not comparing Baltimores defense to KC but for all intents and purposes they can shut down what SD does. Same for the Chargers defense, they are quick to the ball and have the tools of course as they only allow 11 points a game so far this season.


Buffalo +12 & Atlanta +9.5
I like the detroit/ny over. I just read that shaun rogers is suspended for 4 games for substance abuse. This will make an already terrible defense worse.
Danny - totally forgot to put that in my write up, had notes about it. Yeah, they wont be able to stop much. GL this week :cheers:
No big baby for Lions makes this an easy over.

This combined with the ever improving Detroit offense makes this a great play. Kitna leads league in completions and attempts. Roy Williams leads in recieving yards despite missing 59 minutes of one contest. Evem KJ broke thru last week. I expect the Lions to get 3 TD's in this game. I expect them to lose as well. Lions get killed by dink and dunk QB's(i.e. Pennington). No Rogers equals no pressure.

31-21 J-E-T-S
Timh - thanks man. GL this week.

BAR - exactly, let a guy like Chad sit in the pocket and check down to each receiver if he has to and they will be complete passes. Surprised with Kitnas #'s this year, like what they did with the offense though... should be lots of points. GL

Croc - good to hear. GL this week:cheers:
Pay - sounds good man. GL today

Dreamer - I can handle a Pats win, by 12 or less, as Im sure you are rooting for. GL today

Copps - thanks, appreciate it. GL


Atlanta +3

Jacksonvile / Houston under 40
FOndy - thanks. GL

Rut - thanks man. GL today

just about to head out for a bit...



Indy -1 & NY Giants +10