Week 7 NCAA.......


Go the Bills!

1* 8-4-2
2* 12-5
3* 6-6

Right now mostly leans, but a few locked in :smiley_acbe:


COLORADO ST +5.5 @ Air Force


NC ST -3.5 vs WF
BUFFALO +8.5 vs Miami OH
WYOMING +4 vs Utah
vs Boise St (1*)

im about to take nc st as well
I watched wake play last week and i wasnt impressed. Im not sure why the public is on wake. I mean NC st has looked solid ever since they switched qbs. They are basically in charge in the acc.. I will hope it goes to 3 though.. right now the hook cost 127
NC State is a terrible home fave, historically.

However, this line has plummeted, and if it gets below 3, I might even have to play it. Though I'll probly play the ML instead of the spread...

GL with it. I hope my alma mater wins you some money.
I'll be on Arky/Memphis UNDER with you, but the rest of those you are on your own. Good luck to you!
abcs......Wake did nothing to impress me their entire run this season and I think they will have quite the hang over from falling apart last week. I love the dumb public if they get a better line for me:smiley_acbe: GL

redbearde.....THAT is one of the reasons that I am still waiting to finaliz the play (and the number should drop) I think Evans is a steady factor and the Deacons are not as good as the record. GL

sooner.....sure, leave me alone on the island this week.....and here I thought we had established a bondviolin Let's hit that under and GL on the rest of your card:cheers:
VSC....despite the debacle that was their game against Ball St, I think they are coming along well under Gil. Willy has been better than I expected and Roosevelt/Starks have contributed right out of the gate. Miami Oh is not as solid as years past and I think the pub is too concerned over them staying close with NIU last week and the usual "fade buffalo" routine. The Bulls will move the ball and the Redhawks are not nearly the offensive threat that Ball St was in terms of matching up. GL
Paul....good deal, what brings you fall-ward? Holy shit, it has been snow and thunder all day in the B-lo:spank: GL bro

Fondy.....Rams are a no play (only those with * are plays, CSU was a lean) Gl with the card this week, I'm sure I'll be checking in to your thread:smiley_acbe:
mcm481 said:
Paul....good deal, what brings you fall-ward? Holy shit, it has been snow and thunder all day in the B-lo:spank: GL bro

I saw that... apparently Niagara Falls got a bunch too, I saw some for 2 minutes and then it was gone, not like what i saw you guys got. Crazy:down: My birthday is tomorrow, but I have an exam on Sunday so we are going to head down that last weekend for some Casino action. GF wants to go to the haunted houses so I guess I gotta go there too:drink:

Didnt know that CSU was a lean, but I still tailed anyways :wacka wacka:
So this is where you're posting, eh fucker? GL for the weekend, I like all those plays and will most likely be on NCSU and Wyoming.
Santa....damn bro...HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY:wacka wacka: Let me know which Casino you are hitting and maybe I can meet up.

JGALT...what up bro? Hell yeah, CTG is the spot to be :smiley_acbe:

Holy Shit........I had no power or heat from Thursday night until 7:00pm tonight and there are still 160,000 homes that are in the dark. The weather was nuts and there are trees EVERYWHERE. If you can picture a blizzard hurricane and what it can do to an area, then THAT is what WNY looks like:down: