Week #5


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'06-'07 Season:
11-6 +2.5 units (my half unit plays screwed me)

Thanks for all the input so far guys, much appreciated. I need to stop playing the half units. I woulda been up much more had they been at least one unit. OH well just some adjustments. Well like a lot of people I have missed almost a TD value on Auburn. As much as I can't stand them, they win and win money, or will this week anyways.

For this week:

Southern Miss -4 for 1 unit

Southern Miss is a better team IMO not gonna list all of the reasons why because of time constraints but there are a few threads already here that explain this one very well. GL to all ROLLL TIDE ROLLLL and lets cash.

money; money; money;
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I am really liking Auburn tonight in fact I think I may play a parlay with Auburn and the over but not sure about SC scoring any points at all.

For now I'll go with:

Auburn -13.5 (obught hook) for 2 units and Auburn -7.5 1st half for 1 unit and Auburn vs. South Carolina Over 37.5

Auburn really is a solid team and after a week off for Irons and putting in place some more of the passing game, Cox and Co. along with the defense should really give SC a helluva game. If nothing else the defense and running game should cover the spread without a great passing game. I know that is a bold statement but SC is not a good team. Very overrated with Spurrier at the helm, he just doesnt have the athletes. Lets see what happens with the weather, but if it stays fairly nice, Auburn really should have a field day considering they are out to prove a lot with all of the voters watching closely tonight.

GL All and lets cash
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Damn not a good start this week

Fucking terrible start to the week

2-4 (-3 units)

Blacjack for today +10 units !!!!

This is driving me nuts. I really need to get on these lines early with the rest of you guys, really lost the value and Spurrier showed that SC is a tough place to play, if they have the ball once in the 3rd quarter they win that game IMO. Cant believe I am winning more money right now playing fucking blackjack as opposed to capping games. Ugh alright got it out of my system, looking at weekend games and gonna be positive.
Things will turn around this weekend. If you got time Sunday, be around for the great discussion about line openers. This is the place to be and when they come out your ready to roll.

GL this weekend.
Not gonna count as posted play but I added a nice 2 unit win with USF +4 tonight to get things going around for the weekend. Thanks for the support fellas.

ON to the weekend:

Navy +3 (bought 1 point) for 1 unit, Navy vs. UCONN under 42 for 1 unit
I can't add any info that hasnt already been discussed on this one other than Navy will be a 2 point fav by kickoff for sure. As the line is now at +1 just a few minutes after my paltry bet.

Michigan -9.5 for 1 unit
This is almost a repeat play situation as last week against Wisconsin. Michigan is simply a better football team and as others have stated, Minny just doesnt have the same weapons as last year. Enough about revenge, all that etc.... Michigan just wins this one by 2 TD's....plain and simple.

I may tail MistaFlava this weekend a little bit with his plays on the Tenn. Over and UTEP

I also see that Florida is getting hammered like a drunken whore (line now at 15.5) and I hate to even think this but I am gonna play Bama again this week as they will not lose this game by more than 2 TD's. They will come up with plays and Shula has nothing to lose after the ridiculous loss last week, I still cannot fucking believe they lost that game, what a disgrace.

I dont see Miami covering the 16.5 but that is just a hunch. I am not impressed with the Canes whatsoever.

I am going to try and find the good lines and limit my plays some this weekend but up my bet size. If anyone has some insight I can always use and appreciate it. Lets get it done this weekend and make some cash. GL to all and ROLLLL Tide ROLLLLL.
Look at this Under


Troy vs UAB under 41 for 2 units

I really hope you guys take a look at this.....both of these teams have 9 injured starters and UAB is rotating 3 QB's and averages just over 100 yards on the ground. While Troy did get beaten soundly against Nebraska, they had closer more well fought loses against GT and and FSU. Both teams have solid defenses and pretty pathetic offenses and I dont think this will change tomorrow night with both teams fairly evenly matched. While Troy did get their offense going last weekend, they were playing ALABAMA STATE. Need I say more about that team?! I follow Alabama teams closely and think I feel excellent about my capping here. Let me know what ya think. GL TO ALL
10-2 Today!!!

What a nice turnaround after a shitty week. 10 and 2 today hellllll yeah. Feels very nice. GL TO ALL this next week and I hope everyone else was as prosperous. :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
Very Nice!!!