Week 5- I want my money back


Pretty much a regular
After getting my ass handed to me last weekend, I decided not to take any early bets and wait until Free Hook Friday to make my decisions. I'm glad I did, because several lines I was looking at moved in my favor and I'll be getting the free hook on top of it.

My favorite day of the week is only an hour and a half away, so I'll open this week's thread if anyone has any advice to throw my way. Here are my leans. (I'll include the free hook when I list these, because that's what I'll be taking them at. These are not the actual lines.)

New Orleans -6 (3 Units) This may be my first 3 Unit bet of the season.

New England -9 (1 Unit) I finally feel comfortable putting money on my team!

St. Louis -3 (1 Unit) Still unsure of this one. Green Bay's play is very erratic though, and St. Louis is a confident but quiet team.

Cleveland +8.5 (1 Unit)

Pittsburgh +4 (1 Unit)

Baltimore +4.5 (1 Unit)

(Had to edit, sorry. Forgot to add the hook to a couple.)
Locked in on two games tonight. I'll work on the rest tomorrow.

New Orleans -6 (2 Units) May add more on this later.
New England -9 (1 Unit) I'm still laughing at the writers who picked Miami to take the AFC East from the Pats this year.
Glad you agree Santa, just locked in two more.

Cleveland +8.5 (1 Unit)

Dallas/Philadelphia Over 43 (1 Unit)

Only got 4 bets so far. I still want to keep this week conservative.
I'm liking your picks,I have half of them wagered already. I Like the Dallas/Phila over, but I'm not aloud to use it in parlay currently and intend on it with Jets/Jaguars over 37, Miami/New England over 37 and Pitts/San Diego under 37.5
Good Luck for week 5.
BOL this sunday, Dice.
off your 1st psot...i like the first, then the last three. those two in the middle unsure about. but good luck w/ it.
Yanks26Sox6 said:
BOL this sunday, Dice.
off your 1st psot...i like the first, then the last three. those two in the middle unsure about. but good luck w/ it.

That's good, because I decided not to get any action on the St. Louis game, and the New England game is partially a homer bet. I'd never make a bet I didn't think could pay off, but if I wasn't from MA I don't think I'd be taking the -9 against NE.
good luck on your dog plays, bro....some of the plays look too good to be true, and you might have a great weekend if thats a fact...hard to fade the broncos, i love NO and NE!
Added 3 more. A dog, a fav, and an O/U. Nothing beats diversity.

Indianapolis -18 (2 Units)
Baltimore +4.5 (1 Unit)
Detroit/Minnesota Under 40.5 (1 Unit)

I'll wait till the first round of games are over tomorrow before I put any more down on the later games. Still not sure how much I'll have to risk this week.

Well, I'm 3-3 so far, but 2 of those losses were 2 unit bets. I like to think I made out all right considering the craziness that was the Colts almost losing to the Titans, Minnesota's 2 defensive touchdowns, and Cleveland kicking me a miracle FG in the closing second of the game to cover the spread.


New England -9 (1 Unit)
Cleveland +8.5 (1 Unit)
Dallas/Philadelphia Over 43 (1 Unit)


New Orleans -6 (2 Units)
Indianapolis -18 (2 Units)
Detroit/Minnesota Under 40.5 (1 Unit)

Overall Today - -2 Units

Sunday Night Chaser - San Diego -3 (1 Unit)

And a couple small props

Miller vs. Gates - Heath Miller +20.5 Passing Yards (0.5 Units)
Ben Roethlisberger Over 17 Completions (0.5 Units)

I'm still kicking myself for tying up all my money before realizing there was an Over 4 Receptions prop for Ben Watson earlier today.
Well, I made a unit back on the San Diego game, and the two props canceled each other out. I just needed 2 more yards outta Miller to win that one. It was real close.

Overall Today - -1 Unit