Week 4 Thoughts and Picks...


Brady licks Marino's knob
Week 3 had a lot of exciting moments...the two SEC games were classic; plain and simple, the best conference in college football. The games between the top teams down there just fuckin' rock; been lucky enough to have two under my belt, being a west coast boy.

Michigan...great stuff and congrats to BAR and co for calling it so damn early!

Quack Attack...indeed...this game exemplifies why instanst replay should be done away with; fortunately, it represents only one game in a large sample, so I am glad replay is here to stay. Unfortunately for the Sooners, they got absolutely screwed...sorry SoonerBS...even as a quasi-Pac10 homer, that was terrible...absolute robbery.

So far this week I am on one game:

Ariz St at Cal - Pretty large coaching mismatch as Tedford is 3-0 ATS vs Koetter, while Koetter is 4-13 as an AD ATS and 6-14 ATS P10 road, proving in my mind that his teams cave once they start going south on the road. His teams play solid at home at weak on the road...this actually dates back to Boise. Cal is basically off a bye vs 1-AA, while ASU is on their 2nd straight trip; ASU D has good stats, but the only credible offense that they faced was Nevada @home, in a bad spot for the Wolfpack (Note: Nevada under Ault: Home team is 19-5 ATS...nice call last week Pags 11). "Devil defense will be exposed here.
Cal -7 (some juice) over Arizona St
Looks good, horses, and I may tail you on this since I can't seem to find much to play this week.

Thanks for the condolences on my Sooner loss as well.
Keeper's Power Ratings have California rated a -5 point favorite. But, I think that is close enough for a play considering the fact that California seems to be over their opening loss and back on track according to expectations. ASU on the other hand, has played hardly nobody in my opinion, and I watched the game they played against Colorado Saturday and was not impressed with them. I won money on them in that game, but I'm ready to fade them in this one. I believe California wil control the line of scrimmage in this game and win easily.
Good stuff Horses...

Thanks and best wishes to yourself for all plays this week.

I am really suprised at how erratic ASU has looked so far this season. Granted they covered and won for a lot of guys on here Saturday but I am starting to think the whole QB thing at end of camp is playing with this the whole teams heads right now. Carepenter has been often brilliant and often quite erratic.

California on the other hand got that Vol game out of the way and should only improve the rest of the season. I think Denny is right about them controlling the line and ASU may well be forced to play catch-up in this game which could lead to turnovers.

I had this one circled early last week buyt was hesistant when lines came out. I am starting to like it again.
Hey horses! I'm on Cal as well this week. I watched ASU play last week, and was not impressed with them against a bad Colorado team. They did cover for me, but the offense looked sloppy and the defense shotty at times. Forset should have a field day. Best of Luck this weekend! :cheers:
Going to start rounding out my card...I will add plays pretty much one at a time, w/very brief writeups. I will respond to any thoughts or questions in greater detail.

Michigan -13 over Wisconsin - Wolverine HC Carr has mentioned on more than one occasion this week that he is not worried about a letdown this wknd, because he and the players have been talking about this rematch all summer. Badgers beat Michigan on a last minute Stocco TD in Madison LY. Carr has also mentioned the stellar leadership on this Michgian team. I see no letdown here. For the game...I've seen Wisconsin play vs BG and my almamater LW. While I am sure they are saving some for Michigan, this is a young team making their 1st real road trip this year; their passing game is well below average for anyone that witnessed the game LW (yea...i know about the wind, but Stocco and the WR's are not on the same pg...doubt they clean that up in the Big House).
GL Horses... Looks like weather could be a bit of a factor at the big house tomorrow as well... wind/rain - need to check out the forecast. We're suppose to get it here around wisky just before gametime, so I'm thinking 2nd half may be effected.
adding these to the my card:

Colorado +28 over Georgia (local), too many points for a program like CU; pride sets in at some point.
Mississippi St +10 over UAB (see Killa's writeup...can't say it any better)
Arkansas -3 over Alabama (good to see abcs on this one)
Kent St +7' over Bowling Green (these teams seem even an BG QB Turner is ?)

GL to everyone today. I really had trouble finding quality favorites this week, and thus, I am on some pretty unpopular 'dogs no doubt.

Things worked out well today as the 'dogs I chose were definitely biting; Arkansas prevented me from sweeping the board, but I will take 5-1 anyday.

I am a little pissed at myself for not taking Louisville and Texas Tech per Sooner's recommendation. Usually I'm a big fan of free money.

Hope everyone else had a fine day.
You had a hell of a day today, dude, as the dogs were definitely barking!!

5-1! Great job horses! Congrats bud!

This good week is kind of bitter sweet because our Aztecs got rolled. 0-3 start to the year. Can we just get a frickin win?! Please!!! :23_31_4:
Thanks for the good words, fellas.

Aztec...well, san jose this coming weekend; not sure if we're going with Craft at QB or if Mougey will be recovered to play in time. This spread is going to be real light...dare we play the Aztecs this week?