Week 4 out west


Dawg Fan
WSU -10............gotta fade Stanford. Wazzu doesn't inspire me much but if they can find their way to the stadium I like their chances.

UCLA -3.............Huskies' 2ndary is there for the shredding. Dorrell has had 2 weeks to figure that out............got my fingers crossed that he noticed it. Don't like fading my boys but the Bruins have better talent & depth.

Nevada -6.5............this could be close but I like Rowe more than Kafka when it comes to passing.

Utah -7................SDS was supposed to be much improved this year. Losing Oconnell didn't help...........SDS still getting a lot of respect in the line.

LSU 1st hf -20.5............if they avoid letdown they could cover this in the 1st qtr

Navy -4.5.............don't like going against Tulsa but the Middies are a machine right now.

Awful chalky I know, but i can see value in all these. GLTA this weekend......
Looks really solid, Mugg

Agree with fading Stanford. Trent Edwards jsut has zero help. Only thing about this is that WSU is so damn up & down.

Totally agree on UCLA. And for the Pac-10's standards, Bruins defense is surprisingly improved.

BOL this weekend:cheers:
I had to go into work for a few hrs tonight & couldn't sleep...........aw hell, it's only 3am
Mugg good luck on all your games but Navy. I was all over Navy last week against Stanford and they literally kicked tail! But, Tulsa looks like the bet this week. Here's an explanation given by a tout site, but I agree with the assessment:

The size disadvantage at the line of scrimmage that hurt Tulsa when it was routed by BYU two weeks ago doesn't exist here. And from a schematic standpoint, Tulsa's preparation should be helped immensely by the fact that fourth-year coach Steve Kragthorpe’s team played (and beat) Rice each of the last three seasons when Rice still was running
a triple option similar to Navy's. Tulsa’s unusual 3-3-5 defensive alignment means that its DBs are familiar with providing run support, which they must do in this game. That, right there, is a red flag against Navy, coming off two games vs. East Carolina and Stanford defenses. East Carolina is in the early stages of playing a lousy 3-3-5, yet covered vs. Navy. Stanford couldn’t devote the necessary time and attention to deviate from their norm, and Stanford’s offense couldn’t sustain any drives, which allowed Navy’s clock-eating offense to stay on the field and wear down Stanford’s defense. That won’t happen here as Tulsa has a much better offensive system than Stanford currently does. You might think of military kids as resilient and impervious to distractions, but after the Navy lands a revenge torpedo to the broadside of a Pac 10 ship, they’re looking for shore leave. TULSA, 29-24.

I might also add to this that Navy beat Tulsa 29-0 in 2004 which was their last meeting. Tulsa should be looking to return the favor here at Navy's house.
Thanks Aztec.......B.A.R..........GL as well:shake:

Sooner...........wish I had seen that. Tulsa was a cash cow LY & I'd planned to play them a few times this year. Looks like I may have missed this one. Thanks for the heads up..........