Week 4 CFB w/writeups....eventually


Brian Windhorst
2005 Season

69-42-2 (62%)

2006 Season

36-17-2 (68%)

Ohio State OVER 10 wins (3-0)

What is up everyone? Here are just some lines that I think jump out right away. I will have write-ups with each of these games as the week goes on. Just wanted to get some games down to do more research on...These plays are just early thoughts and leans....With that said, I do lock each og these games in and then fade them if a later change my mind...Thoughts and constructive criticism are welcomed:

CAL - 7 on the hook

BOSTON COLLEGE -6.5 (the are you kidding me line of the week IMO)


Michigan State + 4.5

AKRON - 17

UAB - 9.5 on the hook

USC - 19

Be Back ASAP with writeups..... and to decide if I really like these:cheers:
Looks pretty good, yessir.

Gotta say that i'm leaning ND's way though. I'm fully aware of the success Mich St has had with ND. But i also think ND will correct things this week. Definitely love the over here.
Should be a shootout in East Lansing. Neither defense is impressive. I would say a 37-34 type of affair is in order.

Nice line on BC. I may have played them at that number.
Rambleon- THanks bro

Yanks- Thanks. I will have some more thoughts on MSU later tonight....have to run to class!

BAR- Yeah it was at Pinny at 7 and i bought the half....Get that Michigan crap out of my thread lol jk. Great game for your boys this past week. I was pulling for them (makes the Big 10 stronger...not an ignorant fan). I am hoping for a 1 vs. 2 matchup at the Shoe! That would be great to see Carrs face when Tressal gets up in that ass again lol
LMAO at a 1 vs 2 matchup.. Michigan will lose to some weak ass big 10 team before they meet Ohio St. My guess is Michigan St.
GL yessir,

that MSU/ND game is a tough one to predict...over does look solid though.

Great showing by the big ten the last few weeks going into Texas and ND and wiining...damn impressive by both schools.....unofrtunately ABCS is right, UM will find a way to fuck up before OSU, it happens every year LOL. I guess I am cautiously optimistic.
Sparky- thanks bro:cheers:

Huntdog- BOL to you this weekend:cheers:

Inspekdah- OSU had those days with Cooper:down:

Akron OVER North Texas

Akron comes into this game 1-2 as does North Texas... Akron, behind Luke Getsky should score early and often in this game. It has been awhile since you could say that Akron is going to blow someone out BUT I think this is the night. This is their first home game since winning an outright MAC title. They get to come home after 3 impressive road showings against some good teams. Though Akron struggled for about 3 quarters last week, their defense played well. North Texas comes into this game after playing close games with Southern Methodist and Tulsa. They have only mustered up 34 points in 3 games this year. Now they have to travel across the country to play a good Akron team. Akron will be ready to let off some frustration from last week. I have doubled the amount I usually put on a game on this one!

MSU/ ND OVER and MSU plus points

I am really looking forward to this game. I see both teams being able to fire the ball all across the field. Though I think NDs offense is overrated, they will be able to score a ton on this MSU defense. IMO MSU looked VERY VERY impressive from the second quarter on at Pitt. Yes I know it was Pitt but I that their offense looked spectacular. MSU should be able to use what speed they have to scorch this slow (being friendly) Irish secondary. I see a lot of points in this game. MSU is out to make a statement while the Domers have revenge on their minds. With a shootout expected I also tend to take the Home dog...


The Orange Crush -6.5 OVER MIAMI OHIO

I think Pinny is being to friendly with this line. Both of these teams are going in opposite directions. You have this MIAMI team who just snapped Kent States 14 game losing streak by choking at home. This is the same Miami team who got drilled by Northwester week 1 (NW getting 7 from Nevada this week). Syracuse is 1-2 and has battled in every game. They lost week 1 to Wake before getting stuffed in OT against then 14th ranked Iowa. They came back last week and won a road game at Illinois. I expect this team to keep making strides back to the program they once were. I like Cuse, giving the points here.
Virginia + 17.5 (hook)
UNDER 40.5 (sports.com)

Well there has been enough said about this game on this forum. I just like this game to be very low scoring. With a low scoring game, I like to have a big dog as a play also.
2-0 so far on the week...

Tonight's play:

Nevada - 6.5 (buy the hook)

A lot has been said about this game so I will get this brief. I think the pistol offense will be way to advanced for this young, not so talented defense. Yes I know they have the 16th ranked defense BUT lets be realistic guys. I have seen some people say that NW has the whole package at QB (1 runner and 1 thrower). Guys this is not high school football 2 QB systems rarely work especially if you know who will do what. Nevada should have a tremendous crowd. Not really that familiar with the home atmosphere there but for some reason I picture a WV type crowd- Drunken Billies on national TV. THough I am just making a small play, I think Nevada rolls in this one.

BOL and see you all later
Virginia + 17.5 WIN

Virginia UNDER 40.5 WIN

Nevada - 6.5 WIN

Hawaii+14.5 (hook)

Colorado + 27

Purdue + 3 (hook)

CAL - 7 (Hook)

Iowa State + 25


MSU + 4.5

Akron -16.5 (hook)

Cuse - 6.5 (didnt lock it in early so had to buy the hook)

Minnesota/ Purdue UNDER 61 (weather play)

Tulsa +5.5 (tailing my people)

Buffolo + 40.5

Buffolo OVER 48.5

BC- 6.5 (prolly get F'ed on this one....wierd line but I will ride it out)

UTEP - 9.5

USC/Zona OVER 48.5 (think this is flying under the radar and should be over early)

Huge card but when is it not?

BOL to all
Good start and nice looking card bro! LOVE the Cuse today bro!

Keep it up.

:wacka wacka:
Thanks mags

Virginia + 17.5 WIN

Virginia UNDER 40.5 WIN

Nevada - 6.5 WIN

Hawaii+14.5 WIN

Colorado + 27 WIN

Purdue + 3 WIN


Iowa State + 25 WIN


MSU + 4.5 WIN

Akron -16.5 WIN

Cuse - 6.5 WIN

Minnesota/ Purdue UNDER 61 WIN

Tulsa +5.5 WIN

Buffolo + 40.5 WIN

Buffolo OVER 48.5 LOSS

BC- 6.5 LOSS



15-4 on the weekend