Week #3 Pigskin


Pretty much a regular
Week 2 started off well... and ended well ... not so well ... onto better things in week 3

YTD 10-10
Totals 8-6
Sides 1-4
Teasers 1-0

Tampa Bay / Carolina under 34.5

OK, well Tampa Bay has scored 3 points all season long, they are averaging just 33 yards a game on the ground and just over 200 in the air. Carolina has scored just 19 points this season, and are havign a bend but don't break mentality on defense, TB doesnt 'break' defenses.. they make mistakes in the red zone, they misuse the clock etc. I expect to see alot of running plays in this game as both 'D's' have allowed alot of yards on the ground and ball control will be key with these offenses taking the field IMO. Under is 2-0 this season for Carolina, 8-3 last 11 games, and on and on. Hell, the season totals for both offenses is still under this total.

Minnesotta +3.5

Going to GB and beating Detroit at home is all well and good, but now you have to go into a stadium you haven't won in since 2001 and are laying 3 points to a 2-0 team? Big difference, as Minny has beaten Carolina and Washington. I dont think Grossman will be able to pass for 4 TDs against a D who is allowing just 160 yards in the air this season. Minny 8-0 vs NFC, 7-1 last 8 home games.

Thats it right now.

GL Everyone:cheers:
Eames - :stitch:

Yanks - yeah, 5dimes had it this morning. like the fact I didnt have to buy off a key. thanks. GL :cheers:
KKruissel74 said:
Damn....everyone is on Denver....N.E. -6.5

just think its too many with the troubles NE has had with Denver and Shanahan. THey almost got backdoored vs the Jets and didnt impress me at all with a safety win vs Buffalo. Granted Denver hasnt done anything, but dont know where a 7 point line comes from. GL KK:cheers:
6-2 Sunday... onto MNF

YTD 16-12
Totals 10-7

Sides 4-4
Teasers 2-1

Atlanta / New Orleans under 44

Know Im going against the grain on alot of peopls thoughts, but in all reality, Atl has put up 34 points in 2 games this year and allowed just 9. THe defensive re-tooling they did in the offseason seems to have worked and have what I would consider one of the best cover corners in the game. Think NO will have to establish a run game with Bush and Deuce to begin with using screens etc, therefore clock. Atl rushes the ball nearly 45 times a game.. thats a whole lot of clock burning time. NO allows 74 yards a game on the ground, so I doubt Atl will be able to run all over them. Lots of emotion on the field, crowd should be loud on defense and get some mistakes out of Vick.

GL everyone:cheers:
Great week Santa.

I like this under as well. Pub is hammering ATL and Over...typical Monday night strategy by pub..fav and over. Let it keep rising...this is a solid play.
Oh you tricky bastard, always spitting into the wind:smiley_acbe: With all the angles and WAY TOO much emotion, I am sitting back and watching. GL with the play bro:cheers:
BAR - will certainly take it. Total seems to be holdign steady,for now. Think it might move a touch during the day with like you said, fave / over mentality of MNF. Glad you ike it too. GL

MCM - the emotion is keeping me off the side one way or another. Hope you had a good week 3 man. GL:cheers: