Week 3 Card...


Montezuma Mesa Survivor
YTD NCAAF Sides: 12-9 [+2.0 Units]

YTD NCAAF M/L Plays: 0-1 [-0.5 Units]

YTD NCAAF Totals: 0-0 [N/A]

YTD NCAAF Overall: +1.5 Units

Week 3 Plays...

Arizona State -9.5 [4 Units]

Nevada -2.5 [1 Unit]

Illinois -3 [1 Unit]

Michigan +7 [1 Unit]

Texas Tech -2 [1 Unit]

Fresno State -3 [0.5 Units]

San Diego State +14 [0.5 Units]

Bowling Green -4.5 [0.5 Units]

Ball State +16 [0.5 Units]

West Virginia -16.5 [0.5 Units]

The only play I might add to this list is Toledo tomorrow night (and a few more units to the Nevada & Illinois plays). I was originally leaning to Kansas, however Toledo is a good team that does not want to start 0-3 in front of their home crowd. Should be a great game.

GL this week everybody! :cheers:
Good looking card here, I like it!!
LOL...thanks pags. Both horses and I are SDSU alums, so that's close enough for me. :smiley_acbe:

Thanks Sooner. GL this weekend! :cheers:
Bret must have been sniffing the glue last night Dmac - Good luck with West Virginia.

If you get a chance, talk me off of Wisconsin
Fondy - I have to admit, I got lucky on that WV cover last night. I thought for sure Maryland was going to score on that last drive.

Anyhow, I'll do my best to talk you out of playing the Badgers. For starters, the Aztecs have had two weeks to prepare for Wisconsin. Mougey looked pretty good last week (he's a good athlete), and should have decent success running and throwing the ball. He replaced O'Connell who got ligament damage in his thumb, and almost led the Aztecs to a comeback against the Miners. But, I think the real key in this game will be Hamilton. He didn't play very against UTEP IMO, and I think that motivates him to step it up this game (along with the O-Line). SDSU outgained UTEP by 140 yards and yet still lost last week, while the Aztec defense only gave up 30 yards on the ground and 213 through the air. The two INT's killed us.

Wisconsin IS a better team than SDSU...I don't think anyone can argue that. However, the Badgers could be looking ahead to Michigan this week, especially since they've got the Aztecs at home. Wisky's run defense also hasn't impressed very much, though stats could be a little skewed by their game against Bowling Green (all rushing, no passing).

I like Long...and I think he'll have a gameplan to keep Stocco and the Wisky O off the field enough to keep SDSU in the game. Of course, you know I'm a little biased, so...just my $0.02. GL this weekend Fondy! :cheers:
I overlooked the fact that SDST is coming off a bye week and even Michigan next week, I knew they played them, but didn't take that into consideration. That could be very important imo. Wisconsin always has one OOC game a year that they look horrible in. SDST is by far the best team they'll face this year that isn't in the Big 10 (not much competition with Bowling Green, Western Illinois, and Barfalo).

A couple things... Wisky's front 4 go about 8 deep, the defensive line is pretty damn good. Have some decent linebackers, and half the db's are good. I think Wisconsin's defense will be able to shut down SDST.

What I'm worried about is how good SDST from 7 are. The Wisky OL is having trouble pass blocking for Stocco...
Aztec - nice looking card ASU, Nevada, Fresno and your Aztecs are all on my list as possible plays as well. BOL!
Fondy - You make some good points. Wisky's defensive front could give us some issues. Although, Mougey has even better wheels than O'Connell, so the Aztecs could get some decent scrambling yards. Having said that, this is just a small play for me, as I could see SDSU coughing up the ball on some of those "extra effort" plays. As long as we don't turn it over like we did against UTEP, I think we can keep it at two score game. :shake:
Sounds good Aztec... yah I just put $50 on the game... just for some rooting interest. Not a good one to bet a ton on this week. Enjoy the game, hopefully both teams can come away injury free and get ready to roll in conference.
Adding play...

Toledo -4.5 [0.5 Units] --> I'm coat-tailing my boy horses on this one. I definitely like Amstutz, and I think the Rockets notch their first win of the season this week. They own Kansas at home. GL everybody!
LOL Troy. We are on a lot of the same sides this week. I see that as a good thing. :shake:

Almost forgot to include this...from GOY Lines at Sportsbook.com (I took this line when Bomar was kicked off the team)...

Oregon -1 [2 Units]
Week 3 Results...

Arizona State -9.5 [4 Units] :D :D :D :D

Oregon -1 [2 Units] :) --> PUSH

Nevada -2.5 [1 Unit] :D

Illinois -3 [1 Unit] :mad:

Michigan +7 [1 Unit] :D

Texas Tech -2 [1 Unit] :mad:

San Diego State +14 [0.5 Units] :) --> PUSH

Bowling Green -4.5 [0.5 Units] :D

Ball State +16 [0.5 Units] :D

West Virginia -16.5 [0.5 Units] :D

Toledo -4.5 [0.5 Units] :D

Fresno State -3 [0.5 Units] :mad:

Week 3 NCAAF Sides: 7-3-2 [+4.5 Units]

I hope everyone else had a profitable Week 3! :wacka wacka: money;

YTD NCAAF Sides: 19-12-2 [+6.5 Units]

YTD NCAAF M/L Plays: 0-1 [-0.5 Units]

YTD NCAAF Totals: 0-0 [N/A]

YTD NCAAF Overall: +6.0 Units

Thanks to everyone for their input and feedback this week. :shake: