Week 2 Plays


18" Pythons
Ok so far locked in these plays I think have great value:

TT -6.5 2UNITS
TEXAS -2.5 2.7 UNITS

Thats it so far, waiting to see movement and others discussions. Imput welcome
Like Tech and Oregon and on both of them myself.

Texas has value. Had the line capped at -5. Too much of a tossup IMO.

I've got the LSU line capped at -12. Think that LSU is the right side and anything over 2 TDs is a no play. I'm just going to lay off, I think.
Like em, i really like oregon after the show they put on this weekend, stewert has lived up to the hype and is a legit all american
Its scary i like all ur plays again. I think im gonna hit texas pretty soon! HFA will be big.. Ohio st is overrated imo, especially on D
I had to jump on that Texas Tech line myself. I know they are going on the road to play one of the toughest early season scheduled games they have played in some time, but, damn, it's hard not to jump on a good Tech team under a TD!
TroyStacks said:
there o is def not overrated but that d is young and not as good as last year
They were 104th in the country, if you take away their output against wake and duke they might be last in the country. :shake:
i got a strong system play for mioh+17 v. purdue

play ON a non-conference dog of 7+ points off a lost to northwestern

interesting system i know and i'm not only a system player but i see some value here. anyone know how good purdue actually is? or better yet how bad is mioh?
good stuff, stacks. yeah, Cal will bounce back this week...but 9 is a tad high. maybe best to tease it, as you're doing.

already got two in common...
right when the lines were released, i jumped on both Georgia and Oregon myself...put the plays for now in RJ's discussion thread.
but my point is that i'm glad there are quite a few of us who saw the immediate value in some of these lines...and hopped on them as a result.
TroyStacks said:
there o is def not overrated but that d is young and not as good as last year

the jury is still out stacks. they had n.ill and they dont or shouldnt be considered a barometer to measure vs the speed and size texas will bring with the hm crowd. be careful bro. i lean unders here.:shake:
pending wagers/additional leans:

or more(WISHFUL THINKING?!?!?)

As of now just leans need more research thoughts/opinons welcome though.
Hey Stacks! I REALLY like your card so far bro. I've already made solid plays on Oregon -4.5 and Clemson -2.5. I've also made a small play on Penn State +8.

Leaning heavily to Georgia right now, along with Pittsburgh and Texas Tech. BOL this weekend! :shake:
Any idea why Ole Piss of off the board at pinny now? I was gonna fire on it last night and it was off then too.
VPI should beat unc by 2TDs+. honestly, i'll be surprised if the smurfs stop the VT offense at all; the hokies should score at will. This is one of those abject outclassed talent and athleticism situations.

GL to us.
i agree...vpi? explain please....but yeah the thing about bettoing vt games that is most important is that the defense will pitch you a shutout or not allow dd points. and there are hardly ever back door covers. the coaches breed these defensive players to play the full 60 minutes each week no matter if its duke or miami. they have pride and want to shut out every team ni matter opponent or score 50-0 why allow 3? it doesn't happen. the only thing to keep in mind when capping vt is will the offense be able to score against the defense and the naswer in tuis situation is yes and at will like you stated.
Why you like Illinois? Possible reverse line movement? I don't know... Rutgers has great players at the skill positions and were too much for a superior defense in NC (compared to Illinois) to stop... I don't know how much the Illini can hang against a decent team.. and you have to think this is a HUGE revenge game for the Sunj.. plus come home and have long-shot aspirations of contending in the Big East... I wish it was 10... but I played at 12... I live 3 hours north of Sunj and there's still alot of talk about this team. Just my 2 cents...
illinois has done some good recruiting last 2 years and this year looks even better this team is on the rise...2 years they will break the top 25