Week 2 NFL w/ writeups.....


Brian Windhorst
Final 2005 NFL Record:
Overall (97-49-1) 67%

2006 record


Season Win Totals

Chicago Bears OVER 9 wins (1-0)

Philadelphia OVER 8.5 wins (1-0)

San Francisco OVER 5 WINS (0-1)

ATL OVER 8 wins (1-0)

Buffalo UNDER 6.5 WINS (0-1)

CINCI TO WIN AFC NORTH + 250 (1-0 3 way tie in first)

What is up everyone? I hope everyone had a great week 1. I watched many games and have come up with a lot of valuable information for this season. I am pleased with just going .500 because I feel I learned a lot this past week. I am very pleased with all of my season win total teams. Cinci and ATL both dominated 2 tough road opponents. McNabb looked good in his return and the Eagles manhandled the Texans. Chicago's defense was amazing and their return teams looked great. Grossman also threw for almost 300. San Fransisco looked pretty good offensively. Frank Gore is definately the REAL DEAL. Some of the runs he was making were spectacular. Buffalo showed a little to much life for my liking....

On to week 2....I am tired but I will throw out a few games I see right away:

Indianapolis - 13.5 Well that Indy offense is still going to be dominate without Edge. Peyton once again is on point and these recievers look good. The 2 backs should continually inprove throughout the season. Peyton had his way with a good New York defense on the road. Now he gets to come home on the turf and play a defense that Donavon Mcnabb made look like a cheese factory.....ut ohhh

Cleveland/Cinci OVER 41.5 Cincinatti's offense showed a lot of signs last week of how good they were a year ago. 2 drives stood out to me in this game: They used a no huddle, Indy type of offense to keep the KC defense on the field. Carson shredded the secondary and Rudi Johnson ran wild. It will be worse this week against a Browns defense that is filled with youngsters and new members. The Browns are capable of scoring also. They have a couple of big threats on the offensive side of the ball that can get vertical in a hurry. Cinci is a big play defense that gambles a lot. These gambles will pay off either way for OVER backers....

Miami - 6.5 Ok this line is a little weird IMO. I think Miami is the real deal and they will have another good season. With that being said, I think the Bills are still a bunch of turd balls that blew a rare chance to win last week. NE struggled against the Bills and did not seem to have continuity. I like the Dolphins to get up in that ass. Culpepper should be ready to show off his stuff in his first home game in Miami....

San Fran + 3.5 The Rams are a team that I did not get to watch that much of, so I might need some help on this one. I did watch the whole SF game and they impressed me! Vernon Davis and Frank Gore are the real deal guys. Sources were right saying how hard Antonio Bryant had worked in the off season. This thought to be bust is trying to become a star in SF.

Zona/ SEA OVER 47.... I really have no idea what the shit happened up in DET but I expect SEA to get their stuff straightened out. They have way to many weapons to not score points. This Zona defense is not that smooth and will give up some points. Offensively, ZOna looked phenominal last week. Yes I know they were playing the Niners BUT Warner to the 3 recievers looked deadly. I expect to see lots of points in this one....

Well these are just some original ones that popped out at me.....

comments are welcomed....

BOL to all :cheers:
same question i pondered w/ your last thread....are you playing these games? b/c last thread you titled them as leans (believe it was the cfb thread)...
KK- What I usually do is lock them in early in the week. If I decide I do not like them then I will just play the opposite side and pay some juice. I think there is a lot of value because lines tend to go in your favor. Also you are guaranteeing yourself the best line
watching Cleveland O... I just cant play the over there... but for the reasons you mentioned Im looking at Cincy covering the line.

ight now I have just played GB / NO over:cheers:

Looks like a solid card. I think we all learned a lot the first week this season.

Do you think Branch will suit up for SEA this week or is he not ready?
Santa- thanks bro... I do not think that Cleveland's offense is anywhere close to being as bad as it looked. Maurice Carthon's playcalling was upsurd though. 2 pitches to Vickers(FB) on short yardage situations??? Droughns, a 1200 yard back, only getting 11 carries? A lot has been made of this in the local media and I expect to see improvement...

BAR- I think he will be ready. I have not read anything about him yet (I am sure there is something though). But I know that during his hold out he was still working out everyday because he wanted new teams to see his dedications and work ethic (so his stubborn ass could get a new contract)....BOL this weekend
double edged sword for Cincy vs CLE....Crennel held Carson to 92 yards passing in Cincy last year...but Rudi has gone for 167/avg last 3 vs Brownies...Cleveland has issues on DLine and OLine.....

The Browns have played Cincy tough so I can't see laying DD here...one game goes for 88 between these two then the next sees carson going for 92 yards....impossible to get a read on this game, IMO...
With you on your 3 sides so far.

Is this going to be a break-out weekend?

JumpOnBoard - good points... I just think this game will be one of the high scoring ones...

Matt- I hope so.. I really do not see many games that just hit you in the face and say "bet me". But I do feel educated on these teams a lot better now
New England - 6 and OVER 37....Guys I have been harping it all Summer- New England is a Super Bowl caliber team again (and yes i know everyone knows this)... I just think they are seriously flying way under the radar. Their performance in the first half last week helped them get a little lower lol. But seriously- the J-e-t-s JETS JETS JETS are not that good of a team. Pennington should not have all day to throw like he did last week. With that being said I think the Jets will be able to muster up some points. Also, I think Tom Brady will have a field day. I expect a huge game from Brady and a NE win 31-17!

Green Bay + 2... OK I first want to state that The New Orleans Aints should not be given any team points, especially on the road IMO. This team struggled mightily in a Freshmen game against the Poop Stains last week. I like the Packers in this spot for a few reasons. 1) They are a home dog in their home opener 2)Ahman Green is back- he accomplished something that few do (rush for 100+ on the Bears). 3) Favre did not have as bad of a game as many people think- He threw 2 picks but they both were very late in the game when they were down big. He started the game off something like 5-5. 4) The Pack defense did not play all that bad last week. The Bears had one of their scores on a punt return. The Bears strong part of their offense (the running game) did not get anything established. New Orleans is a team that really does not impress me. Reggie Bush is amazing, Drew Brees still needs some time or more weapons, Joe Horn( I thought/think he will have a big season) looked like he was 54.....I think GB is the play here

Pitt - 1 .....Everyone already knows how I feel about the Jags. I do not think this team is that good and I expect it to start showing. I have the feeling that this game might get ugly. I know Glyde you are gonna hate me but...lol For those of you who saw Jags and Cowboys- you know that it was a terribly played game. It was everything you expect in week 1. Pittsburgh looked good in week 1. Charlie Batch actually has the best QB rating in the league. Big Ben is expected to play though. Every aspect of this Steeler team looked good IMO. Also, Pittsburgh will have a full 10 days to prepare for this game.

Kansas City + 11 OK calm down let me explain.. I know a lot of you will hate this one. And this pick is more about gut feeling so the write-up is kind koo koo..OK first I want to ask what Denver did week 1 to be an 11 point favorite in week 2? Yes I know Trent Green is down and bla bla bla....Damon Huard actually played pretty well last week against Cinci (12-20 140 yards). Yeah I know that Denver will have a full week to prepare BUT I like KC. Green out might actually benefit the Chiefs- No Green= Larry Johnson getting more than 17 carries in week 2. You give the ball to potentially the best RB in the league and what do you get? Ball control and yards. KC is the play here IMO

The Real ATL - 5.5 This line seems kind of fishy to me. You have a team in Atlanta that won a tough battle on the road vs a very good team. Tampa Bay got dominated by the Ravens at home. This line is only 5.5 though? Why? You would think it would be closer to a TD or 8... That kind of scares me but I still do like it. ATLs defense is re-vamped and looks very good. Mike Vick is finally learning shit and looked very good against a tough Baltimore defense. Tampa looked way out of whack last week. Cadillac is questionable (will play though IMO) and Joey Galloway was nonexistent last week

Carolina - 2 Carolina played about as bad of home football as you could play. They had to be on of the biggest disappointments in week 1. With that being said, The Viqueens did the exact opposite. They went into rough territory and upset a highly touted RedSkin team. Steve Smith coming back this week (more likely than not) will help this Carolina offense a ton. I think this will be more of a defensive battle and I give the edge to the Panthers.

Philadelphia- Well the TO saga and injury-plagued season is over. McNabb and this Eagle team looked phenomenal against the lowly Texans. I honestly think these 2 teams are the top teams in their division and this will be a battle. I give the edge to Philly because of their experience and leadership at QB. Also I look for the Philly fans to once again be excited about football

Also liking the Eagles, Carolina, and leaning towards KC.

Any info on the Cheifs back-up QB?
MIA - 6.5

CAR + 2

Philly -2.5(hook)

ATL - 4 and 5.5 (hook)

GB + 3 (hook)

SF + 4 (hook)

NE - 6

Dallas - 6.5 (hook)

KC + 11

INDY -13.5(hook)

OAK +14 (hook)




against u on a few lookin close at 49ers, good health to tha ones we differ on an good luck to tha others
Not to kean on the sig:down: but GL the rest of day as well...may join you on chiefs
2-0 for ATL on the year, I'm kicking myself for not taking that season wins over 8 now.