Week 13: Leans & Plays


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Let's keep this ball rollin' fellas. :smiley_acbe:

Unfortunately, I had this LSU line locked in a few months ago, from the Game of the Year (GOY) Lines from Sportsbook.com, before Arky started steam rolling everybody.

Week 13 Card

SJSU -6.5 [2 Units] :D

LSU -5.5 [2 Units] :mad:

USC -7 [1.5 Units] :D

UCF -3 [1.5 Units] :D

BC/MIA(FL) Under 38 [1.5 Units] :D

Texas A&M +14 [1 Unit] :D

Ohio -3 [1 Unit] :D

Georgia -3 [1 Unit] ;)

Fresno State -13 [0.9 Units] :mad:

Marshall M/L +220 [0.9 Units] :mad:

Toledo -6 [0.5 Units] :D

N. Texas M/L +220 [0.5 Units] :mad:

SDSU M/L +330 [0.5 Units] :mad:

3 Team Parlay:

Clemson -5.5
Oklahoma -6
N.M. State -6.5 [0.5 Units to Win 3.0 Units] :mad:

This is the first GOY line I screwed myself on. In all of the others, the line shifted in my favor and the plays ended up cashing (4-0-1 YTD on GOY plays). Hopefully, LSU will come out fired up after that luckluster and possibly "look ahead" performance against Ole Miss on Saturday.

Week 13 Leans

W. Michigan +1.5

Boston College -4.5

N. Carolina -6.5

Virginia +18

More to come. GL this week fellas.


YTD NCAAF Sides: 76-54-3 [+17.0 Units]

YTD NCAAF M/L Plays: 5-10 [-0.6 Units]

YTD NCAAF Totals: 2-0-1 [+2.4 Units]

YTD NCCAF Teasers/Parlays: 0-3 [-1.8 Units]

YTD NCAAF Overall: +17.0 Units

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Where'd you get this line at? I'd be all over LSU @ -5.5

I still think Arkansas is VERY overrated
Sorry, I'm clearly a retard and didn't read what you had written lol...GL man, I'll be on LSU no matter what next week

San Jose State -6.5 [2 Units]

USC -7 [1.5 Units]

Ohio -3 [1 Unit]

:bow: NCAAF
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Good luck, dude, even on LSU, you just never know . . . . . .
Nice looking card Aztec. I locked in Ohio, UNC, and SJSU early (Ohio actually too early b/c that line has dropped haha). Also have BC and BYU, but again I was too impatient and jumped way too fast on those two. If you are interested in either of those, definitely more value now than there was yesterday. Actually like UVA too, but wanna limit my card this week so not gonna go any more than 5.

Very true Den. Thanks man...GL! :shake:

CB - Thanks for the heads up on BC & BYU. I'll take a closer look at those games. Feelin pretty good about my card so far. Best of Luck this week. :cheers:
Gotta give props to my boy Killa! That man is unstoppable right now. I was leaning to the Under, and BDK being on it just gave me the confidence I needed to pull the trigger! :smiley_acbe:


Texas A&M +14 [1 Unit] --> both rj & Horn are on the Aggies this week. Considering it's the only game on TV tomorrow morning, why the fuck not?...

GL fellas!
Nice hit today, Aztec. I joined you on LSU...but friday's games is as far as i've gotten so far.

BTW...was in your town for turkey day. Right off Marguerite.
Thanks USCTrojans. GL to you too bud. :shake:

Yanks - Holy Crap! I live off of Marguerite/Santa Margarita.

Man, I love Turkey Day. My favorite holiday of the year. Family, Food, and Football. Does it get any better than that?...I don't think so. :smiley_acbe:

UCF -3 [1.5 Units]

Georgia -3 [1 Unit]

SDSU M/L +330 [0.5 Units]

3 Team Parlay:

Clemson -5.5
Oklahoma -6
N.M. State -6.5 [0.5 Units to Win 3.0 Units]
Profitable week. If not for my retarded ML adds, it could have been very profitable. Lesson learned.

Hope you guys did well this week. :cheers: