Week 12


To the left, to the left, to the right to the righ
'06 CFB Record ATS: 26-8

VPI/Wake U38.5
Love this one. Let's see Wake try to run the ball on VPI. And Beamer will play this game on the road very cautiously. Short passes, run the ball, don't turn it over. Ditto for Wake. The passes thrown will be minimal, and the clock will run all game. Both these run defenses have been superb. This thing should be closer to 34 in all honesty. There's just nothing to suggest we'll see alot of offense here. If there's no bullshit scores off turnovers, I think this stays short of 30.

More to come, open to suggestions as always.............
Interesting thoughts...I likes...17-13 kinda game.

GL this week. I am simply playing UM and Cal and will hit both ML's small as well.
Thats the way i felt against BC and Wake did shit the whole game except for a couple bombs for td's.. it will be interesting . That team is sneaky
I agree. Added Wake already and am lookin at adding this one. Also will be on Michigan + the points. Good luck.
Keep adding cause' I'm on both o fthem with ya bro! FSU, Miami, East Carolina?



Very nice bro...had both of them with ya. Look for ya today in the pro's.