Week #12 of CFB


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On some of these early lines already. Enjoying the niffel a lot today, so i'm re-investing early.

California (+6) over USC (-111) for 3 units

Will add more here. Definitely, absolutely a ML play...and depending on where the line goes, maybe another spread play too. But this thing's already moving the other way, lol.

Michigan (+6.5) over Ohio St (-101) for 2.5 units

Too many points. I'll watch here too, w/ the thought of a possable addition during the week.

Auburn (-3.5) over Alabama (+101) for 2.5 units

Yes, it's one of the greatest CFB rivalries around...but imo this line is very favorable, thx to last week's embarassing loss.

More to come. Happy capping.:drink:
I like to bama to pull the upset might be a make or break game for shula. Cox is really bad, and irons is dinged up. Bama isnt great by any means, but neither is auburn.

As far as USC goes.. i just dont see any value in a ml unless its above 210. I mean the team hasnt losst in 31 games at the collesium. Yes they lost to Cal a while back, and sure its still possible but that was on the road and that was a while ago, and that was b/c the kicker missed like 4 kicks. If Cal had a better qb than i would like the play. Anyway Good luck bud
thx, Hunt. just beginning, bro.

one thing's for sure...it'll be a good game, Red. yeah, i think Auburn bounces back...and it's not like Bama is a force to be reckoned with, per se. also, doesn't auburn have a 4 game SU winnng streak going in this rivalry? thinking like a 16-7 ugly win.

Cal has an excellent QB...a very good offense, and a pretty good defense. Bottom line is they got caught with their pants down this past week. They faced an improving team, and they were seriously looking ahead to this week agaisnt USC. It happens...

Look, i know you really like USC...and so do i. I watch them every week, but it won't stop me from making money on them...or saying what i really think about them.
All year i've been calling USC to be a 2 to 3 loss team...and that Cal would win the Pac 10. And i'm completely sticking to that...no reason to jump ship on my opinions, cuz it's still gonna happen.
There defense has improved...but, especially for the offense, this is a transition year for USC. Not that they'll be an average team or anything, but that it's a transition year between teams that will be in the national championship game.
Also all year, i had this 4 game stretch marked. Yet i didn't play Oregon this week, though part of me still wanted to, because the trojans were gonna have a homecoming...of more than one sort. They've been on the road so much, that this was one game i knew they'd take finally coming home. (I just thought it would be a 9 pt win, not 25 pt win...so i layed off completely.)
Anyways, don't care about the past years...though they have mostly been great games...what i care about is this week.
And this past week's results actually gave anyone backing Cal this week a much more favorable line. Cal's not going to drop off after that loss to AZ. They know if they win, they're still the Pac 10 champs...and they'll play in the Rose Bowl agaisnt the Ohio St/Michigan loser, most likely.
Just my opinion...but anything over +3 pts on Cal is awesome. And of course there is value in the ML as well, even at +196, if (like me) you think they win this game SU.

I'm not going to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't play. But i'm on the ML, and the points. IMO, Cal still has at least a 50/50 shot at winning this one SU...from what i've seen all year.
You may disagree, and that's cool. But as time allows, i'd be happy to debate it more.

California ML (+196) over USC for 1 unit

May still add some more to this game...but it's very early in the week still.

Wake Forest ML (+100) over Virginia Tech for 2 units

Thankfully, Cinderella's still at home. Hopefully she can keep dancing another week.

Any thoughts on the UM/tOSU total? I'm considering over 41.5, but i've been shit with totals all year.
wouldn't fuck with the total jump but can see it going under..this game will be won by whoever rushes more yards IMO.
fuck. my bad bro...god It seems like I run into an OSU guy everywhere I look.

Michigan ML (+224) over Ohio St for 1/2 a unit

Taking a page from my semcon buddies...ride or collide. But like they say in their thread on the game, there is some good value here...in what should be a very tightly played game.

North Carolina (+4) over NCST (-102) for 1.5 units

Goin' with the home doggie in this rivarly game. UNC is like 8-3 SU vs NCST in the L11. With these 2 offenses, shouldn't be more than a FG either way.


Summary so far, of my early plays for next Saturday...

CAL +6
UM +6.5
Auburn -3.5
Wake ML
UNC +4

And it's only day #1 of having the lines released, lol. Prolly my biggest start to a new week yet.

Happy capping.:drink:

Thx, Pags. Hope the UM secondary is up for the challenge.

Oregon (-13) over Arizona (+103) for 2 units

The difference between being home or on the road...one coming off a huge win, the other a demoralizing loss...but one big injury makes this a play.
An unbiased opinion....I would not touch scUM!

Honestly, I like OSU a lot in this game. I will not bet on it for the fact that I will already be too into the game and I just want a win. Michigan fans should feel like the way OSU fans felt when they had Cooper. Carr will do something to F this game up! Like I said, I do not want to jinx myself.

I loves OSU against Texas and did not bet it for the same reason. Last year I bet against OSU against Texas and it sucked....

BOL with all your plays but scUM
Cool deal, BAR. Ride or collide.:shake:

Thx, Yessir. Understand, bro.

Well, Dr Bob sure made this Oregon line i got the other nite all the more beautiful today.
Turns out it's more of a minor injury though. Steptoe has a minor ankle sprain, and isn't practicing much this week. Took them forever to report it, but it seems like he'll play for AZ.
For those that don't know, he's the only REAL offensive threat on AZ. No running game to speak of, and not much else of anything...other than a suddenly hot defense.
Home & road #'s though really favor Oregon to blow them out saturday.
and this should complete the card for saturday...

Thx, Red. I certainly hope so. BOL w/ the MLs this week. I can think of two bigguns i'd love to see hit.

Texas Tech (-6.5) over Oklahoma St (-101) for 2 units

Utah/Air Force over 51 (-105) for 1.5 units

Iowa/Minnesota over 53.5 (-105) for 1.5 units

Totals have been draggin my ass down this year in CFB, so just a couple this weekend.

Anyways, short of a last second tail or two, this should about do me for the weekend.

Enjoy the games.:beer:
You semcon guys really dont like USC.
All i know is Pete is 18 - 0 in Novemeber at USC
The teams defense is playing at its best level right now..
Booty ever since the first quater at Corvalles is playing as well as any qb in the country
Then also the fact that USC hasnt lost in forever at the collesium.
Thx, ETG. BOL to you as well, buddy. :shake:

ABCs...bro, i'm not semcon. I was born in LA, and i live in LA...and i'm kinda an SC fan, being here. It's kind of the only real football we get here, locally. My only allegances are to NY and LA. Anyways, I jsut think there are times to make money going against them...when appropriate.

LOL, Smo1a. I think Aztec will appreciate the well wishes, bro.
j/k with you:shake:

Thx, Mule. BOL this weekend. Whatever happens, it should be a helluva game tomorrow. Enjoy it.
yet another...

gotta love the rivalry games...

Kansas (-3) over Kansas St (+103) for 2 units

About the only other game i'm still looking at is SJST w/ the points. Waiting and watching...but basically a potential tail of HG.

8 more hours:drink: