Week 12: Leans & Plays


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Hopefully I can make this week as good as the last.

Locked in so far...

Week 12 Plays

Wake Forest +2 [2.5 Units] :mad:

Michigan +7 [2 Units] :D

Auburn -2.5 [2 Units] :D

Maryland +7 [1.5 Unit] :mad:

Central Michigan [1.5 Units] :mad:

Kansas -2.5 [1 Unit] :D

USC -5.5 [1 Unit] :D

Rutgers -6.5 [1 Unit] :mad:

West Virginia 1st Half -6.5 [1 Unit] :mad:

UCLA 2nd Half +5.5 [0.7 Units] :D

UCLA ML +175 [1 Unit] :D

UTEP M/L +130 [1 Unit] :mad:

Miami(OH) +4 [0.8 Units] :D

Toledo -5 [0.8 Units] :mad:

Ohio -5 [0.7 Units] :D

Eastern Michigan +11.5 [0.5 Units] :D

Week 12 Leans

Buffalo +39

Miami(FL) -2.5

More to come. GL this week fellas.


YTD NCAAF Sides: 70-52-3 [+12.8 Units]

YTD NCAAF M/L Plays: 5-7 [+1.3 Units]

YTD NCAAF Totals: 1-0-1 [+1.0 Units]

YTD NCCAF Teasers/Parlays: 0-2 [-1.3 Units]

YTD NCAAF Overall: +13.8 Units

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I like the play. Definite let down game for KState even against an instate rival. Funny line here, KState should be the favorite( 4/5 points). I think if you hang out a little this line is going to move in your favor.
3wiggler - I agree with the let-down spot assessment. K-State has impressed me this season with 1st year head coach Ron Prince, and far exceeded my expectations. But that was a monster win last week for them against Texas. Now they have to get over that win, and get up emotionally to play their biggest rival, Kansas. From a situational standpoint, you have to love Kansas here for a few reasons.

1. Revenge game, as Kansas was held to 3 points last year, at Kansas State.

2. The Jayhawks rush defense has limited opponents to 90 yards rushing/game the past 3 weeks, and are only surrendering an average of 105 yards/game on the ground so far this season. On the other hand, Kansas State has allowed an average of 157 yards/game the past 3 weeks, and are surrendering an average of 134 yards/game on the ground so far this season.

3. While K-State has secured a bowl bid, The Jayhawks are still fighting to get to one. This alone gives Kansas more than enough motivation to go all out in this one.

Anyhow, I made this play before the season started at Sportsbook.com (GOY Lines). I haven't lost one of these future GOY plays yet, so hopefully the streak continues.

Thanks again for the feeback, and GL this week. :shake:

pags - Glad to see you're on the same side bud. Best of Luck this week. :cheers:
Goodluck on Toledo, I'm prob jumping aboard as well..

Also will be on Maryland, im just waiting for a few more points... +8?!

Looking at Wake if its +3, maybe an under play..

Also like CM on Friday
Solid card Aztec, and on Toledo as well. Lets start the week off on the plus side :cheers:
everything - Thanks bro. GL this week. :shake:

HUNT - You know it! GL brah! :cheers:

smo1a - We didn't pick up the win last night, but I still like the rest of my card! GL this week. :cheers:


Miami(OH) +4 [0.8 Units]

Michigan +7 [1.5 Units]

WVU 1st Half -6.5 [1 Unit]

Ohio -5 [0.7 Units]

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Central Michigan -3 [1.5 Units] --> bought half a point

Eastern Michigan +11.5 [0.5 Units]

:bow: NCAAF
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Ramble - Thanks man. I think Maryland has a shot at winning SU, despite the fact the game is in Blacksburg. If the Terps are going to win this one, they need to charge out of the gates on the opening kickoff. Forcing Glennon into passing situations is key. The Terps are playing for a boatload, so I don't see a letdown game for them here. They've been scrappy all year.

Yanks - It would be awesome! GL bro. :cheers:
Well, finished up this week, so no complaints here.

Hope you guys had a profitable week. :smiley_acbe: