week 11 NCAA


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last week...10-5

overall 28-21....+13.6 units

Oregon +7.5 at -112 for 1 unit

Like the fact Stewart looked good yesterday and seems to run like he did earlier in the year, Oregon is a dangerous team getting points IMO. If Dixon doesn't make too many mistakes they can hang with USC till the end. USC also has Cal on deck and Oregon has Arizona after....huge revenge game and good spot for Ducks IMO.

recap of plays:

ML parlay 2 units pays 1.8
Oklahoma ML
USC ML ( I do have oregon +7.5, but do not see USC losing)

Rutgers +7.........-110 for 1 unit
Cincy Bearcats +18..-102 for 2 units
Indiana +20.5...-112 for 2 units
SMU +6............-111 for 2 units
Navy -12.5.......-105 for 1 unit
Oregon +7.5.....-112 for 1 unit
Toledo +13.5......-110 for 1/2 unit
Texas -16..........-103 for 2 units

GL all.
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On em as well Huntdog at +8.5 114. I pretty much mentioned much of the same in my initial write up on this one. Not bold enough to take the ML, but wouldn't be shocked if the Ducks won SU.
Not that it matters since ive been cold.. but i think the trojans roll up on the ducks. They are a complete different team on the road. While USC is amazing at home
USCs offense is starting to click, and i feel like they win by 2 td's.
they are capable of doing that to anyone abcs...USC is just not the same team whether the offense is clicking or not IMO.
looks like a dog week and appears the byu ride is over as well 20 points is a lot to give still might bite we'll see
I agree Stacks.I don't see many of this favs losing with a lot on the line but don't necessarily think they cover.
adding SMU +6 at -111 for 2 units

I like the home dog in this one against a team with no defense...Houston has played decent but you never know what team is going to show up after a big win last week.
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I am already on Indiana and Navy hunt.

The Oregon/USC game is a tough one for me, as I see USC winning by 7..so to close to call.

Houston/SMU is also too close to call for me.

GL on your picks
thanks gridiron..will put USC on some ML parlays more than likely..I do see a USC win...looking at rutgers if I can get 7..gl all.
Houston just put the hammer down on my boys from Tulsa, now I have to eat my words and crown Houston the class of Conference USA...

I like that Navy play..

When are you going to post another first half that the whole board cashes over?
might have a sexy one coming up everything when the lines come out at pinny...GL bro.
adding Cincinnati +18....2 units at -102

probably didn't need 18 and could have had 17.5 at plus money but at basically no juice I like it. Cincy has given up 90 ypg last 3 games, although none of these teams are on WVU caliber for running the ball Cincy is just playing much better overall after facing a tough schedule. Grotza is playing well also in last few games...I think it is natural for WVU to have a letdown in this spot...give me all those points to a well coached team and a solid defense....another note is that cincy has not lost by anymore than 18 to anyone all year except for the buckeyes. Thanks to Jump for getting me to look at this game.
18 is a number you want. I have seen so many land on 18 this year it seems.


stuff like that
Interesting BAR..I noticed the same thing..I think 17.5 should be ok too though.
yup...doggie style baby...I'll take it, too many points in the fixed MAC.
Hunt--We've got our 17 on Clemson although I think it goes up more. May be time to go hit NC State.
While you're at it, midget fucker, look at Maryland -3 hosting Miami. Kyle Wright is not playing.

However, Maryland off a huge road win. Letdown? I'm undecided.
not fucking with that game..too much crazy shit has happened with that shooting tonight and maryland off a big win, emotions will play a big role in that one..I actually prefer Freeman over Wright anyways, more mobile.
Rutgers +7 -110 for 1 unit

will put another unit on it tomorrow more than likely..I justt had to get this 7 before Dr. Bob or some douche jersey mobster moves the line against me.
having a shit day so far..

adding Texas 2 units -16 at -103...following my boy BAR.