Wednesday's Plays - NBA

reNew Orleans

Clubbin' with Rasual Butler
YTD: 79-61-3 +43.25 Units
ATS: 39-36-2 +1.22 Units
Totals: 39-20-1 +34.49 Units
ML: 1-0 +2.0 Units
ML Dog: 6-11 +.63 Units
Parlay: 1-2 +6.85 Units


What a disappointing day... I thought I'd for sure have been up on the day. Got too confident making too many bets and ended up down yesterday even though winning big on the Denver -3.5/-4 bets +11 Units on those two bets alone. went 2-5 -2.97 Units... makes me sick just because Denver came out so flat and I missed the 1Q/1H in that game and tried to get fancy and middle with +9 Atlanta. Also missed my total, Houston just didn't play any D from the looks of the game. Oh well, I'm not doing terribly this season just not at the pace I once was especially with totals.

Tomorrow I've got:

Seattle Supersonics @ Chicago Bulls UNDER 202.5 - 2.20 Units for 2
Seattle Supersonics @ Chicago Bulls UNDER 202 - 2.32 Units for 2
Played it twice, didn't even really look into it. Saw it at 202.5 and locked it in, looked at the rest of the card and was just unsure so I played it again at 202. Seattle's on a B2B on the road without Ray Ray but their opponents just havent been putting up as much as they do when they are playing with their star. Perhaps they've been forced to play some D.
They played well at home surprisingly enough after Ray got injured, but 1st game on the road and they struggled and that trend should continue on this long road trip. Chicago is never sure of who's going to be the star each night. When you don't know whos going to score... well then you can be sure of some scoring droughts. But one thing I am sure off is the Bulls will play D. The bulls will be able to focus in on Rashard Lewis and force others to make plays and I don't see Wilcox and Collison having an easy time scoring inside so that leaves... Wilkins, Ridnour, Watson? Sorry...

Denver Nuggets @ Washington Wizards OVER 221.5 - 1 Unit for 1.04
After the way the nuggets got manhandled in the 1st Half by a team without their star... now they face a team known for being an over machine @ home.

May play some later since it's such a huge card, but really I'd like to avoid that and get back to basics. Took my big shot to try and increase my bankroll and got lucky I lost about 3 units only. GL tomorrow.
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Like the over. Would not worry about the Houston total. When Lamar went out it changed the game. Lakers got frantic so the Rockets flipped out as well. No injury and that cashes. GL
Current assumption is back in a month. It created instant fear in the Lakers because no Odam would probably end the season and both teams got very hyper. End of total.
hey renew how low do you still take the under in the chi/sea game.. i go thru a local and i dont get lines until 6pm.. thanks
thanks guys, in a rush, sorry I can't get to other threads to wish GL so I'll do it here. GL!

roondog - honestly... I'd say around 194-195, but it's pushing it right now.


Detriot Pistons @ Indiana Pacers UNDER 186.5 - 2.24 Units for 2
Detriot Pistons -3
@ Indiana Pacers - .54 Units for .5
Detriot Pistons @ Indiana Pacers ML - .5 for .63
I made the Pistons -3 play before J.O was announced to play, so I added Pacers ML after the fact. Road teams seem to usually cover the spread but I'd think they would be dogs more often than not. Theres a HUGE under trend between these two as well.

Toronto Raptors @ Orlando Magic UNDER 185.5 - 1.14 Units for 1
I don't understand why this went up...

Charlotte Bobcats +11 @ Cleveland Cavaliers - .53 Units for .5
Brevin Knight should play... better flow on the offensive side and the Cavs just seem to play down to their opponents. I also tend to think this stays under but the O/U with knight playing 30+ minutes is 8/5. He wasnt 100% against dallas, only played 21 minutes there. Missed the game before and after this one. Then 10 minutes against Det. 26 minutes versus the under producing Hornets. But still... theyre 8/12 O/U overall without him. Take that for what its worth if you feel like playing that total.

Minnesota Timberwolves @ San Antonio Spurs OVER 182 - .52 Units for .5
I guess just riding hot teams, Farm said so, I'll go with that.
thanks eggnoggin, the sea/chi is lookin good.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks -3 1Q - 1.86 Units for 1.5
Just looking for some cash... wanted to make one more play.
renew orleans said:
thanks eggnoggin, the sea/chi is lookin good.

Los Angeles Lakers @ Dallas Mavericks -3 1Q - 1.86 Units for 1.5
Just looking for some cash... wanted to make one more play.

I'm on that one too- so far 4/4 on 1Q thanks to philly and killa. GL :cheers:
mr21 - good hit and good night for you, congrats. both have been making a killing it looks like.

tru - waaaaay under