Wednesday Pucks


Pretty much a regular
Pushed my only play last night. Will take it after some of the goals. Malkins goal was one of the top goals this season for sure.

Sides 11-9 +2.09 unit
Totals 20-22-3 -1.85 unit
YTD 31-31-32 + 0.24 unit

San Jose +101

When I was talking about the Red Wings this season being worse than last year I didnt mean as bad as they have shown so far. Lets face it, the only teams they have beaten this year are Los Angelese, Phoenix and Pittsburgh (before Malkin came back). Now they come back home after a 4 game west coast trip to play a team who just beat them 5-1 and are small faves? San Jose scores more, they play better defense, they have better special teams. Detroit hasnt scored more than 1 goal in their last 3 games, not going to cut it against SJ tonight.

Vancouver Canucks -0.5 +101

no Havlat, no Handzus, no Khabibulin, sign me up. When you have a Luongo in net for your team you will always have a shot to win. Im fading a team who just has a rash of injuries and already lacked depth IMO before the big guns went down.

Washington / Colorado over 6.5

Both teams are scoring over 3 goals a night, and at the same time allowing over 3 goals a night. Both teams have a PP unit that is 15% and up (19% for the Avs). Both teams PK's are at the 80% range, worse in their last 5 with mid 70's PKs for both teams.

Thats all she wrote today.

GL everyone:cheers:
Excellent picks as usual. I have no time to do research myself today, so I will just tag along...

Good Luck!!!

Joining you on VAN.

As for my Sharks....I agree with all that you said...but SJ just does NOT win in DET at all! SOmething like 3 times EVER...I forget the stat. Hope you are right!
Charvik - hope things with that client cleared up... GL tonight

Farm - thanks. GL tonight.

Liquid - just think the Hawks are about to enter a tailspin here. I had seen that Joe Louis stat, but that was when the Wings were good. LOL. GL tonight. :cheers:

BAR - couple 'trends' pointing the other way but being 2006 and all its time to buck the trends. GL tonight:cheers:
No interest in Anaheim under? Oilers seem to go under like a machine vs good teams and Anaheim chief edge is defense. GL
Hard - like the price I got it at if that's the case. GL

Tuck - I try as hard as I can to stay away from games where all the focus is on a story rather than the game, got burned a few times with emotion over skill / stats etc. Pronger and company aside I think its a good play, they both play defense and Edmontons PK should be able to stop Anaheims PP to neutralize where the Ducks do a lot of their scoring. GL:cheers:
I looked at the games today and thought the "Away Goals" could win SU, then I noticed Pinny was giving me +3 goals. Guess what I am on?

Good to see you are on a couple of Away teams here. Makes me like my play even more.
Charvik - those are some crazy hours man... but it pays the bills. lol. GL

Sooner - if I played those getting 3 goals would be real nice, only team I can really see getting shelled in LA, but Minny is coming home so they may not be in the best of minds. GL tonight:cheers:
Four goals in the thrid is always nice.

Ended up playing Van -1.5 +177 after looking at it a bit more.

Wings go one..oh well...

Nice job...winning night.