Wednesday Plays

reNew Orleans

Clubbin' with Rasual Butler
YTD: 4-2 +3.41 Units
ATS: 1-1 +.46 Units
Totals: 2-1 +.95 Units
ML: 1-0 +2 Units
*readjusted record/units from original post b/c i realized I posted it incorrectly

Nice way to start of the season. Definitely did not expect the Lakers to dominate the 2nd half the way they did but luckily I made a play on the 2H over to make up for the entire game under and -8 suns plays I made. A lot of games tomorrow so the potential for a lot of plays.

Congrats to all those who played the Lakers ATS and Spread as well... I was back and forth on that game until the kobe news, but only played -8 for .5 unit.

So here we go for today:

Atlanta Hawks +7 @ Philadelphia 76ers 1.12 Units for 1

The 76ers being 7 pt favorites is a joke... they haven't proved that they can score besides AI and some how Chris Webber can still do the job. Iguodala, Korver, Dalembert have to step it up but even if they do who on this team plays defense. There's no depth on this team either... Atlanta might not be good defensively but they've got some players that can score the ball and no one on the 76ers has the killer extinct to keep pouring it on except AI.

New Orleans Hornets +4.5 @ Boston Celtics 1.07 Units for 1
New Orleans Hornets ML @ Boston Celtics .5 Unit for .87

I think it'll take time for the Celtics to get used to having new PGs run their team. As a whole, the Celtics are still very young and even though they have plenty of talent on the team, I think it'll take some time for them to mesh together. That being said... I don't see how they can beat a team that plays in perhaps the toughest division in the NBA that is a potential playoff team too by 4.5. The Hornets have a retooled team but Chris Paul and David West are still together and have some great chemistry. Even if Peja doesn't have chemistry yet he'll spread the floor and that will allow Chris Paul to get inside to do as he pleases. I expect the Hornets to use up much of the shot clock like last year and use it effectively. The Hornets will also have 3 pt threats in Bobby Jackson and Rasual Butler. Butler is definitely an underrated athlete and I expect him to improve this year. He will be a nice surprise coming off of the bench. Too talented of a team with too good of coaching to lose by 4.5 to the Celtics I think and should win SU.

New York Knicks +5
@ Memphis Grizzlies 1.09 Units for 1
I expect Eddy Curry and Channing Fyre to be able to score on the Grizz. Stromile is a good defender but he's not a great offensive player. It'll be intresting to see how Isiah has gotten this team ready for the season but the Knicks should improve from last year. Now that Marbury has gotten his way, there's no excuse for him to not produce like an All-Star with Larry Brown gone. The Grizz should struggle at times without Gasol and I expect to see it today as they try to find a scoring threat inside and I just don't think Hakim Warrick/Stromile/Jake Tsakalidis can shoulder the load.

Will probably add more plays later.
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guys, i think NYK is good bet but i have to know how NY is playing, if system is in blood etc. Cause with new coach it often takes time to adjust. If anyone saw them in preseason please tell me something about them. Thx

I bet on MIN -4.5 hcp some days ago cause Bibby absence can hurt Kings a lot but unfortunutely Miller is ready. I like Wolwes guards more now and expect more space for KG inside.

Excellent thoughts on all the games.

With so much prep time I honestly love a lot of the card and cannot argue with any of these plays. I expect big things out of your Honrnets this season.
Adding Knicks ML +165 @ Grizzlies .5 Units for .83
got it as quickly as possible after line came back up
Great thoughts man... You seem like a really solid poster, did I know you from the other site or anything or are you new?

Chicago Bulls @ Orlando Magic +2 1.12 Units for 1
Others have convinced me basically. A 5 pt swing after 1 game? No injuries to the Magic. Public on the Bulls, playing a B2b, against a team that plays well @ home. Many things say go with Magic.

Thanks B.A.R and Killa, GL to you and everyone else!

Sacremento Kings +5.5 @ Minnesota Timberwolves 1.15 Units for 1
Bibby is playing and starting tonight.
Thanks B.A.R.

From watching the play-by-play on cbssportsline, it didn't seem like the Hornets played very well but neither did the Celtics. Definitely need to hit those FT's if they plan improving on last year, that was just terrible.