Wednesday 11-8


To the left, to the left, to the right to the righ
'05/'06 NBA Record: 122-95 (56%)
'06/'07 NBA Record: 7-3

1-0 on Tuesday. I am 4-0 on totals this season, with winning margins of 19, 20, 21, 21. So, naturally, I'm gonna get things started for Wednesday with a side play.

Toronto -2
Sexy line here for the Toronto boys. The line is b/c of Philly's 3-0 start, which is not a sign of things to come. Toronto is not the team you wanna play on your third game in four nights. They will run and gun until the cows come home. Bosh eats up Webber, and Toronto wins comfortably.

More to come...................
:23_32_9: Saw your play on Covers...GL BDK...

I just can never find your value line! My book gives it out early, no over- night lines. Sucks...
yeah im liking the raptors too son.
tremendous euro talent in that team.
Garbajosa, Bargnani, Calderon, Nesterovic all playing good.
Bosh, Ford, Fred Jones, Graham, Parker.
DAMN! this team is pretty solid.

Fakers/Portland U199
GL with the plays Killa. Congrats on last night's LAL under. I was going to play it but it went all the way down to 197. :cheers:
Agree with you on the Blazers total jumped on that last nite as well. What I cant figure out is why anyone likes Tor here as the fav?

We all know Webber is struggling but he played well last season vs Tor and was not extended last nite. We know Tor lost PG James and PF Villaneuva repleced with Ford and A.Parker(persay..I know the Europeans and Rasho but largely ineffective early IMO, like the Fred Jones addition)). Is that any sort of improvement? Not clearly...and last year philly was laying 4 in this situation. T-Raps have the small situational edge here being on a homestand where as Philly playing 3rd in 4 days and traveling again. The Raptors dont rebound beyond Bosh and they are avg shooting 3's @ 33%.

Toronto has played well at home but Philly I think has won 6 of 8 there including both last year. Philly won all 3 with AI playing but lost the last one w/o in 05/06 . The raps lost to both good teams they played and beat a MILW team that if it hadnt won @ DET on opening nite would be looking horrible on the road.

With the game being pushed from -1.5 to -3.5 I am just wondering why?

Just curious...(okay so I played Philly already )
Nut, sorry I didn't see this in time. Just a value play, as I think this line would have been higher if not for Philly's 3-0 start. Toronto lost to some damn good teams this season, and they can run away from teams at home. I just had it at -4 or so, and with Philly's fatigue I don't think they can keep up for 48.


Fucks -2
Sexy lil card son...

Big one for you too ;)

I want to add Milwaukee but my card is big enough tonight. Wishing that Blazer total would go back uop a little. Still like it at number its at but your numbers is real nice.
The Bucks are garbage....killin me too...

Well I guess I undervalued Tor some cause there was no way I thought they should have been favored here...felt a PK situation was more then fair...u say -4 middle ground would be -2 and thats what it probably should have stayed at...calderon missed a FT to give you the win...sux...Tor chose to foul Korver rather then a llow a 3 which u cant blame 3.5 was good to bad you didnt have -1.5...

Crazy nite so far..GL with the rest......go Suns for me!
bucks fucking suck!!!
but not yet time to fade, maybe they;ll recover on the next game....
2-1-1 for the night. No plays tomorrow. Satisfied with my start to the season, especially with the 5-0 on totals. Back tomorrow night with Friday's plays. GLTA.