Wed. NBA


My man, Michael Jordan!
*1Q System Record : 5-2* *=System Play

*Dallas 1Q -3 -120 2 Units*, fits my system and looks good. Raps get off to sluggish starts, hate laying a full 3 especially for the Mavs who may take a game off sooner or later... but the size difference here is insane.. Howard is almost 100% and things look good there.

*Dallas 1Q -3.5 2 Units (4 TOTAL):wacka wacka:

*GS 1Q -1.5 -120 5 Units Strong Home 1Q team, the better team from a record standpoint vs. a weak 1Q Road team fits the system.

Phoenix 1Q -2 -115 3 Units (ADDED 1 UNIT)
just a gut feeling here. Don't want to lay 7. You have a questionable Mcgrady and Yao on a B2B. Yao should be subbed out with 4+ minutes in this 1Q. I think Suns really push the run and gun tonight and come away with a win. When they win they usually get out the gates early. NOT A SYSTEM PLAY (Rockets better OVR record):wacka wacka:

Bobcats +4 1 Unit like what I saw from them last night and G Wallace looks like a legit defender on JJ.:hairout:

Cleveland -3 1Q 2 Units just another gut quarter play here. Knicks sluggish usually early and just got romped on in Chicago. Cavs should be hungry to come out sharp and force the issue with the King. I don't like the Cavs to cover 10+ but feel good about this feeling.:hairout:

This was a BAD play. I apologize for posting it.

Nets +1 1Q 2 Units sense of urgency here for the Nets to come out STRONG. They letup almost 60 points to the Cats and clamped them down 2H. I feel like tonight they play tough defense and try to get to the line early. *PUSH*

Spurs 1Q PK 2 Units:wacka wacka:

*Magic +.5 1Q -115 3 Units* -LoSS-

Clippers -2 1Q -105 2 Units:wacka wacka:

Sonics -2 2H 5 Units

Will be adding plays on Orlando 1Q (System Play) and a gut feeling on the Clippers vs. Memphis whose horrible 1Q on the road and comming off a big win in the mile high air and now heading to LA. Hoping that equals a hangover early vs. a desperate Clippers squad.
Hawks BTW are very thin... missing Childress, a recently returned but ineffective Claxton, Williams is still out too with the broken hand....

I like the matchup of Wallace on Johnson... tough tough game for the Hawks to drop to have to get up again so quickly. Primo's presence has given the Cats some depth too at the 4 and 5... Zaza will have his hands full with Primo, Oky, and May.
im with u on Pho , and SAS Inspekdah....
looking for some nice totals to cap with my bets for tomm...
I just don't see the Spurs dropping 2 in a row... we know they are a great road team... and should matchup fine with the Jazz...
yes, thats the Spurs, havent dropped 2 losses in a while....and when their still hot, lets RIDE them !
I am thinking about Charlotte and Houston.... Way too tired tonite, so I will not lock them in, and hoping they will go up!
Will be locking in system plays tonight on Dallas and GS 1Q. Haven't looked at all games yet though. Don't have Quarter #'s yet (will call book in a moment).

Love the Spurs but want to see how the public reacts on that game and how the line moves.

Charlotte is looking rosy still too IMO.
I posed question in smh thread..will do here to..

You track Detroit first stanzas at all? They are usually horrid in beginning of games.
GL on the dallas 1stQ. I'm taking a deep look into the cleveland 1stQ as I believe that might be a possible play for me cuz of some many days rest for that team. hope you hit em again tonight.
BAR I look at all teams... I tend to like to fade bad teams and favor good teams... my system requires me to bet the better team overall and DET's record is climbing upwards. If it looks right though I'd definately be all over it. System or non-system.
Doubling down on the first system play of the night although at a worse #.

Dallas -3.5 1Q 2 Units
Played a few CBB games and am not happy with the results.

Hitting GSW -1.5 -120 hard for another 3 Units.