Wed NBA Grind


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YTD: 29-35-1 -5.72 units

Split out yesterday. Winner on the 'over' in La/Mil, loser on Portland ML

One play in for me already.

GOLDEN STATE -1.5, -105 (1st quarter)

1. Indiana has trailed after the 1st quarter in 80% of their games (12/15).

2. Indiana shot 52% last night, and they only shoot 41% on the year.

3. Indiana, not the deepest team, will be playing their 3rd game in 4 nights, while the Warriors are rested.

I made Golden State -4.5..would make a play on Indiana from a value standpoint if the number hits 6.5.

Good Luck!
Yeap and that's also a play in my system. Indiana has lost a 1Q SU 4 of the last 5 road games. GS has covered to the tune of 3-1-1 ATS 1Q at home last 5.

GS has a better record than Indy (better team right now), better home record than Indy's road record, and is rested... should be a great play.
Looks good but I am going to try to stay away from these first quarter bets.

Always seem to bite me in the ass somehow (ie last night had the Queens.. should've led by like 6 but ended up tied).

GL Smh.
Nice work bro.

Any numbers from you or Spek about Detroit first quarters. The last year plus they have struggled out of the gate in first quarters

gl tonight.
The rest of the card........

Houston @ Phoenix

Posted: Phoenix -7.5 196.5
My line: Phoenix -5 195
My play: HOUSTON +7.5, -110

San Antonio @ Utah

Posted: San Antonio -1 191.5
My line: Utah -2 192
My play: JAZZ +102

Wrong team favored here IMO. Where's the respect for Utah? I mean they lose two straight and all of the sudden they are home dogs? The Spurs have been on the road for some time, and while they have played excellent ball, I REALLY like the matchups for the Jazz here.
My number accounts for the T-Mac injury. I really like the way that Houston has been ballin this year, and I don't think that the Suns have any answer for Yao. Teams tend to rally when their superstar goes down, at least for a game or two.

I'm leaning towards the NETS +130. Waiting to see what the fades have for tonight.

Keep in mind that the Clips are playing their 4th in 5 tonight, and teams in that situation are 9-5-1 ATS, including a perfect 2-0 ATS and SU for home teams (clips).


I got nothin on Detroit. Been tracking the Pacers, because everyday I read about their slow starts.
jesus....that was close

nice play smh,

good luck with the rest of your action tonight
smh...was this corrected on you? I had a winning bet turned into a losing one because posted an extra point in the 1st quarter to Indy. Anyone know what happened?
Yahoo is showing that the Warriors won the quarter by 2 points!

When you run down the play-by-play on is shows that the Warriors won by 2 points!!! WTF? Imma email Pinny.
check out's play by play...that one is at least accurate...fukin kills me

Now my book shows it as a win...I'll take it...I have no clue what is correct now.
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LOL-what a joke. I saw the 29-27 I believe it was and thought you guys had a winner