Wed. NBA. [Big 1 Inside]


My man, Scottie Scheffler!
Alright... last night could have been a great 4-1 but TOR put up like 12 points in the 4th and killed my OVR by a basket... Ended up being 3-2 up about 2.6 Units.

Tonight I have some big ones...DET/PHI

Sixers +4 4 Units W
Detroit 1Q -2 2 Units L
Detroit 1H -4 -115 2 Units L
Detroit -8 2 Units L
Kings -2.5 1Q 3 Units W
Magic -4 2H 3 Units W

Well the loss of Chandler... along with West leaves this Hornets team extremely thin against the Stons... I mean extremely thin with youngsters who have almost zero offensive ability. The only one who can shoot for the Hornets is Peja.. who will have to do it over Prince... a hard matchup. Pistons well rested and should want to get back to .500 at home...

Only reason Hornets weren't run out of the building last night was Peja who scored at least their first 20 points and provided 50% of the offense.. Byron will try to use Jackson, Butler, Mason to keep up but they haven't exactly been strong this season either... especially Jackson who is shooting 5% from 3 with no confidence. I would like to hear BAR's thoughts about this one... but I really like the Stons here.. Wallace should dominate inside vs. the youngins.. Chandler's presence is underrated.. and even with him Okafor had a career night vs. this team on the road.

Long trip from OK now to Detroit and Peja isn't 25 anymore.. there's no way he can put up 50% of the offense again.. Plus look at the history between these teams... Detroit has owned them and never won by less than 8 recently... The play is the Pistons.

Also, wagerline says that about 53% of the public is on the Hornets.. and the line bumped up from opening line. Usually when a dog is even sniffin the 50% mark.. the line drops... It didn't yesterday though with CHA and POR... two teams who seemed like live doggs that did not cover. This line has moved up.. making the Hornets much more appealing both ATS and ML..

I'm a fan of these Hornets.. probably my 2nd favorite team after my Bulls... but this will be a tough, tough spot for them. Just like Eames says.. you cannot replace two starters and expect everything to keep on rolling.. Especially their interior players... These young guys committ silly fouls and play too aggressively. Peja hasn't had B2B huge games in years.. and while I believe he's an all-star again this season [Paul, New Ball, Healthy].. I'll let him beat me on a B2B any day of the week... especially after a long trip vs. a rested Pistons squad.

How can the Hornets cover? Paul must have a career night.. not in terms of stats.. but he must be active both scoring and getting these young guys easy opportunities.. easier said than done.. and he just had a very shaky game vs. the Bobcats without West who has great hands around the basket... these guys don't.

Jannero Pargo.. if they cover I will be cursing this guy out for years.. if he can't give them a lift vs. the Stons.. and I mean shoot 4-7 from 3 at least.. and beat the defense time and time again.. I do NOT see a cover in sight for the Hornets.

ADDING more plays soon. GL.
Good luck Amigo!!

heres hoping The detroit BASKETBALL pussies Try A lot harder Than The detroit BASEBALL pussies.


With you on 2 and 3 and just watching 1. Definitely think Detroit the right side here Hornets the classic win or no cover team but have given up trying to anticipate Detroit first quarters. GL

Sixers +4 4 Units

See link above... always respect the large plays from BAR.. and have the roll right now to ride along with it. This is a perfect spot and I believe it fits perfectly in BC's sticky thread about 1st game home after a long road trip. However, Sonics should bounce back next game and I'll play that.
looking forward to thursdays game inspeckdah gadget
Terpman92 said:
Great write up, and call Inspekdah!

LOL... Sure was... guess you just can't predict when a team will turn the corner... got to let them do it themselves...

Been doing well with late additions .. hopefully that will continue at least...

Thanks guys... and good call BAR/Killa on PHI