Washington Wizards Offseason Thread


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As a Wizards fan, I'm fairly content with the way our offseason has been going. We addressed our main issue of getting a big man by drafting Oleksiy Pecherov with our first round draft pick and by acquiring Darius Songalia in the past week. Next season we'll at least have Songalia to put in a good 20-25 minutes, but we probably won't see Pecherov until the following year. Pecherov said in an interview "It depends on the Wizards. Right now they're pretty strong. If I'm needed right now, I'll come play right now. If not, then I'll play another year in Europe and that year will help me." I was very impressed with the young guy in the summer league and IMO we need him now.

Our big guys include:

Brendan Haywood (Showed promise at the beginning of last season, but really faded later in the year)

Michael Ruffin (GREAT effort every night, but lets face it, he's horrible on offense/defense when LeBitch is traveling around him:nono: )

Etan Thomas (Getting paid a shitload from us and clearly not earning it)

Calvin Booth and Peter John Ramos don't even count, but they're on the team too.

As you can see, we really needed some big guys, and hopefully Songalia/Pecherov will fill the missing spot.

We're sitting pretty in the PG, SG, and SF positions with:

Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler Antonio Daniels, Jarvis Hayes (returning from injury), Jared Jeffries (if we can keep him)

These guys were all very solid in the playoffs, but without a big guy we weren't able to overcome the PATHETIC refreeing during the entire series. You know my boys are gonna be pissed about how their season ended last year, so take the Wiz in ALL of their games against Cleveland next year. See how LeBitch does without Stern holding his hand!:spank:

I'm interested to hear what everyone else thinks about how the Wiz will do next year.
Oh yeah, one other thing:

Does anyone actually think Antawn Jamison deserves to be on the USA team?

I'm as big a Wizards fan as there is, but I don't really understand why Jamison is there.

IMO Gilbert Arenas is lock to make the team, "Gilbert Arenas was so geeked about this team that he paid his own way to get here 3½ days before camp opened." How could they say no to a guy that is THAT PUMPED to be on the team?
Interesting thoughts cappa...

I really am impressed with what you had to say about Gil. Thats the kinda players they want on that USA team. They are trying to get away from the guys that want to treat it like preseason basketball.

You guys need the bigs indeed. Songalia is a real nice pick-up and maybe your roon can make a contribution by the 07-08 season.

The defense needs to get better obviously. Washington prolly woulda won the series IMO w/o the Stern Factor. It was pretty sick, but thats the NBA. Nice thoughts about the regular season gams. That is a great aspect to NBA capping IMO.
:hairout: I just typed something and now it's gone! Guess I shouldn't have used the preview feature!:nono:

Basically, I was just saying that Gil doesn't want his "legacy" to be the guy who lost the series for us by missing the two free throws. I don't think of him this way b/c unlike the other ignorant fans, I remember that those free throws never would've happened if he missed that 35 footer.

Thats crap if people are getting on him for that. That kinda stuff happens and it will only make him stronger in the future IMO. Arenas kinda grew on me by the playoffs. He really wanted to put that team on his shoulders and carry them that series. He did all they could. I expect an unreal year outta him this year.

Yeah, Gil's been talking with the owner (Pollin) and said he intends to stay in DC until he gets this team a title. There's really no reason to dislike this guy. Surely you've seen him toss his jersey up in the stands after every game. Still waiting to catch one of those!

Wiz are gonna be money this yearmoney; money; money;
lets hope they will be money this year. that team was so fuckin inconsistent las year. lets hope pecherov will be tha big guy in tha middle we need. they should have a great year, las year they went farther than i thought at tha start of tha season.
trupicker said:
lets hope they will be money this year. that team was so fuckin inconsistent las year. lets hope pecherov will be tha big guy in tha middle we need. they should have a great year, las year they went farther than i thought at tha start of tha season.

Yeah bro......Gil's gonna bring us a championship pretty soon.money;
Heard you guys were looking for a big guy to fill in the paint..

Howabout "My Giant" (Muresan)


'He can Dunk'
B.A.R. said:
Howabout "My Giant" (Muresan)


'He can Dunk'

Funny Al, George has season tickets to the Wizards games.......how'd you like to sit behind that guy?

Tru: I'm in Fairfax, about 10 minutes from George Mason.......good to see another Wizards fan here
Arenas4MVP said:
Funny Al, George has season tickets to the Wizards games.......how'd you like to sit behind that guy?

Tru: I'm in Fairfax, about 10 minutes from George Mason.......good to see another Wizards fan here

yeah i seen his big ass at some of tha games before dressed up. i think he held a position wit tha wizards for marketing or promotions or somethin
trupicker said:
yeah i seen his big ass at some of tha games before dressed up. i think he held a position wit tha wizards for marketing or promotions or somethin

I was at game 3 vs the LeBitches last year, and I was in the 2nd level VIP area and he was up there and his head was literally inches from the ceiling.......I'd take an out of shape Muresan over Haywood anyday!
The Knicks have signed Jared Jeffries to the offer sheet, so the Wiz have to either sign him now or let him go..........I wanted him back at first, but now that the Knicks like him, I'm starting to not like him as much
The schedule's out now........Here are the LeBitch games:

Nov 1-Wash @ Clev.........Season opener, on ESPN, rivalry game, should be good......You have to think LeBitch will once again get the calls here.....I'm calling it now, this game will go to OT

Nov 18-Clev @ Wash......I'll definitely be at the phone booth for this one.....With or without the refs on his side, LeBitch will NOT win this game......Gotta pound Wash at probably -6 (not my pick, but my boy Gary N Teed says it's a winner)money;

Gary N Teed

I saw that schedule for Wiz. NBA getting that rivalry working right away. The opener will be tough for you guys unless the CLE home factor is too much hype and they come out flat.

The Knicks interest in Jared makes anybody uneasy.
Bye bye Jeffries....good riddance

As expected, the Wizards did NOT match the Knicks' offer of 30 mil to Jared Jeffries.....I hated this guy until very late last season when he decided to start playing some pretty solid defense......But his offense wasn't all that much better than that of Ben Wallace or George Muresan lol........

Poor Starbury......won't be the worst player on the team for long:pouty:


Gilbert Arenas suffered a groin strain during Team USA's practice on Monday and will not play in the FIBA World Championships, USA Basketball announced.

Arenas, of the Washington Wizards, suffered the injury Monday morning during a practice outside of Seoul.

"We know Gilbert is really disappointed, he's done a great job. It's an unfortunate situation but he is not going to be able to continue on," managing director Jerry Colangelo said. "We're concerned because he has had a history regarding groin pulls. This is a precautionary move but it is important that he return home and get treatment."


His injury isn't anything too serious, but I feel bad b/c Gil wanted to be on this team more than anyone else. The good thing is that I won't have to worry anymore about him getting hurt over the summer. I have a feeling this will motivate him even more for next year.

We'll see.
Injury was reportedly an excuse for Arenas to get out before being cut...........

Arenas Says He Got a Foul Call

Wizards Guard Frustrated by Results of USA National Team Tryouts

By Ivan Carter
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 31, 2006; Page E01

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas is frustrated about not being on the U.S. national team playing in the FIBA World Championship and said he believes he was not given a fair tryout.
When Arenas left the squad on Aug. 14, national team managing director Jerry Colangelo said it was because Arenas had an injured groin. But in his first comments since then, Arenas, the Wizards' leading scorer and a two-time all-star, said he didn't think he was going to make the 12-man roster and that the injury became an excuse to part ways.

"They already knew what they wanted. They said it was a tryout, but they already had their team selected," he said after playing in a Goodman Summer League game at Barry Farms Park in Southeast Washington on Tuesday night and showing no signs of the injury.
Arenas emphasized that he hopes to remain part of the national program and play in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.
In four pre-tournament tune-up games, Arenas made one start and averaged 3.8 points, 2.3 rebounds and 11 minutes. He was fighting for playing time in a crowded back court that includes Chris Paul, Shane Battier, Kirk Hinrich and Joe Johnson. Paul and Hinrich played the majority of minutes at point guard, and the team is loaded with perimeter scorers such as Johnson, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony.
"No joke, I felt like I was the 16th man on a 15-man roster," Arenas said. "You are there to support your team and support your country and be happy to play but you know, I did everything they wanted me to do; but if I did everything they wanted me to do, why am I on the bubble of getting cut? I sacrificed. You've got LeBron being LeBron. You've got Carmelo being Carmelo. You've got D-Wade being D-Wade. Why can't I be me? Why do I have to transform? I did that and now you are going to cut me?"
Colangelo could not be reached for comment.
Arenas and San Antonio Spurs guard Bruce Bowen were the two players trimmed from the roster on Aug. 18. Arenas, Bowen and other national team players who are not participating in the world championship, including Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, are still eligible for future international competitions.
Arenas, who averaged a career-high 29.4 points a game last season , said he tried to blend in by playing off the ball at shooting guard, by carefully picking his spots on offense and by hustling on defense but said he sensed that he was not a part of Coach Mike Krzyzewski's plans, saying, "I think I was the only person he didn't talk to the whole time we were out there."
Krzyzewski, who will lead the national team through the Beijing Olympics, said he faced a difficult choice in reducing the roster from 14 to 12 . Arenas and Bowen wound up being the odd men out while Wizards forward Antawn Jamison and Sacramento Kings center Brad Miller were kept.
"We had two point guards and the four main players on the perimeter for us are Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James and Joe Johnson," Krzyzewski said on Aug. 18. "We just felt that with the playing time they're going to get we needed support in the back line. When we played Brazil and Lithuania we needed depth there."
Arenas said he made up his mind to return home on Aug. 14 after he strained his groin while going up for a dunk attempt during practice. In a conversation with Colangelo that day, Arenas said it became obvious to him that he was going to get trimmed from the roster.

"The disappointing part was talking to Colangelo and he said, 'I heard you want to go home,' " Arenas said. "I told him that I was hurt but I didn't know how serious it was and that I didn't want to hold up a spot for somebody else. He told me, 'I've been talking to the coaches and you're on the bubble anyway, so you can go if you want.' I was like, all right."
Team USA faces Greece in a semifinal game tomorrow morning.

"Even though it was disappointing for me, I had a good time over there and I hope they win it," Arenas said. "I told the team when I was leaving that I can't wait for them to win the gold so me and Antawn can share it. I'm just going to keep working hard. I have two years to get ready for the Olympics. That's how I look at it."
Arenas's frustration over what happened this summer stands in stark contrast to the enthusiasm he showed when Colangelo selected him as one of the 22 national team candidates in February.
Arenas, who campaigned for an invitation, called his selection one of the highlights of his career and spent the early part of the summer preparing for training camp in Las Vegas, which opened July 19.
In the past, Arenas has used slights -- real or imagined -- to motivate him and said this latest experience will only make him a more determined player heading into his sixth NBA season.
"I just hope people start looking at my basketball talent and stop prejudging me," Arenas said. "Whether it was barely getting a scholarship out of high school or going in the second round in the draft or almost not making the all-star game last year, it just always seems like people don't want to give me what I've earned. It's frustrating. I guess I just have to keep working on my game so people have no choice but to recognize me."
Arenas said he plans on reserving a little extra effort for two Team USA assistant coaches: Portland Trail Blazers head coach Nate McMillan and Phoenix Suns head coach Mike D'Antoni.
"I'm going to be the silent assassin this year," he said. "I can't wait to play the Suns and Portland. Against Portland, Nate McMillan, I'm going to try to score 100 in two games and against D'Antoni, I'm going to score 100 in two games. I'm going to try."

Gilbert Arenas says he plans on making Blazers Coach Nate McMillan and Suns Coach Mike D'Antoni pay next season for their roles in his demise with Team USA. (Jonathan Newton - The Washington Post)

Somewhat long article, but I bolded the main points...........FADE Portland/Phoenix when they play Washington this upcoming season.........If there's one time Gil is at his best, it's when he's playing against Golden State (his former team.).........This tells me that HE DOES get pumped for certain games and Portland/Phoenix are now on that list of teams to try extra hard against........

Arenas4MVP said:
I think you mean LeGod.

The Wizards are fun to watch. I think they'll miss Jefferies a little bit because he was so versatile. But that core group of Gil, Jamison, Butler is nasty. Antonio Daniels is a sick backup or even a decent starting PG and Haywood is not a bad big man. The biggest weakness of the team is their inside presence. Haywood can only do so much. Etan Thomas and Calvin Booth (LOL) are not gonna cut it.

Gilbert Arenas is a CHARACTER though. I love all the random stories about him like not shooting the ball until the 4th quarter, playing online poker at half time , or doing video game bets. He is nasty and he should be rated 95 or so in NBA2K7. Of course, LeGod will be 99. ;)