UM vs. OSU Trash Talking (Pictures)


Brian Windhorst
Didnt want to clog the other thread with pictures and stories so.....



BAR AS a child:shake:
damn...where do you buckeyes get these pics? you guys have the best pics...I can't find any funny ones for UM.
LOL...I loved the little kid flipping UM off, that one was classic.

I am in the minority and I love buckeye fans, they are crazy mad about that team..sometimes I wish most of the UM fans weren't so arrogant.

I was a student at MSU for 5 years and had season tickets every year, never seen anything like buckeye fans, they were absolutely nuts.
The worlds largest outdoor homeless shelter

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Nickname: The Horseshoe

Basic Admission Requirements: To be admitted one must be Inbred, Unbathed, Intoxicated, and Clinically Mentally Retarded.

Attractions: Animals from the Columbus petting zoo a.k.a the buckeye football team.
this is a funny ass thread. michigan needs to pick it up a bit.

oh, how i'd spank ann arbor is a whore (2nd from left) in fondy's picture...
Tough game to call, but I kinda like Michigan with the points here. I don't hate Michigan nor Ohio State, but USC should benefit from this game. I hope one of this teams get blow out.