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The group stage is over and now it's time to flex in the first leg of the quarters.

City o2' TT +110 for one unit

RMA o1' TT -125 to win one unit.
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Strongest starting lineup City have produced this season. I might join you on that team total, figured they'd be happy with 1-0 but not with that lineup.
To win UCL:

Inter Milan +1400 - half unit

Inter are playing well and dominating Serie A. The price is too good to pass up.

RMA/Leipzig o1' -107 for one unit.

Too many opportunities in the 1st half for both clubs to stay 0-0. This will finish 1-1, 2-1.
Ugh. 1-2 day. I had no business losing the RMA TT o1' nor the 2nd half o1', but that's soccer for ya. On to tomorrow ....