Turkey Eve Pro Hoops(11-22-06)


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Last Night: 2-2 +0.96 units
Overall: 60-38-5 +32.53 units

Overall, a winning night. Felt like Wizards wouldn't have such a shitty second half. Ah well, that kind of stuff happens. Stons line was just way to easy. They could do whatever they wanted in that game. Glad to see Lakers show up and boy I would love to see this series revisted this postseason.

Wednesday, I have made two plays. I got down on one yesterday afternoon as I told you all in Tuesday thread. I also just sexy on another and that is really all that interest me in this card. Gonna relax for a day and enjoy the Holiday and come back strong on the weekend.

Atlanta +7.5 -104
New Jersey -3 -110 2 units

The Hawks generally play the Stons pretty tough. Even if they do not they get some funny backdoor covers. Detroit on a B2B and has been wildly incosistent this season. I expect a nice effort out of the Hawks and I think they will have a chance late to take this SU.

Nets are in second staright big revenge spot. Monday night they fell apart in the 4th quarter infuriating us ML and side backers. The Portland loss is pretty fresh in their memory and I think they avenge it here. Tough games coming up means the Nets would do well to get this win in Portland.

Thats it for the card on Wednesday. Please leave any questions, thoughts, fuck you's etc and I will get back to them before 5 pm est.

GL on Wed NBA.
you and justin are pushin these nets pretty hard...i guess i might have to hop on board...

impressive start to the season bro
Odie_6343 said:
hey bar.
thoughts on the over 192.5 in the mil/philly game?
another total i like alot

Not knowing Iverson's status I won't make a total committement on a lean here. I he doesn't play then that total is way too high. If he does In think its set just about right.
billivy said:
you and justin are pushin these nets pretty hard...i guess i might have to hop on board...

impressive start to the season bro

Well, you know he's on the Nets 79 outta 82 regular season games(lol). I think an even better spot than Monday honestly. Hopefully they put a COMPLETE game together. They have had some time to stew after the bad 4th at Seattle.

Thank you by the way, pretty excited about it so far. Also regards to yourself in the same manner.
Mattingly said:
like the hawks play

4 days rest helps also

I negelcted that in first post. Rest can play tricks on teams. 2-3 days is great. Four is solid. Five or more and teams get rusty/sluggish.
Troutman said:
On The Hawks Too. Why Such An Inflated Line?

Detroit reputation will keep lines a tad inflated. They also are gettinmg a bit more consistent the last 6 days.
blownaway said:
GL....with you on the Hawks. Lets just hope the Nets dont :moose: it like against the Sonics.

Trust me, Jersey may get thrown on my shit list right behind the Timberpupppies if they pull some shit tonight.
B.A.R. any thoughts on G.S. - they played well even without B. Davis vs the Suns the other night. Monta Ellis & Andris Biedrind are really playing great ball and Ellis is just a year+ out of high school. Denver on the road on a back to back, but I really don't think that will have any effect on them. Nellie is really getting the Warriors to play great ball even with a couple of injuries mostly to his big men (Murphy & Diogu). I like the Warriors -3 tonight.
Riceman-I would lean that way right now. Nuggest are playing damn good ball since the 0-4 start but this isn't a good spot for them. Nelly has changed the mindset it seems out in Oakland. Warriors would be my lean to answer your question.
grabbed the line when it was at 8 real early

like the rested vs B2B

GL BAR....have a Semcon turkey day

Went for Bobcats -1...good spot for them here. First meeting was really close, Bobcats need badly that win....Boston looking for 4th straight....don't believe they can, and not sure they care...

I do like Miami + 10,5...don't know yet...

Don't like your plays tonight...don't like both situations with Detroit looking a bit more solid recently and NJ looking awful...Portland did stop the Hornets...looks the same to me here...

GL man !
GL BAR, and have a good Thanksgiving. Hope you have a strong back as I'll tail you on these two though not at as good of numbers that you have unfortunately.
So Im watching this pistons replay(watched the end live)and well, frankly, I think you know where Im heading with this reply so Im just gunna shut my face up.