Turkey Day & the Holiday Weekend Thoughts


Breaking it down briefly
In the holiday spirit gonna post my plays here:

Thursday Nite :
Miami +4.5 -108 (12x) ML +180 (2.5) Under 38 -110 (3x)

Why such a big play ?

Guess it again fits with my usual theme : Bad Line or INFLATED Line.

When it comes to handicapping I tend to break or look at teams in 2 ways....how they play at home versus how they play away and vice versa for there opponent. So what I am concerned with is BC road play against Miami home play and little else.. meaning I played BC
at home last week vs Maryland cause I thought theline was soft but here that doesnt matter much. Plus the ACC is so down year its crazy..

BC has not played well on the road IMO. They struggled somewhat in there opener vs Central Michigan. More importantly they failed to win @ Wake and @ NCST. Two teams similiar to Miami with good defenses and very minimal offensive production. They beat another team that falls into that category primarily due to there defense IMO and won @ FSU but where still 7 pt dogs (basic 12 pt turnaround here) . Right now Miami U and FSU grade out very similiar IMO strength wise.

I have a hard time believing BC should be anything other then a PKem maybe -1.5. Miami is being frowned up cause of the public attention it is receiving about Coker being fired , losing 4 straight , and the general state of the program after a brawl and shooting death. What I dont see is a Miami team that has quit though. It lost in the 4th Q @ GT , lost @ Maryland by 1 , lost a close game by 7 with VT at home and just lost a game a UVA 17-7 . The problem is clearly the offense and costly turnovers. The only home game was VT recently and we should all agree that defense is better then BCs. Last week BC benefited from some silly fumbles on pitch plays that put Maryland down 14-0 and they jsut arent the type ofteam to recover from that.

Miami is playing to finish 6-6 and to avoid its worst season since the 1977 . So I just dont buy the quit talk...

This team has allowed 60 points at home all season(Houston , FSU , VT )...VTech is the only team to break 13 points with 17 and they benfited from good field position and di little on offense

Team only get 191 yards of offense vs Miami ! They manage 1.6 YPC which means this on Matt Ryan. Through the air your only looking at 145 yards a game though and 5.4 YPA...No running game hurts TOP and 3rd down conversion rate...Best run D in the country!

Ryan in ACC play:
13 of 25 149 Td / Int
16 of 26 262 Int
40 of 56 402 Td / 2Int

69 of 107 813 yards 2 TD / 4 INTs in ACC road play

Solid yardage but only 2 TDs against 4 INTs and the task gets tougher...plus a National televised game at Nite on Thanksgiving...Miami can wipe away alot with a win here..

They scored 14 and 15 losses and 24 in there win but got a pick 6.

So if you thinking BC is gonna top 17 points doesnt look likely more like 13-16. Another thing is VT was about -1.5 pt favs in miami while BC lost they were also favored in BC. Generally speaking I would say VT is worth more but BC has a higher spread due to percpetion.

Its seems Miami best asset on offense is there young RB James and BC allows 4.6 YPC on the road. I assume this will be Freeman 1st career start at home as well certainly this season. For all BC is playing for Miami has not lost to them in 22 years since the Flutie game. Which actually scares me since tmrw is the anniversary . In looking at the history BC has alot to overcome in that sense...

While BC is playing for a shot at ACC championship and shot at a BCS bowl the Hurricanes are STILL playing for a BOWL appearance. Miami is young that has to be somewhat important. This is also the 1st home game since the shooting I believe expect emotions to be high here...

So if BC struggled as road chalk versus WF -3.5 and NCST -6.5 how will it change here...??

Good Luck and enjoy ur Turkey & family!
I agree with your pick. Some other factors include: A popular player,Bryan Pata, was slain recently. It is rumored that Miami has had very very serious practices. They have dedicated this game to their fallen comrade.
Kirby Freeman is replacing! Kyle Wright at QB but that could be a good thing.His stats are a slight improvement over Wright. I aslso think the defense will be fired up and unlike other weeks, will leave everything on the field. I am looking for a win SU but will be practical and take the points for betting purposes.
GL all:cheers:
I agree on this game! You have to take the points and ride with it for the cash. I am considering the under as well.
The Friday Plays

Friday Thoughts

Under 44 -110 East Michigan (2x) Win +2.00

Texas -12.5 -107 (8x) & -13 -110 (2x) Loss -10.76

Texas 2nd -9 -109 (5x) Loss -5.45

Kent State +3.5 -106 (5x) Loss middled Ball State -2 -110 (2.5x)Win & ML +148 (1x)Loss (-3.80)

2nd H Ball State St ML -105 (2x) PUSH & Under 21.5 -124 (3x) WIN +3.00

Central Mich over 31 -108 team total (3x) Win (wish they were all that ez) +3.00

LSU ML -110 (8x) ML -118 (4x) Win +12.00

Under 44 -110 LSU (4x) Loss -4.40

Nebraska -12.5 -110 (3x) CANCEL Some good reasons to fade NEB here so I respect that and sit on the sidelines

Akron -2 -110 (5x) Loss -5.50
2nd H WMU +3 -165 (5x) Win +5.00

Oregon +3.5 -110 (4x) ML +141 (1x) Win +3.00
Oregon ML 2md H -134 (4x) Win +4.00

Ohio U 2nd Half ML -171 (5x) Win +5.00

I believe this will be all today unless I see some 2nd H value... Cant be happy with UT having a 9 -13 pt flip thanks to T.O.D. on there 1st possession...might hvae go UT 2nd H...Pretty confident Kent was a public dog which never seems to workout and just saw 17-0 flash so I would say that game is probably over...Ball State continuing to improve and Kent faded...

- Early start in the EMU game lus Wolfe questionable. Both Ds ahve been solid and EMU offense has struggled and you would imagine NIUs will Wolfe less then 100%%.. should be cold as hell as well...

- Really think the UT line is soft because of McCoys status early in the week and the loss @ Kansas State. I think with a young QB you have to be cautious about laying chalk on the road and thats why they havent looked so impressive at times on the road. Just look at the home stats. If you were looking for a Big 12 team of similiar strength to A&M wouldnt you think Ok State fit that criteria. Different teams on both sides of the ball but neutral field pretty equal IMO. Well what did UT do to Ok St a few weeks ago? What was the line? They won by 26 laying -18.5. Since A&M has a better D then State I thought they should have a similiar but better line say -16. So for me -12.5 / -13 is real cheap here. We have seen Lville and WVU bounce back aftre losses so why not UT? In a game ownded by the home team and where A&M has struggled at UT. Very key is UT is stout versu sthe run at home alowing 2.7 YPC . That leaves McGee to be the offense and that will be trouble IMO as he will struggle to exploit the UT secondary. A&M on the road allows 4.7 YPC and 7.4 YPA...I'll expect UT 35 -17 here...A&M has schedule only 3 road games so far and barely escaped in all three including KU , Baylor and Ok St when Reid left early. I say that to point out there struggles with mid tier Big 12 teams on the road now they get the Kings of the conference and ask Rice about playing UT off a loss!

-CMU team total cause Buffalo has allowed 31 or better in 9 of the past 10 games and I really think there DEF is playing worse as the season progressed. Thought the points were alot so felt CMU bounced back at least on the scoreboard. In half there away games they topped 36 points

-Kent is struggling lately but I liked there defense. Lets face it Ball State has been a DOG al year except to Buffalo . So while they have improved lately I still would shy away from them in a favor role. This is now down to +3 with heavy vig which alwats scares me...so might middle 2 units at some point..Ball States 4 wins EMU at home , @ Toledo , @ Buffalo , and @ Miami O on the road all bottom feeders this year...Toledo imo messed up benching Cochran this season after the injury. Kent St has played good D all year outside of the 2nd H AT Buffalo when they were outscored 38-0 and blew a 14-3 half lead...Kent O is bad but Ball States D has allowed 400 ++ yards all season that could make alot of O's healthy IMO...

-LSU is alway a tough play but ARK has done what? They just hosted Tenny at home and beat the backups...they had a 1 pt fluke win in OT vs Bama. LSU is road tested playing @ Auburn , Tenny and Fla going 1-2 but playing 60 quality minutes and losing both late in the game. To me ARK is living off the Auburn upset which is diluted fater whathas happened to the Tigers this year IMO...Mc Fadden is good but this is LSU folks! Lets say 2.5 YPC!! They won over Tenn and @ SC cause they could run the ball. They won @ Miss State cause of better talent ...here they will not have either...Just think of like this LSU was favored by -3.5 with Ainge starting . ARK was favored just -5 with Crompton starting and they were home...LSU should have been at least -3 here and now it seems to be catching up...this is a rematch from last year now that Dick is starting again...while they made a 19-3 game 19-17 they were also 2 TD dogs in LSU...interesting note LSU 36 scaks vs an OL that has allowed just 6 for ARK this year. Also Nutt 20-1 @ War Memorila Stadium..guess who had the lone win there?? L-S-U in 04! Just think ARK is mor eprentender then contender...soft schedule...

Went UNDER cause I just think both defenses are solid and the offenses average (SEC wise) at best. Last years game featured only 550 combined yds of offense in LSU!! Also could the fact ARK is lareday playing in the SEC Championship next week make them complacent? Knowing next week is what matters? I just think it could take away that edge teams play with.

-Nebraska I might not play I just think they are clearly superior. I dont like CU making this theer GOY or the fact NEB has alllowed teams to claw back into games making thema poor fav! Thing is CU was overrated last season and got smoked by an up and coming NEB team 30-3 . I just dont see CU showing much improvement maybe some on DEFENSE...Taylor should be able to throw all over CU again and CU has not broken 15 pt on the road...I was thinking 28-14 worse case here...on teh fence waiting for tmrw to play..

-Played Akron cause WMU playing 3rd straight away and after FSU here. WMU is 2-4 away winning only @ Ball State and @ Virginia Pre Sewell. before dropping 2 straight road games they edged two teams at home by FGs (lowly Miami O an East Mich). Basically Akron is 4-0 at home versus bottomfeeders but WMU gaining less then 300 yards on the road. Tough to win on such little production. The WMU defense has been solid but has holes in the passing D and thats where AKR excels(9.9 YPA). Both D's are solid but I have to side with home field and the better offense witha short number

- Oregon just a live dog IMO had some comments below...
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:new_shocked: Damn thats large Cap ! Is that a big play for you ?

2nd H ML -115 Miami (3x)

Was momentarily disgusted with the pick 6 but redemption , momentum and confidence IMO for the Canes heading into the locker room . BC has done little on offense...
Thursday Nite :
Miami +4.5 -108 (12x) ML +180 (2.5) Under 38 -110 (3x) 2nd H ML -115 (3x)

Cleaned up! +22.50 units....Should have had a huge day fucked up my sizes in the NFL.....(net +16 to +18 is fine though in football)
I was afraid to post in this thread before gametime because I think I've said on this board about 3 weeks straight that I was done betting on the U, but I hit this one pretty big. About god damn time that the U shows some heart. Now I'm almost even on the season on those fellas.

Nice pick...on Texas already tommorrow, about to take a look at the rest
I agree with all of your picks except for Oregon. Home team owns that rivalry the past couple of years, and it seems to me that Oregon has quit for the year.

GL on all of your plays. Great Miami call
The Chosen One- Thanks. The last few weeks Oregon has looked lost with the QB situation and loss of its primary WR Williams after USC. Hopefully now that will be straightened out with Dixon and Brady sharing time(which can be tough but like it at the moment) and Willaims will play.

Oregon State is coming off 3 unheard of huge DD dog upsets. Momentum is clearly on there side. I guess while I think he home team has won every time since 1997 I like the fact we get Oregon as a DOG cause of the past 2 weeks. Ore STate has been favore much in Pac 10 play. Oregon smoked Ore State but Moore was injured last season...how can they make up that type of difference...other years the teams were more closely matched so the home and away dichetomy (sp?)made sense.

Its really just a play on what could be a live dog. Clearly right now Ore St i splaying better but did the Ducks let the USC game come into play last week? Who knows..but never tell me college kids quit. Possibly during a game but never before IMO...GL

Seabass thats okay you can always post your feelings. Glad you cashed. Absoultely loved the U tonite. Cant believe people felt they quit...they are a medicore power conference football team but so is BC. Actually enjoyed rooting for them especially with the Pata situation.

Nice work andresh!
You mean Leaf, not Brady.

And, we will agree to disagree about college kids quitting. I think teams pack it in for the year. Not many, but some. I love finding those teams in bowl season and fading the shit out of them. It happens every year with the BCS snub who then goes on to get smoked in the bowls.

I think Unlv and FIU both have quit for the year, but thats just me

Thanks for the response.
yeah my brain is fried late nite. I agree with Bowl season and kids not showing up . Just think teams at home or in rivalry games show up.. Miami tonite and Oregon tmrw...they might not win but I expect max effort still.

I would agree with smaller lesser programs such as an FIU or even UNLV quitting. Just because they dont have much talent to begin with a few distractions and boom they are awful...so I agree there guess I meant more elite programs. GL
Wow....UT is really doing everything possibly to lose this game(not intentionally).......

Should be at least 10-0 maybe 14-0...down 6-0 instead
well damn i typed all this stuff and hit refresh thinkin i had already posted, so ill just say im all over LSU, i just hope they bring their A-game, cuz if they do itll cash. Everyone else in the world is all over em too so we will see how that ends up.
SportsNut said:
Wow....UT is really doing everything possibly to lose this game(not intentionally).......

Should be at least 10-0 maybe 14-0...down 6-0 instead

-9.5 2H?
Played it Dub @ -9 as sooon as it came out. Way I see it big defensive stop leds to momentum resulting in A&M only points. A pass Int call takes away 7 from UT ...
second half VALUE

Strong 2nd Half PLAY

Ohio U ML -171 (5x) would play -0.5 for the same amount but rather go the safest route...there making you pay the extra cash for a reason...
why do U say that Tide? I feel its just people seeing ARK as the dog here and nothing more....might have to add some...
line been moving all week in one direction, then jumps back in a few minutes. dont really know why. just an observation. no matter what, if LSU comes to play they win on the field. Lets hope they dont start slow.
thinkin about it. as high of a profile game this is, and as big of a football day it is for the average idiot, the line should be moving around. especially before kickoff. GO TIGERS

edit: hah but when the LSU side is climbing at bodog, and dropping at pinnacle - you know ur with the idiots!
ACtually I somewhat agree...

However the fact its dropping at Pinny is an indication money is coming on ARK at the moment which I would expect. You have to expect the pub to me on ARK here at home in a PKem situation after LSU almost lost to Miss at home last week. BoDog and those other books can be tough to figure at times...I generally like your train of thought would just dismiss it here cause maybe BoDog is enticing ARK money by making it higher then everywhere else...

were cool...
Gotta run for abit...

tried keeping in neat and updating my plays in my original Fridays plays post in this thread posted @ 2:04 PM yesterday

I decided to pass on Nebraska cause theer are to many reasons why they could be flat and CU motivated...make CU's season to win here...so I am off NEB now. With LSU dropping a bit and added 2 mor units @ -114 so avged the last 4 units @ -118 and have the original play @ -110...

BE back ina bit ! Good Luck!

Ohio U jsut went up 7 pts and Bal St is tied 6-6 in the 2nd H . UT finally scored to led 7-6 now we need some more UT defense...alot of time but we need to hold A&M off the board the rest ofthe way.....
Well happy I delivered on OHIO U 2nd Half . Just real disappointed in UT. I know alot of people I respect had A&M but they really arent very good and lucked out tremendously here. I said they wouldnt break 14 pts but it didnt matter. The tone for the game was set on the 4th and inches they failed to get on teh opening drive . Its like the tell tale sgn in football and you can backcheck that. Instead of putting he pressure on the opposing team they lost all momentum and it seemed to take the air out of UT . A&M just did enough to keep it close all day. The pass int was killer whether it was legit or not it takes 7 points off the borad and the absolute worse thing happens when McCOy who had 2 incompletions to that point lofts a ball up in the air and it gets picked. So two possessions inside the 10 yd line and zero points when its usually 14 at home for UT. The only A&M 1st H score came after the failed 4th and inches ...football is momentum and i am pretty confident thats about the only reason they were able to score.. UT had chances too try and make it a 14-6 game and failed...more momentum for A&M ...

So bottomline is UT suprised me by beating themselves in a game they needed to win especially after a loss. Sure McCoy wasnt 100% but why not establish the run more...Sorry for the bad call...
Step away for 5 minutes and didnt realize Getsy is not playing.

So gonna take WMU 2nd H +3 -165 (5x)

What why I saying about turnovers and momentum? LSU driving takes points off the board with a fumble and I wont be suprised to see ARK go down the field and score now! Its crazy predictable
Oregon 2nd H ML -135 (4x)

Can the Ducks play any worse or give this game to OSU any more? Hope not...
Friday Thoughts

Under 44 -110 East Michigan (2x)
Win +2.00

Texas -12.5 -107 (8x) & -13 -110 (2x) Loss -10.76

Texas 2nd -9 -109 (5x) Loss -5.45

Kent State +3.5 -106 (5x) Loss middled Ball State -2 -110 (2.5x)Win & ML +148 (1x)Loss (-3.80)

2nd H Ball State St ML -105 (2x) PUSH & Under 21.5 -124 (3x) WIN +3.00

Central Mich over 31 -108 team total (3x) Win (wish they were all that ez) +3.00

LSU ML -110 (8x) ML -118 (4x) Win +12.00

Under 44 -110 LSU (4x) Loss -4.40

Nebraska -12.5 -110 (3x) CANCEL Some good reasons to fade NEB here so I respect that and sit on the sidelines

Akron -2 -110 (5x) Loss -5.50
2nd H WMU +3 -165 (5x) Win +5.00

Oregon +3.5 -110 (4x) ML +141 (1x) Win +3.00
Oregon ML 2md H -134 (4x) Win +4.00

Ohio U 2nd Half ML -171 (5x) Win +5.00

At the end of the day split my large plays and unhappy I just narrowly missed the 2nd H kick in LSU. At the end of the day I was still +7.00 Oregom ML would have been nice...got screwed in the Akron game cause like many had Iknown if Getsy was out WMU would have been pounded. Also being involved in the game really limited what I could do at half....the vig was real high..So +++ is a positive none the less! Off to finish up my NBA stuff and getthe rest of the football weekend out there
Saturday Thoughts

Maryland ML -114 (6x) LOSS -6.84

- Feel that WF has not been able to throw the ball on the road and with Harris now OUT that run game is extremely questionable. Maryland was great for a stretch at finding ways not to beat themselves then the BC game happen...2 fumbles for scoes in the 1st Q and they didnt have the firepower to comeback. Terps undefetaed at home and know how to win and play sound football. I see WF a team that has relied on defense and the running game...w/o a running game the defense might be the next to go...battle for the ACC Championship spot vs GT.

Missouri -7 -111(3x) WIN +3.00

- Fading KU off the home win vs Kansas State. Missouri is desperate for a win here. Really like Mizzou here but KU is playing better lately and has played well in all road games. I do like the over and may add that( 51.5 +102 will wait till half).

Duke +7.5 -120 (4x) ML +228 (1x) WIN +3.00

- Basically UNC has played 4 sound games lately but is still prone to turnovers at the wrong time. I cant say Duke has shown improvement but it also hasnt regressed. Its a huge rivalary game and UNC defeated rival NCST who is abysmal on the road and is now ROAD CHALK @ 2-9! Duke can throw the ball abit at home and thats UNC weakness IMO. UNC in 3 road ACC games scored 14 total points! An equally as bad Duke team gave a better UNC squad a scare last season at Chapel Hill so why not here??

UCF -2.5 -113 (5x) WIN/ UAB +4 (2x)L Under 47 -110 (5x)Loss (NET -2.70)

- We all know about the QB situation for UAB. I do caution in people assuming this kid cant play (Webb). He in mop up duty @ So Miss appeared to put up some numbers 8 /12 137 TD and 13c 33 yds...Kenny Smith still questionable for UCF. Like the fact UAb is basically reeling at this point and with both QB's out could just be thinking about the season ending..questioning there motivation not if they are quitting. You would think UCF would try its hardest to at elast end a disappointing season with a win. They have switched bewteen Moffet and Isreal lately and UAB can be thrown on. UCF defense has improved last 3 and that has been UABs strong suit. Both teams do have some injured players on defense but I am to lazy to cheeck there significance...hey I am being honest!

Ok State +6.5 -110 (5x ) Win ML +206 (1x) waiting to see if we get 7 though(net +4.00)

- OU has to be applauded for overcoming injuries this season. I guess I would somehow compare to this to the TAMU game cause even though Ok St is a different team ...explosive offense , medicore defense I think they keep this rivalry game interesting. Losing your starting QB and two top RB s just has to catch up to you eventually. Ok State exploiting NEB makes me confident they keep this is a game...

SMU +100 (4x) Loss -4.00

-Clement probably doesnt play and when healthy I thought these teams were fairly even. SMU better defense and Rice better offense but with backup QBs that advantage is negetated IMO....Rice got so many breaks to win last week vs ECU...

SoMiss -6.5 -111 (3x) WIN +3.00 lean Ov 48.5-108

- Marshall just hasnt done enough on the road to impress me here. SoMiss defense at home is stout allwoing apprzx270 yards and little on the ground. Marshall allows 400 yds per away and 4.3 YPC. Marshall had trouble @ SMU and ECU similiar teams IMO to this So Miss team which has defeated Houston and NCST at home. Also they won @ Marshall last year.

Florida State +10 -110 (5x) WIN ML +290 (1/2x)L (NET +4.50)

- this is play against FLA on the road with its leaky pass defense. It doesnt score much on the road and thats makes it poor road chalk 0-3 this year..Clearly FLA is the better team here but home field and rivalry hopefully aid the Seminoles

Utah +11 -110(5x) Win ML +350 (1x)L (net +4.00)

-BYU is on a roll but do they get complacent(sp?) after excepting a bowl bid?? The two UTES have had success agains them in the past (lame attempt at a My Cousin Vinny reference...) Revenge could be a concern but Utah has won 4 straight in the series so thats really a stretch IMO. Also Ratliff had 4 TDs on the road in that one. Also Utah has be tough at home except the Boise State egg. I take something out of the fact they were actally favored by 5 and favored over TCU at home ( they won)...live dog here. Just who has BYU beaten anyway...I loved them @ TCU cause +7 was to many but against a similiar rated team they are now -10 in the same situation!!

Miss State +3 -108 (3x) PUSH - (I AM DUMB)ML +131 (1x)Loss

- Assuming Connor is the QB here and think State is the better team. Hoping Ole Miss is thinking about the one that got away...

ASU +3.5 -110 (3x) ML +144 (1.5x)

- Zona basically snuck up on everyone. I mean ASU was laying -2.5 to WSU while Zona was catching DD three straight weeks. Same type deal as Ore - Ore St. Some WR injuries I need to look at

Pitt +11 -105 (3x) Lean Under 59 Loss -3.15

- Think Lville has been inconsistent on the road. Pitt played for a half against WVU then diasappeared.

Georgia -2.5 -105 (3x) Win +3.00

- Have to think GT has the ACC Championship on its mind here even in such a big rivalry game. I am sure Ball doesnt want to never ebat GA though. Just gonna ride the home team...hoping the AUB win gives them some momentum...

UVA +17 -105 (5x) PUSH mL +620 (1/2x) L -0.50

- Figured Ore was out and UVA continues to improve..(Lewis Q as well).hopefully they do better then FSU. Truth is VT isnt great as a big chalk see Kent State game....UVA has more to prove which makes them dangerous..confidence has to be high after defeating Miami...

South Carolina +5 -105 (5x) WIN ML +194 (1x)WIN
Under 48 +101(3x)LOSS (NET +3.94)

- The magic number 5...cant be 3 cause then they load up Clemson, cant be 7 cause then its SC money...so smack in the middle. The Tigers have ben reeling forawhile now and SC has played its best ball on the road IMO...one FG , one XP away from being 4-0 and handing FLA a defeat. Now one has topped 17 on SC away and the Tiger Offense is struggling past 3 games

USC -7 -120 (7x) WIN Under 57 -110 (2x) LOSS (net +4.80)

- This is about the Trojan defense. All season ND has struggled to run and unbalanced attack just doesnt seem to have a hot. After all the years ofoffensive juggernauts @ USC its the time the DEF got their respect! Cal 9 points!!! Seems like the Ore St loss woke them up !! ND has played no one at all . People just remember last years game. While USC was better ND probably was playing better as well...it seems this game is getting steamed lately..thought it would have been at least -10..look what Mich did and they are similiar teams...

UTEP -12 -114 (3x) Loss -3.42

- Cause Memphis stinks and people will think theyhung with Houston...

Over 74 -105 Hawaii (3x) WIN
Over 45.5 -120 Hawaii team (5x) LOSS (-3.00)

- Of all the Hawaii games this should be a shootout. Purdues comments about being disinterested scared me ...

Good Luck feel free to comment good or bad

Early returns good every side correct just fucked up on two unders...and 2ndH's

Damn me! I switched fom over 74 to team total Hawaii!still decent day
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Some more :

Under 55 -105 WVU (2x)WIN

USF defense has been pretty good all year its abit banged up right now. However I was thinking that WVU would probably top out at 38 here. On offense Ponon is questionable at RB and the USF offense has been questionable most of the year on the road behind a young QB. See games @ Louisville , KU , and Cincy. All better defenses then WVU but could barely crack 7 in those games.

Over 39.5 -116 Tenny (4x) LOSS

Kentucky defense just allowed how many at home to who?? UL-Monroe ..40....31 @ Miss St and 49 @ LSU. The Vols offense is healthy again...

Over 21 -108 Cincy team (2x) WIN

Like the New QB for Cincy and UConn defense as we know is young. We also know the Cincy D could be good for 6.

Over 28.5 +105 SoMiss (1x) WIN

Its Marshall's Defense..

Over 35.5 -108 UTEP (1x) LOSS

Its Memphis defense....

Under 27 -131 VaTech (2x) WIN

UVA defense on the rise and VaTech dinged up on offense. Just 23 at home vs Kent St 2 weeks ago..

Under 24.5 -141 Notre Dame (1x) WIN

Cal just 9...hmmmmmnn...

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2nd H -

Over WVU 26.5 -115 (2x) sort of a hedge LOSS
Under 23-117 (2x)LOSS
UCF +0.5 -112 (2x)LOSS
Under 24.5 -111 Clemson (1.5x) WIN
UVA +7.5 -124 (2x)LOSS
Missouri ML -135 (3x)WIN
UNC -4 -110 (1x) small hedge...Duke fukced up with allowing a kick return and missing an XP should be up 24-17 @ half...momentum shift late...LOSS

Wanted to hedge South Car but decided against it...they should be killing this team!
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Could be a bad decision but FSU looks hopeless on offense today... a shutout seems probable

FLA -4.5 -114 (3x)LOSS

It was a bad decision!
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2nd H

ECU +3 -117 (2x) Win +2.

FAU +3 -131 (2x) Win +2.

So Miss -125 (2x) Win +2.
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