Tuesday Pucks


Pretty much a regular
1-2 last night, again... why do I continue to dabble in sides every so often... stubborn sometimes, to a fault. Anyways, Tuesday night....

Sides 23-29 -5.42 unit
Totals 71-58-11 +14.21 unit
YTD 94-87-11 + 8.79 unit

Atlanta / Toronto under 6 +112

OK, so we have two teams meeting tonight for the third time this year, where the under is 2-0 in those meetings. In my opinion the only reason the game landed on 5 goals in the last meeting was when the Leafs tried to skate with the Thrashers. Fact is, they can't and Maurice after his post game comments knows that. Couple other facts out there on this, being the Leafs score only 2.5 at the ACC this season, while allowing 2.4 a night. Thrashers scoring on the road, but under their season average, same for the last 5 for the Thrashers. Thing is Atlanta has also found a defensive gameplan again, giving up just 1.6 a night in their last 5 including 2 shutout victories, one over the same Leafs. Leafs scoring 2.4 a night in their last 5. Leafs are allowing 24 shots a night in their last 5 and getting 35 themselves, but mostly from the outside. Under is 9-3 in Leafs home games, 3-1 in their last 4, 6-1 Atlanta's last 7, 8-2 last 10 meetings and its at plus money... sign me up.

Florida / Pittsburgh under 6 +104

Pretty simple really. When 1 team is playing with a total of 6 and has scored just 1 goal in their last 4 games, and I'm getting plus money more often than not, I'll play it. Thing is, over the course of the season things dont change much for the Panthers on the road, where they net just 1.57 a night on the road, gettign just 26 shots a night in those games. How's Pittsburgh doing? Well, they are sitting at 2 goals a night in their last 5 games. With the exception of the blowout vs Ottawa (which still went under 6-0) Florida has been playing defense, just not scoring. Without the Ottawa game, they have held their opponents to 5 total goals, 1 going to a 0-0 SO. Both PP units sitting at around 10 % in their last 5 games. Under is 9-4 in Panthers road games, 8-5 in Penguins home games.

That's it right now. Probably play 1 more.

GL everyone:cheers:
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Good luck with Tonights session hombre.

eames - sounds like a plan. Needed soembody to kick some sense into me.:spank: GL tonight'an_horse'
Ret- sure have to like having plus when the #'s look like they do to me anyways. Thanks. GL tonight
that'll be the last time playing a Toronto total for a while...

5 3rd period goals.. 4 on 6 shots, 5th an empty netter... sometimes a play just doenst go your way
You're telling me Santa. How do you play that well and then play so terrible? Just doesn't make sense.

Not much is going right for me tonight. Not a good night.
pater - THey looked tired in the 3rd. I think they have been outscored 14-2 in the third last 5 games or something like that. THe good thing is that its a long season and the bounces / breaks will start to go the other way. I'll certainly take walking away tonight with a bit of profit as tough as the Toronto game was to swallow. GL