Tuesday Nite NCAAF...


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So Miss @ Tulsa - Bower is 6-2 ATS as a away doggie lately and S Miss is 4-1 ATS L5 v Tulsa, but the one loss was last year as they got waxed at home by the Golden Hurricane. Revenge...not likely, as you generally need to have the better team to exact revenge. Tulsa's one issue on offense coming in was to be at Receiver, but they appear to have emerging talent at this position, while the rest of the O is solid. The defenses are close but Tulsa's O is much more advanced than S Miss and their young QB. S Miss was a little lucky to win on the road last v UCF, and I think they return to earth tonite as they are going up against a better team, on the road and with a short price.
Play on: Tulsa -4 (-120) over Southern Miss
Thanks fellow SD County residents (you're close Aztec!)...let's bring this in.

Aztec...don't EVEN think of taking all those points on the Aztecs this weekend...it's BYU (at 28 or less) or pass.

GL Gents.
horses - Don't worry man...I wouldn't even consider it. I'm getting depressed thinking about how bad we are this year. I'm beginning to wonder if the Aztecs can even beat Cal Poly. :(
I feel your pain Aztec! I'm a Dolphins fan and I want to crawl under a rock. Although, I never bet on my teams because I feel I won't be objective enough. In the past I've lost cash betting with my heart instead of my head.I'm with you all the way on Tulsa too! By the way I'm a Californian myself. I actually went to Vista high school for one year. It's great down there. I could do worse now...I live at the ocean in Wilmington, N.C. Good Luck tonight!!
Terp yall were stupid to bring overrated culpepper in. Its not gonna get easier this week. They should give joey a chance.
GL tonight Horses, I'm impressed that Tulsa was able to beat Navy on the road. I agree on them tonight.
Aztec, we'll beat SLO...we gots to!

TimH...thanks man...I think I like your Terps this week if I can get 14.

Horses here's a little snippet from me on the Terps lately. As you can see I'm a little salty on their progress at this point.

Well I just lost what I wrote here so I'll try again, maybe a condensed version. I am not optimistic at all on MD's chances this weekend. They were horrible against an FIU team that they should have been able to dominate on the LOS on both sides of the ball. Granted FIU plays hard and has some good athletes, particularly on defense but MD should have been able to run the football much better than they did. The passing game was particularly poor, timing was off, poor routes and Hollenbach held on to the ball way too long. The team did not build at all on a decent 2nd half performance vs. WVU from the week before, and actually regressed imo. They had no fire in their bellies and should be embarassed over this most recent performance. I don't think this bodes well at all going on the road to GT where they have not won since 2001. From what I could tell GT dominated the LOS on both sides of the ball against a pretty good VT team in Blacksburg on Saturday. I can't say I would endorse the Terps in this game, nothing they have shown me points to them being able to play to the level they will need to on Sat. vs. GT on the road. I'm extremely disappointed over last wks performance by MD.
Geeez...that post isn't going to help TimH, lol. BTW...very nice post, quite informative. I only saw them play vs WVA and they showed promise I thought, but this Ga Tech seems to be on a mission and maybe the trends (against) Ga Tech don't apply this year, cuz this seems like a better than usual Ga Tech team. Looking like a pass...
SoonerBS...keep those movie quotes coming! Love it.

Thanks for the props fellas.

Hopefully, will have a play tonite as well.
They did show some promise in the 2nd half vs. WVU but just flat out layed a turd last wk. Looks like they may get Weatherly back this wk. which will help their rotation a little bit at WR. My major beef is how shitty the OL played vs. FIU. If that is any indication GT will kill them on the LOS. I have to believe MD is better than they showed last wk. but their lack of consistency at this point of the year does not bode well.